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Synergy with Amy offers Personal Training services for clients in Hampshire and Berkshire. Unlike conventional gyms, Synergy offers 1:1 training sessions at our private studio gym set in Baughurst near Tadley. Whether you are looking to lose weight, tone up, improve your mobility and build strength or just want to increase your overall personal fitness, I can help.

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Sarah Lowe

17 April 2019

I have been working with Amy a while now and I am so happy that I found her. I have a few injuries and she has helped me regain strength but also pushed me. She explains every move and is willing to change the exercise if needed. She is incredibly supportive and I look forward to our sessions. More...


Richard norris

8 April 2019

After many yrs of running and cycling long distances I’d got fed up with the same old training routine I’d not exercised for nearly a yr and whilst on holiday and gaining weight I’d decided to search for a personal trainer and try a different approach to my fitness, I came across Amy and her Synergy Facebook page and sent a message, after my consultation with her and exsplaining my situation and my goals I felt she really understood what I was after and even more so she seemed and still seems determained to help me achevie them, I started with her in mid November and now into April and we are still going strong, what ever your looking to improve on I’d strongly recommend Amy and Synergy. It’s a 5 star from me and my steadily improving physique More...


Tom Clint

2 April 2019

I have been working with Amy since August last year, and before then I was not excited about exercise. Amy has helped me to focus on what and how to exercise, and has given me such a great variety of exercises meaning I have never had a mundane workout! She has also been tremendously supportive in fitting in sessions around my work and life commitments. More...


Alison Blackwood

8 December 2018

I really cannot recommend Amy enough! After a prolonged period of injury/ stress/ weight gain I needed help getting back into exercise safely. At my first consultation I really felt like Amy "got me". She really listens, and is so thorough with making sure you're doing each exercise correctly to get the most benefit. A couple of months down the line and the work is paying off, and Amy has been so supportive throughout. If you're debating whether to give it a go, my advice is just do it, you won't regret it! More...


Francesca Ranaldo-Ford

4 November 2018

Had a really great workout this morning, great mobility and dynamic work thank you so much

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I carry out a a thorough consultation, posture and fitness test before commencing any work with a client. This allows for me to build an understanding of a client's lifestyle, including any limitations (i.e. time constraints or injuries) and tailor a program that suits them so they can adhere to it. I support my clients every step of the way and am always on the other end of the phone to answer any questions or concerns or to encourage and advise.

Consistency and knowing that millimetre shifts add up.

My clients! I love working with my clients and seeing them achieve things they didn't think were possible.

I created my business to be the Personal Trainer that I could never find. After training in different gyms over 15 plus years, I saw that the industry was overrun with mediocre trainers, handing out the same workouts each week to hugely varying people. I saw no focus on an indivdual's lifestyle, goals, limitations, likes, dislikes etc.

I get my clients to their goals via a structured and supportive path. I read widely and extensively on many topics including anatomy, physiology, nutrition, neuro science and movement patters. I utilise this knowledge when planning programs and working with my clients. I support them with their diet and set homework when appropriate to ensure they get to their goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. The workouts and programs I design are varied, challenging and interesting and evolve and adapt dependant on each clients requirements. My focus is on the client getting maximum benefit from having me as their trainer, so I am always available to answer any questions or concerns even when my clients are not with me.