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Enlight Holistic Fitness is dedicated to finding the best solution for you. Whether it’s weight loss, toning up, posture correction, sports massage and/or sports preparation, we can get your body into peak condition. Not only will that enhance your looks.


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jamie cope

25 February 2019

Samir is a top quality trainer I have trained with him for a year and a half.
I feel much fitter and started seeing results very quickly you tell him your goals and he’ll work with you to achieve them stepping it up a notch when it’s needed.


Bindiya Ganesh

30 June 2018

I have been training with Samir just over a month now, and never did I think I would enjoy going to the gym so much. I train twice a week with Samir and he has never failed to make any of the sessions fun which makes me excited for them! He is the right balance of friendly and stern, but more over he is incredibly encouraging and motivating, and it is that which has pushed me to get the results I never thought I would have - he believes in me more than I do, pushing me to the limit every time and always improving! All in all, Samir has lead me to a fitter lifestyle which has left me happier and stronger.. so thank you Samir, you’re dedication and hard work is helping me reach my goals! More...


Andy Knight

26 May 2018

I began training with weights at home earlier this year, however after a month or two I started to experience some pretty uncomfortable aches and pains in my joints. It was suggested to me by a friend that I see a PT for advice and so I came along to see Samir. He very quickly identified where I was going wrong and immediately set about teaching me how to correct all the mistakes with my form.My sessions are primarily focused around me carrying out a regular set of compound lifts whilst Samir watches and analyses my weakness. He then suggests corrections to my posture, along with with giving me stretches and exercises to carry out at home to improve my flexibility and joint mobility.After a couple of months of seeing Samir I am very happy indeed with my progress. My aches and pains have disappeared and in their place I have added muscle, and become stronger and more flexible. I look forward to my sessions with Samir each week. No matter what kind of mood I am in when I go in, I always come out feeling positive and energised. I plan to continue seeing Samir and would definitely recommend him as a PT. More...


Natalie Gomez

26 May 2018

I have been training with Samir for the last six months; 2 sessions every week. He is an ace trainer, always has a pep in his step and he's a fantastic motivator. I suppose, like for many of us we're our biggest critics, but Samir sees everyone's potential - he's always encouraging me to push through that mental barrier and the 'I can't do it' mindset. And as a result, my stamina, physique and confidence have all changed for the better. More importantly, he manages to make every session unique and fun. I personally love boxing, strength training and floor work and every session usually has a mix of everything. I'm glad I found Enlight Holistic Fitness this year, and If anyone’s looking for their next fitness challenge, or needing a little extra push to reach goals then Samir is your go-to! More...


Saurabh Kumar

26 May 2018

I have been training with Samir for the past 3 months and he has been absolutely fantastic!My primary goal was to put on lean muscle mass, something Samir discussed with me on day 1 - defining goals. From that day onwards, I have been so impressed with Samir’s diligence and thoughtfulness in designing my training program, especially on days when my muscles seemed a little sore or I wasn’t feeling a 100% - he worked around those limitations, by first understanding the circumstances, empathising with my situation and then customising training to still achieve a full and invigorating workout. I’ll be honest, initially there were days when I dreaded the early morning start to train, but for a lot of those times Samir’s enthusiasm was enough to get me going, only to be energised after the session. He is motivating, fair, accommodating, and will push you just at the right moment - when you think you can’t go further but he knows you still have a few extra reps in you. I have been very happy with my progress in building lean muscle mass, weight loss and general definition, and I would highly recommend Samir. More...


Alex Falconer

26 May 2018

Samir is a great trainer - when I first started training with him I was overweight and hadn't exercised in several years. In the space of a few months I've achieved both my fitness and weight goals. Samir is always friendly and encouraging and always knew when to push me harder. I'm now a lot leaner and fitter thanks to Samir's help and training. Having achieved my target weight - over a stone and a half loss - I'm now training with Samir on a personalised programme to help me gain strength and definition. Whatever fitness goals you're trying to achieve I'd highly recommend Samir! More...


Emily MacKenzie

26 May 2018

Samir is a great trainer, striking just the right balance between encouraging me to push myself and not pushing too hard. After our first 12 sessions I have noticed a real difference in my strength, flexibility and cardio fitness. He varies our exercises so that I don't get bored but workout my whole body every week. Highly recommend. More...


sadhana iqbal

26 May 2017

Really enjoyed my personal training sessions here and feel motivated to lose weight and smash my goals in 2017. The gym is nice and has everything you need. Really enjoyed the boxing pads and the nutritional guidance which I will try my best to stick with. More...


Leana Denisova

26 May 2017

I have been doing personal training session with Samir for around 2 months once a week and already seeing amazing results in my overall fitness level and body shape. I feel stronger and more toned already. I took up personal training as I needed that extra push to motivate myself to another level. And now I really enjoy one to one boxing sessions, followed by circuit training sessions as they are fun, but challenging. I am really pleased I have found Enlight Holistic Fitness ! More...


Muhammad Naeem

19 February 2017

I’ve started training with Samir ( Enlight Holistic Fitness ) and absolutely loved each of my training sessions. I have a great trainer who truly understands my needs and knows how to motivate me.


Preity Mohyal

12 January 2017

After having had a year of personal training sessions at Enlight Holistic Fitness I have seen my body really transform for the better. I feel physically stronger and more confident in my levels of strength and fitness. The one to one boxing sessions and personalised training are amazing as they are planned out and catered to me. I would certainly recommend Enlight Holistic Fitness as a result of the successful results I have experienced. More...


Initially this would involve attending a complimentary consultation. This allows myself and the prospective client to gauge if we are a good match. During the consultation we would discuss the client's goals, training history and motivations. During the consultation is also the opportunity to carry out tests, take measurements etc which allows me to record the clients stats prior to starting a program. I then design a bespoke training and specific nutritional program which caters to the client's needs and lifestyle. I coach and educate my clients through the exercise and motivate them towards getting the results they want.

Knowledge, Application of Knowledge, Discipline and Consitency!! If you want results you have to be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone. Having a good trainer to motivate and encourage you along the way also helps!

I love being able to share what I am passionate about and helping people transform their lives.

I always dreamed of running my own business, being my own boss and having creative control over what I do.

My passion, drive, and expertise have helped dozens of people like you change their lives for the better. I have a lot of experience working with clients and am constantly seeking to improve my service as a trainer. If you're looking for a trainer who can empathise with your needs and provide the best solutions to them, whilst keeping you motivated and holding you accountable for the results - look no further!!


With my combination of weight based and HIIT training, you’ll feel like a brand new person in weeks: more toned, more confident with better reflections in the mirror. Best of all, the fun nature of those workouts means that your workouts will remain enjoyable at all times. And when you’re having fun, exercise no longer feels like a chore. With the right mind, fast and sustainable results are just around the corner. Here’s what to expect from your plan: Initial Consultation and Assesment including body fat analysis with ongoing monitoring One to one personal training Bespoke periodised programme Calorie and Macro Specific Meal Plans ​Before and after photos Dedicated support via phone, email, skype, whatsapp, text. Guaranteed results

For a lot of people, overcoming injuries and poor posture is the number one challenge. My personalised Strength and Posture platform can be your secret weapon to achieving those goals. It’s fun, rewarding, and brings results that will enhance your life for many years to come. Through a combination of targeted training, posture activities and recovery treatments, you’ll feel younger and fitter in no time. Here’s what I’ll provide:​ Initial consultation and assessment including detailed postural examination and ongoing monitoring Bespoke exercise program designed to improve posture through specific exercises and methods of stretching. Sports massage therapy to assist with correcting musculosketal dysfunction allowing the muscles function optimally. Assisted Stretching Eductation of muscular balance and how to exercise to encourage efficient bio mechanics

Learn the sweet science of boxing and how to coordinate your body to deliver punches with speed, power and accuracy. These sessions are geared towards learning boxing from beginner all the way up to sparring level ensuring correct and safe technique. It also provides a tremendous cardiovascular and core strength workout. Ideal for boosting your fitness and releasing stress from long days at work. Here’s what’s included:​ Learn and practice the 8 fundamental punches of boxing ensuring correct and safe technique. Learn various footwork methods of boxing Learn defensive and counter attacking methods Head movement drills Skipping/ jumping rope Circuit training Core conditioning Padwork/ Mayweather Speed Pads Bagwork

Do you suffer with aches and pain, muscle injury or stress or bad posture? Enlight Holistic Fitness offers sports massage therapy in London. It is important to us that you not only feel better, but you understand your body so you stay feeling better. Sports massage is not just for the sporty. Whether you work in an office, sat a desk all day, a keen gardener, manual worker or training for a marathon, a sports massage at Enlight Holistic Fitness will help you to be at your best both physically and mentally. When competing in any sport, training your body for specific goals is imperative but many don't realise that recovery is just as much important for performance. With our Sports Massage service after a significant event we can help your body to recover faster so you can start preparing for your next event sooner without the risk of an injury. You may not be an athlete but still feel stiff here and there often due to demanding working conditions, may that be staying seated for too long or being on your feet all the time. Use our massage services to help your body be in top shape, not to mention its recreational benefits. Everybody deserves a little "relax" time.