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What does a Pet Sitter do?

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Zara, Staff Writer

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Pet sitters take care of pets when their owners are unable to, ensuring that the animal’s welfare and happiness are maintained. They will see that your pet is well fed, exercised, groomed and entertained. Pet sitting can either be for a few hours, overnight or for a set period of time depending on your requirements. 

The service will take place at your home, with the pet sitter staying in or visiting your house to take care of your pet. An added benefit of your pet remaining at home is that it won’t feel anxious to leave its regular environment. It can also provide additional security since pet sitters will turn lights on and off and even empty the bins for you, as well as making sure the property is safe and locked up properly. 

Typically, pet sitters have qualifications or certification to prove they know how to look after animals. This is in addition to being pet lovers, which makes all the difference when you need assurance that your pet is being well looked after. 

Reasons why you might use a Pet Sitter

  • You’re going on holiday

  • Illness

  • Long working hours

  • Nobody else to ask

  • Security benefits

  • Less stress for the animal

  • Familiarity for the pet

  • Animal first aid qualifications

The alternatives

Leaving your pet unattended 

While most pets should be able to be left alone for a short while, there soon comes a point when this could put them in danger. Your animal needs to be fed, watered, exercised and groomed regularly, especially if it’s a dog. If you’re going to be gone for more than a few hours, you must have someone to take care of your pet. Many pet owners who work during the day use a pet sitter for this very reason, as the animal will not get anxious and will be well taken care of while they are gone. 


With a kennel facility, your dog will be among many other animals. There are some fantastic kennels out there, but the one downside is a lack of individual attention since kennels typically have much more animals to take care of versus a pet sitter. Since the dogs will be placed in separate kennels, they can get anxious especially with all the noise and barking. It really does come down to each kennel, since some are better than others. 

Asking friends or family

Looking after a pet on behalf of someone else is a huge responsibility. You may not have anyone you can trust or their home could be unsuitable. It could threaten your relationship with that person if anything happened to your pet while it was in their care, or if your pet damaged their home. So think carefully about whether a friend or family member is a better option than a qualified pet sitter. 

To sum up

Leaving your pet in the care of someone else is a daunting prospect. What you need is someone who genuinely loves animals and at the same time, will make sure your place is looked after. A pet sitter is a great option for those who don’t want to disturb their pet’s routine. 

They will give your animal undivided attention which may not be the case with other alternatives. It’s a great option if you want peace of mind that both your animal and your property are going to be monitored while you’re away.

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