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The best dog training games to play with your pooch this summer

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Zara, Staff Writer

Friday, 16 April 2021

Dog Training

You can’t underestimate the importance of training your dog, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Like children, many dogs learn best through play, so training games are a great way to strengthen your bond with your canine companion whilst teaching them some new skills.

Here are a dog few training games that you can play with your pup this summer.

The name game

The most important skill for your dog to master is recall. They need to know their name and respond to it every single time, no matter where you are. The name game is a handy dog training game for recall, that can help to teach your dog their name and how to respond correctly.

All you need to do is to say your dog’s name and when they look at you, give them a treat. Repeat this at least five times, until you have their focus. You can use this as a warm-up activity to gain your dog’s attention before moving on to practice another skill.

Try playing the name game in different locations, both within your home and whilst out on walks. This will help to build your dog’s recall skills no matter where you are.

Dog Training

Hide and seek

Just like children, many dogs love to play hide and seek. However, this game also helps to teach your dog a skill that is critical for the real-life world. If you ever become separated from your dog, this skill will help your dog to remain calm and seek you out.

Begin playing this dog training game at home. Stand in another room and call your dog, rewarding them with a treat when they find you. Gradually begin hiding further and further away, continuing to reward your dog when they locate you.

You can then begin playing the same game outdoors. Ask a friend to distract your dog while you hide behind a tree or around a corner. Shout your dog and reward them with a treat when they find you. Continue making the hiding places more difficult, gradually improving your dog’s ability to locate you.

Find the toy

This dog training game will help your dog to develop their creativity, problem-solving and self-discovery skills. Begin this game with two boxes and your dog’s favourite toy. Allow your dog to watch you place the toy under a box and then shuffle the boxes. Then, ask your dog to “find the toy”. When your dog selects the right box, reward your dog and ask him to bring the toy to you.

When your dog’s skills advance, you can begin using more boxes to increase the level of challenge and further develop their skills.

Get a head start with a Dog Trainer

Dog Training

For a head start in training your dog, it’s worth investing in dog training classes with a professional dog trainer. They will be able to give you tips to fast-track your training journey as well as creating a personalised training plan which is tailored to your dog’s abilities.

If you’re ready to hire a dog trainer to begin your dog’s training journey, you can hire a dog trainer on Bark. 

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