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Pest Control

A Bug’s Life

Found yourself with a few unwanted visitors? No problem - the right pest controller can help you to get rid of insects and rodents making themselves at home. Pests can cause a great deal of trouble, so getting them removed quickly is vital. With the right pest controller, you can be sure that your home is free of any little critters that choose to take up residence among you and your family. Bark gives you access to top-notch pest control professionals, so freeing your home of pests is as easy as possible.

How much does a Pest Control professional cost?

You could have any manner of pests living within your home – and as you may expect, the cost for different pest control services varies depending on the type and severity of infestation.

Some of the most common pests you will find are mice and rats. Alongside bringing disease and other parasites into your home, rodents can chew through furniture and fittings, and so are a particularly expensive problem.

Fleas can cause a lot of problems, especially with your pets. If a population of fleas get out of control, removing them can be extremely difficult. The reason for this is that many fleas take residence in corners and crannies around the house.

Bed bugs, one of the most problematic pests to get rid of, thrive by living off human body heat and CO2, before feeding on human blood.

Bees and wasps can be particularly dangerous, as they can cause direct damage with their ability to sting. Both bees and wasps can be very intimidating in a swarm – however, depending on which of these you have in your home, you will want to tackle them differently. For example, getting hold of a beekeeper can help mitigate harm to bees while removing them from the property.

The above rates are ballpark figures. If you have a more serious infestation that requires multiple treatments, prices will be higher. It’s best to get multiple quotes from different pest control professionals to see how they can best deal with your pest problem.

What should I look for when hiring a Pest Controller?

So what is good to look for in a pest controller? While Bark makes it simple to compare professionals and get quotes, you should also think about a few things that you want out of your contractor before you hire anyone.

Some questions you could ask are:

  • Do you have a website/references? – Proof of work quality
  • Are they certified? - Are they trained under a trade association
  • How long have they been practising?
  • How will they get rid of pests? - Tools/chemicals used
  • Are they specialised for certain pests?

These are good starting points to think of when making your final decision on a pest controller specialist.

Do I need to hire a Pest Control professional?

It may be the case that you have attempted to get rid of pests yourself. However, doing it in the right way can be very tricky. Furthermore, while you might be able to get pests out of your home temporarily, keeping them away for good is a lot harder. It’s better to tackle a pest control problem head-on, in the right way, before it gets any worse. The longer you wait, the more you end up paying – whether it is in money or your time.

The biggest draw of using a pest control service is keeping diseases out. Many pests that choose to inhabit homes carry diseases that can be passed on to other animals - or even yourself. This can have dire effects on your health and can cause unwanted symptoms or even worsen health conditions that already exist.

Pests like cockroaches and fleas are able to transmit diseases, and can even cause conditions that you may not even associate with insects, such as asthma. They also bring in plenty of bacteria, causing an unclean living environment.

The chemicals required to get rid of pests can also be quite strong, and so trying to eliminate them yourself can put you and your family at risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. Getting rid of pests correctly will also help to keep allergies at bay, while preventing physical symptoms such as itching.

Also worth noting are the psychological effects of having an infestation. If you know that you have these types of insects in your home, it can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Preserving both your mental and physical health is important and so removing these pests with an experienced pest removal professional is the best way forward.
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‘20 Certificate of Excellence

We at Country Life Pest Control .co.uk know that discovering pests in your home can be somewhat disturbing, stressful and for many, the fear of certain species can be a very anxious time and we fully sympathise with this. A lot of customers also feel embarrassed when they discover they have an infestation, but I personally guarantee you, there is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. It can happen to anyone at any time! At Country Life Pest Control .co.uk, you can be rest assured that we empathise with you, and rest assured, we are here to help and I personally guarantee that we will take care of your problem in a fast friendly and methodical manner. We also specialise in hazardous cleaning and commercial and residential fogging. By employing our services, you are guaranteed the following: RSPH level 2 – fully qualified technician, guaranteeing that any work we carry out for you is done according to the letter of the law. Fully insured Professional and friendly service Full support 24 hours a day Competitive prices

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What do you love most about your job?

What I love most about my job as a Pest Technician is knowing that I am helping people to take care of genuine problems, in a friendly, honest and professional manner and offer my fullest attention to the customer from our first point of contact to completion of the work I carry out for you.

What inspired you to start your own business?

In 2016 I had an accident which changed my life. Basically, since the age of 13, I had worked in the food and beverage sector and have owned my own restaurants in Sweden and Denmark for 38 years. As a result of my accident, I underwent surgery which meant a lengthy recovery process. After leaving the hospital I was invited to stay with a friend of mine who has been operating a Pest Control company for more than 30 years. With nothing more to do than recover from my operation, I spent two weeks travelling around his clients, both old and new and became hooked on the idea that this is what I wanted to do when I was available to work again. And the reason I became hooked was that I knew right away that I would be good at it. During the two weeks I stayed with my old friend, I watched him turn people's fear into an understanding that they were in good hands and that he would take care of the problem, which he did over and over! He made the customers feel safe and he was very professional. I fully understood great customer service from my years in the restaurant business, and I certainly knew how to assure people.

When I went home I spent hours learning about what qualifications were needed to become an industry qualified Pest Technician, and soon after began my studies, attended numerous courses and eventually I got my accreditations. During this time I also contacted one of the best Pest Technicians available, asking him to mentor me, which he very kindly did. Fully mentored and fully accredited, I started my own company in 2016 and have not looked back and I love it! I am providing my customers with the high-quality service and respect they deserve and I am grateful with the amazing feedback I have received - thank you.

Why should our clients choose you?

RSPH level 2 – fully qualified technician, guaranteeing that any work we carry out for you is done according to the letter of the law.

Fully insured

Professional and friendly service

Full support 24 hours a day

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It can take up to six weeks for a pest control treatment to fully rid your home of pests. Although the pest control treatment is applied on the day, it can take several weeks for the effects of the treatment to be seen. Don’t be alarmed if you still see some pests for a few days or even weeks after the treatment.

Depending on the treatment that is used, you may need to stay out of your home after the pest control treatment has been applied. This can range from 2 hours up to 24 hours. You’ll need to discuss this with your pest control specialist who will be able to advise when you can return to your home.

Most pest control treatments are safe for dogs and cats. However, you will need to wait for the treated areas to fully dry before your furry friend is able to return to their home to ensure their safety. You may need to be more careful if you have rodents or insects as pets. You should make your pest control specialist aware of any pets that you have in the house so that they can tailor the treatment accordingly.

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