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How much does Roof Installation and Replacement cost on average?

Average Price

How much will I pay for a Roof Installation and Replacement Service?

Canada is a country of extremes - without adequate roofing, you could quite literally be snowed in! Looking for a reliable roofer to protect you from the elements but not sure of the cost? Read our handy guide to stay in the loop when it comes to costs!

Benefits of hiring a Roofer 

We often forget that a roof is the most important structure of a home. If installed well, it can transform the look of your property, keep unwanted leaks at bay, and increase your energy efficiency. 

If you’re thinking of attempting to install or replace your roof yourself then you may want to think again. If you aren’t a professional, then you probably don’t have the skills, experience or equipment needed to complete the job safely and to a high standard. 

Roof installation is also one of the most dangerous jobs out there - DIY attempts could lead to disastrous consequences. It is always best to hire a professional to save yourself costly mistakes, and even injury, later down the line.

How much does Roof Installation or Replacement cost? 

Here’s the average cost for roof installation and replacement based on our research of local Canadian professionals. 

Average cost $14,875
Minimum cost$4,750
Maximum cost $25,000

Factors affecting cost: 

Several factors will affect the price of roofing installation and replacement. To help you better understand how much your roof repair job might cost you, here’s a handy breakdown of some factors affecting price:

  • Type of job 

  • Materials used

  • Location

Type of job

Roofing jobs come in all shapes and sizes, with prices varying depending on the job. Here’s a breakdown of the average prices of some common roof installation and repair services:  

Type of job Average cost (in total)
Minor roof repair $300
Roof restoration (average sized house)$4,750
Roof restoration (large house) $9,000
Colorbond roof installation $20,000

Materials used

When choosing the right roof material for you, you need to weigh up several factors, including cost, longevity, and aesthetics. Here are some of the most popular roofing materials you can expect and the prices you can choose from.

Material Average cost per square footAdvantagesDisadvantages
Concrete $5Variety of colours and styles, sturdy Heavy
Metal$15 Strong, lightweightNoisy
Asphalt $6.75Quick and easy to install Vulnerable to strong weather
Copper $26Curb appeal Expensive
Slate $27Curb appeal Expensive
Colorbond $24Durable, variety of colours Noisy


Labour costs are going to fluctuate depending on the area of Canada you live in. Here’s a breakdown of average costs based on location: 

State / territory Average cost
Toronto $11,000
Ontario $10,000
Vancouver $9,000
Calgary $9,000

Should I get a Roofer in? 

The condition of your roof is crucial for curb appeal and maintaining the value of your property.

Here are some signs that you may need to hire an expert to repair or replace your roof: 

  • Leaking - A leaking roof is the main sign of damage. It suggests that the materials on your roof need to be replaced immediately. If you don’t resolve the issue quickly, it will lead to longer-term, irreversible damage.

  • Costly energy bills – Do you have high energy bills? Perhaps you are losing heating and cooling through your roof. Installing a new roof will make your home more energy efficient and cut down your energy bills.

  • Shingle granules in the gutter - Shedding shingle granules is a sign that they are suffering from wear and tear damage, and that they made need replacing. 

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