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Legacy Garage Doors

Learn More about Legacy Garage Door Services Legacy Garage Door Services is your trusted residential and commercial garage door expert. We are the only company which supplies and installs garage doors from leading manufacturers and caters to the whole province of Ontario. We have the fastest turn around time in Ontario. If you are looking for an effective yet simple way to enhance the appearance of your property look no further. Our staff has over 20 years of experience in the industry. Whether your door has stopped opening altogether or wear and tear has begun to take its toll, our experienced technicians can help. We offer 24-hour emergency services for our residential customers, and always aim for quality foxes. Additionally, we have a vast inventory of garage doors and accessories, and have a wide selection of commercial garage doors.

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What do you love most about your job?

1. Problem Solving: Addressing and solving challenges related to garage doors, whether it’s fixing malfunctions or optimizing performance.
2. Customer Satisfaction: The satisfaction of helping customers with their garage door needs and providing a reliable and functional solution.
3. Innovation: Embracing and implementing new technologies and innovations in the garage door industry to enhance products and services.
4. Variety of Projects: Working on a variety of projects, from routine maintenance to more complex installations or repairs.
5. Team Collaboration: Building and leading a skilled team, fostering collaboration, and achieving collective goals.
6. Enhancing Home Security: Knowing that their work contributes to improving the security and safety of people’s homes.
7. Customization: Enjoying the creative aspect of tailoring solutions to meet individual customer needs and preferences.
8. Continuous Learning: Staying updated with industry trends and advancements, fostering a continuous learning environment.
9. Physical and Technical Balance: A mix of physical work and technical expertise, offering a dynamic and engaging work environment.
10. Building Relationships: Developing long-term relationships with clients and colleagues, creating a sense of community within the industry.

What inspired you to start your own business?

1. **Market Demand**: Recognizing a steady demand for garage door installation and repair in a particular area, especially in growing neighborhoods or regions with aging homes needing upgrades.

2. **Expertise and Skill**: Having a background in construction, mechanical repair, or home improvement can inspire someone to leverage their skills into a business that's always in need.

3. **Entrepreneurial Spirit**: A desire to be one's own boss and manage a business can drive an individual to start a company in a field with a clear, straightforward service model like garage door services.

4. **Innovation Opportunities**: Seeing an opportunity to improve on existing services, offer better customer service, or utilize new technologies for enhanced efficiency and safety.

5. **Family Business**: Some individuals might be inspired to continue or branch out from a family business that has been dealing in home maintenance or similar trades.

6. **Financial Independence**: The potential for a profitable business, given the essential nature of home maintenance and repair services, can also be a strong motivator.

Why should our clients choose you?

Customers should choose Legacy Garage Door for several compelling reasons:

1. **Quality and Reliability**: Emphasize the high quality and durability of the garage doors you provide, ensuring that customers feel confident in their investment.

2. **Expert Installation and Service**: Highlight the expertise and experience of your team, which ensures that installations and repairs are done efficiently and correctly.

3. **Customer-Centric Approach**: Stress your commitment to customer satisfaction, offering personalized services and listening to customer needs to provide tailored solutions.

4. **Competitive Pricing**: Offering fair, transparent pricing can be a major draw for customers looking for value without compromising on quality.

5. **Warranty and Support**: Providing robust warranties and excellent after-sales support can reassure customers that they are making a safe choice.

6. **Innovative Products**: If you offer innovative features such as smart garage doors or energy-efficient models, these can be major selling points.

7. **Community Involvement**: If your company is active in the community, this can build goodwill and trust with potential customers who prefer to support businesses that contribute locally.

By focusing on these strengths, Legacy Garage Door can stand out in the competitive market, attracting customers who are looking for reliable, customer-focused, and expert garage door services.

Can you provide your services online or remotely? If so, please add details.

For a garage door company, transitioning some services online or offering remote support can be beneficial, especially in enhancing customer convenience and safety. Here are some strategies you could consider:

1. **Virtual Consultations**: Offer video consultations or virtual meetings to discuss customer needs, provide quotes, or showcase garage door options. This can be done via platforms like Zoom, Skype, or even simple video calls.

2. **Online Scheduling and Payments**: Implement an online booking system where customers can schedule installation or repair services at their convenience. Additionally, enabling online payments or contactless payments minimizes physical interaction.

3. **Digital Showrooms**: Create a virtual showroom on your website where customers can view different models of garage doors, color options, and features from the comfort of their home.

4. **Remote Troubleshooting and Support**: Provide troubleshooting support via phone or video call to help customers resolve minor issues themselves, which can save time for both the customer and your service team.

5. **Maintenance Guides and Tutorials**: Publish online tutorials, maintenance guides, and FAQ sections on your website to help customers take care of their garage doors and possibly fix straightforward issues.

6. **Mobile Apps**: Develop a mobile app for a more integrated customer experience, where they can book services, pay, and get reminders for upcoming maintenance.

7. **Social Media Engagement**: Use social media platforms to engage with customers, answer questions, and post about your services and special offers.

8. **Email and SMS Updates**: Keep your customers informed about their service appointments, new offerings, or any changes in service via email or SMS.

By integrating these online and remote services, a garage door company can not only expand its reach but also improve customer satisfaction and safety.

What changes have you made to keep your customers safe from Covid-19?

Businesses have adopted various strategies to enhance safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some common measures:

1. **Enhanced Cleaning Protocols**: Increasing the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning, especially in high-touch areas.

2. **Social Distancing Practices**: Redesigning spaces to ensure social distancing, using floor markers, and limiting the number of customers allowed inside at one time.

3. **Mask Requirements**: Mandating masks for both staff and customers, particularly when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

4. **Hand Sanitizer Stations**: Providing hand sanitizer dispensers at entrances, exits, and other strategic locations.

5. **Contactless Services**: Implementing contactless payment systems, delivery, and pickup options to minimize physical contact.

6. **Health Checks**: Conducting temperature checks and health screenings for employees, and sometimes even for customers.

7. **Ventilation Improvements**: Enhancing air filtration and ventilation systems to reduce airborne transmission risks.

8. **Communication and Signage**: Posting clear signs about hygiene practices, mask policies, and social distancing guidelines.

9. **Flexible Policies**: Adapting policies to allow for remote work, flexible schedules, and generous sick leave to support employees who are ill or need to quarantine.

Businesses continue to adapt their operations based on current public health guidelines and the evolving situation of the pandemic.

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Excellent service, customer relations, and reasonable prices! I highly recommend ADR Garage Door.

15 Jun 2024

I had an absolutely fantastic experience with ADR Garage Door. From the moment I contacted them, I was impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness. The team was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and they went above and beyond to ensure that I was satisfied with my purchase.

15 Jun 2024

Assessmed my garage explained what needs to be done

28 Apr 2024

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