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What are dog walking prices in 2024?

Average dog walking prices are
£10 - £20 per walk

depending on the length of walk and whether it's a group or solo trip.

Thinking of hiring a dog walker to help exercise your pup? Find out how much dog walking costs with this in-depth price guide.

We're a nation of dog lovers, with a recent survey suggesting that 13 million dogs live in UK households. Like us, dogs are social animals, and exercise gives them regular interaction and the stimulation they need for long term health and happiness. Daily exercise is scientifically proven to prevent a range of diseases that could crop up in your pup’s lifetime. It’s also a great way to relieve excess energy, significantly improving their behaviour. But if you don't have time to walk them yourself, or you just need a little extra help, you're probably wondering: what are dog walking prices like, and how do I choose the right person?

This dog walking price guide will help you understand how much dog walking usually costs so you can set your budget. These numbers are taken from our data, but as they're national averages, the best way to get a truly accurate number for your pup is to request quotes from local dog walkers.

What dog walkers do

Dog training in garden

Recent stats show that UK dog owners spend around 8 billion (that's right!) pounds on pet care and pet products, and dog walkers are an important part of that economy.

So before we start talking about dog walking prices, let's set out what you get for your money. Your dog walker will ensure your dog gets the regular exercise and stimulation they need. While the standard requirement of a dog walker is to get them out and about in the fresh air, some also offer training services, which is particularly useful if you’ve got a cheeky or frisky young pup! 

Your dog walker will usually pick your dog up from your house; if you and your walker are comfortable, they may also pick your dog up when you're not at home, depending on the arrangement. They will take your dog for a walk in the local area, for example around a park, before dropping them off again. You might also arrange for your dog walker to drive them to a different area if there aren't many suitable walking spots near you.

When you pay for dog walking, you're usually looking at a fixed amount of time. Most dogs need two hours of exercise a day, but arranged walks tend to be half an hour on average, with a little extra time for pick-up and drop-off. If you have a puppy, a shorter walk is more suitable, or some breeds might be happier with a longer trek - say an hour. It all depends on what you and your walker decide.

How much does a dog walker cost? 

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You might be wondering just how much stretching your pooch’s legs is going to cost. Based on the prices of local UK professionals, the average cost for one individual dog walk is given below:

Average cost (per walk)£12
Minimum cost (per walk)£10
Maximum cost (per walk)£20

The prices above are for single walks, so you should multiple it by how many walks you want to hand to your professional in a week. Do you want multiple walks taken off your hands every day, or just a couple of times a week at busy times? Many dog ideally have two or three walks a day, so it's important to balance this with your budget.

It's a good idea to set up a weekly schedule with your dog walker, so you not only know how much you'll be spending each week, but organisation will be a lot easier.

What can affect dog walking prices? 

The rate of a dog walker is variable depending on different factors: 

  • Group vs. single dog walks

  • Location

  • Length of walk

Group vs. single dog walks

Group walks are less expensive than individual walks, so if your dog is trained to walk with other dogs this could be a great option. If walked in a group, your dog might be with up to six different dogs, or occassionally even more depending on the capabilities of the walker. It's a great way to help your dog remain socialised, too.

If your dog doesn’t interact well with other dogs, you’ll have to pay a higher price. To give you an idea of the price difference for group walks and individual walks, here’s a quick summary: 

Group dog walking

Average cost (per walk)£8
Minimum cost (per walk)£5
Maximum cost (per walk)£15

Single dog walking

Average cost (per walk)£12
Minimum cost (per walk)£10
Maximum cost (per walk)£20


Where you live plays a big role in determining dog walking prices. For example, owners are more likely to pay more for dog walkers in London as the cost of living is so much higher. To give you an idea of how much a dog walker costs where you live, we’ve put together a useful breakdown of average dog walker costs for different regions:  

How much is dog walking in different places?
LocationAverage cost (per walk)Lower endHigher end
East of England£13.50£10.00£15.00
North West England £13.50£11.00£16.00
South East England£13.00£10.00£16.00
South West England£12.00£10.00£17.00
West Midlands£12.50£10.00 £15.00
Yorkshire and the Humber£12.50 £12.00£13.00

Length of walk 

The length of a dog walk can range anywhere from a quick 15 minute run around the park to leisurely long walks. It’s a no brainer that the longer the walk, the more your dog walker will charge. 

Bear in mind that your breed of dog will determine how long their walk needs to be. Breeds such as Labrador Retrievers or English Springer Spaniels need up to two hours of walking time every day, whereas if you’ve got an English Bulldog or a Basset hound, napping will be a preferable option to exercising most of the time. 

Choosing your dog walker

Dog Training

While prices are a good way to help decide on your dog walker, it's important that you choose someone who your dog gets on with and who can fit your needs. Before you settle on a professional, here are some things to check:

  • Have you taken any courses? Training in animal first aid, behavior, and care is reassuring for pet parents.

  • How long have you been a dog walker? Experience is important to ensure your dog is well cared for.

  • Do you have insurance? Personal liability coverage is crucial in case the dog injures someone or causes an accident. Insurance for lost or injured dogs is also worth considering.

  • What happens if you can't walk the dog? It's important to know if there will be an insured backup walker in case your regular one is unavailable.

  • Do you still walk in in bad weather? This question helps you understand potential disruptions to your dog's routine.

  • Can I see references from other local dog owners? References from satisfied customers can help you decide if the walker is a good fit.

  • Do you follow official advice, like these RSPCA guidelines? Adhering to best practices is important for professional dog walkers.

How to save money on dog walking

Keeping your dog fit doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a number of ways to keep costs down: 

  • Ask about package payments - If your dog needs to be walked on a regular basis, you might be able to agree on a reduced fee per session. 

  • Ask about discounts for multiple dogs - If you have more than one dog from the same household, you might be able to get a discounted price if they can be walked at the same time. 

  • Avoid weekend walks -  If you want to keep costs down, try to avoid weekend walks. Dog walkers tend to charge more for the same services on a weekend, typically £2 - £5 on top of their standard price - because who wants to give up their precious weekend! 

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