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1-1 coaching in swim, bike and run and all distances for Triathlon, from Sprint to Ironman. Based just north of London we're happy to discuss training locally within 35 miles, we have lots of athletes throughout the home counties and London, and further afield via bespoke training plans.



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Watching athletes bloom, get a new technique, use it to better their experience of the sport on whatever journey they are on.

That light bulb moment, and helping them to create memories, whatever their race or performance goals.

It's great turning 'I can't 'or 'maybe I can't' into I did!

Success of athletes far and beyond our expectations and a realisation that we might be all right at this.

It's not our main business, so we are lucky to work with people we like, and vice versa as that trust and connection is so important in a people business.

I think we let our athletes answer that. Check out what they say on www.lovetri.com and www.swimwerkx.com. We get results fast, we get them to stick long term and it's all about the athlete or client.

We're not hung up on numbers of sessions, we ARE hung up on the process and you achieving your goals, whether that's one session or more.

We challenge what others think is impossible, and our experience and passion mean we are always learning with a focus on getting it right for the individual athlete