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Jay Davies-Burrell

7 September 2018

Chris has been my massage therapist for over a year and I highly recommend him for personal training and sports massage therapy. Chris has worked wonders for my CFS (M.E) condition and regular knots in my back and shoulders due to working on the computer all week so If you know of anyone or if you yourself want to get in shape for the new year or if you simply need a massage give chris a call or visit his website. You won't be dissapointed More...


Laura Davies

12 July 2016

Excellent sports massage and a very professional and friendly service.


Bethan Moore

12 July 2016

The reason I wanted personal training was because as a regulatory gym goer I got myself into a rut and couldn't shift the last of my goal weight and completely lost my confidence. I was referred to the trainer Chris through a friend and couldn't be happier with the results!! The trainers approach was frienday but firm which was enough to keep me motivated. Each sessions was varied and<span id="moreReview654715" class="hide"> challenging and would recommend to anyone looking to get fit, lose weight and toned up!!</span> More...


Jonathan Davies

15 March 2016

As a fibromyalgia sufferer I have looked at massage to help with the 24/7 pain this condition brings. I tried several therapists and techniques over the last few years before I found Chris. Chris took the time to research my condition and over the 1st few months we tailored sessions to suit my limits. <br />I have now been having regular sessions with Chris for over a year and my fibro pain is now<span id="moreReview631261" class="hide"> managed so well by massage that I have been able to stop my dependence on medication. <br />I can't praise Chris enough for his expertise and professionalism. <br />I've even been able to lose weight and gain fitness with his tailored fitness programs - something I could never have done without the massage to control the pain and bring back flexibility. <br />Chris definitely knows what he is doing and I can't thank him enough!</span> More...

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