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Grooming your pets - how often and how much?

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Mika, Staff Writer

Sunday, 14 March 2021

We all love to keep our family pets groomed and looking their best; after all, they are a man’s best friend. With a whole world and industry dedicated to pet grooming, it should be simple enough to find the right dog groomer for you and your beloved pet. However, with so many groomers to choose from, it may seem a little more difficult than first thought. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through the world of pet grooming and what it requires to keep the family dog looking and smelling its best. We’ll cover everything from finding the right skills to finding the right price and everything in between.

How much should Dog Grooming cost?   

This is a difficult question to answer, as the cost of grooming a dog varies hugely and will depend on a number of different things. First of all, the length of the dog’s hair or the size of the pooch overall can affect the pricing of the grooming session. Second of all, what you want from the session can also change the pricing dramatically, whether it's a simple brush or a full wash and trim.

How often should I groom my dog?

How often you should groom your dog also depends on the breed and type of dog you have. This being said, once a month should be enough to keep your pet clean. The age of your dog can also affect how often you decide to clean and groom them. Dogs in their younger puppy stage should be taken to groomers far more frequently; this will ensure they are conditioned to be handled and cleaned.

If a dog is exposed to cleaning products far too often, this could have the opposite effect and become an irritant to its natural skin and coat. Finding the balance between cleanliness and over-cleaning is a unique one depending on your dog and will come with time.

What do Dog Groomers do?

Each pet groomer is different in their approach, but there are a few simple tactics that should be followed by all dog groomers. The best routine to follow is a procedure of brushing out the dog’s hair firmly, removing any tangles or mats. This is followed by doing a pre-bath clip or strip if the dog needs it. A final wash and trim is carried out using dog-friendly shampoo and cleaning cosmetics will finish off the grooming. This routine can be added to or even retracted, as the needs of each individual dog will differ from pet to pet and owner to owner.

To sum up

Keeping our pets clean is an important part of caring for them and instrumental in proper pet ownership. Booking your pooch into a pet grooming session is a fantastic way to keep your dog in perfect condition and ensures they are happy in both body and mind. 

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