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At Xcite Media Group, we work with companies who have invested in their websites but are frustrated that they are not producing the results which they had hoped for. Our digital marketing services include website development, pay-per-click management (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. The goal is to help drive new customers and turn your website into one of your best performing sales people. Xcite Media Group is a Google certified, full-service, digital marketing agency. Digital Marketing is an industry that is constantly evolving. It is both art and science. Our job is to stay on the front end of this evolution and keep our clients not only ahead of their competitors but also ahead of their consumers. We take a holistic look at all available data and pay close attention to consumer behaviors in today’s multi-device, always connected world in order to help keep your website and your company in front of your audience when they need you. Our goal is to improve your online results. We stay on top of the latest products, features, techniques, and algorithm changes to ensure your success. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we pride ourselves on our transparency and the relationships we build to become our clients’ partners.

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What inspired you to start your own business?

Are you frustrated that all the time and money you’ve invested in your website isn’t delivering the results you wanted? Xcite Media Group has the team and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

We take pride in our claims of 100% transparency and trackability, but what does it mean to examine that a little further? To us, it means tell it like it is. The Internet has moved us at a breakneck pace from an era where people could “hide in their ivory tower” to a place of open access, reviews and Facebook. In this new place, opinions and ideas are shared everywhere, nothing is held back, and there’s nowhere to hide.

For us, telling and showing the truth is just the right thing to do. It is our philosophy and it guides every decision. With over 15 years of combined experience in the internet marketing and strategy world, we had to take a hard look at everything we had become, admit where we had made mistakes and take courageous steps to undo those mistakes and reinvent ourselves. We’re not speaking of unethical behaviors, just the practices in which our industry has become accustomed to. “Black magic”, voodoo, unbelievable software…all things our industry is in the habit of using as the crux of their prowess. Internet strategy isn’t all that different from any other marketing the world has ever seen. Be ethical, communicate to your audience in a way that puts your best foot forward, ask for feedback and track your results. Then take a look at everything and see what needs to be changed. Internet strategies of today should follow the same patterns.

Our people…this is something we believe in. Your business is only as good as the values under which your people operate. Building a culture and a company based on values takes truth, time and transparency. What is transparency? It simply means being open and honest in everything you do. It means showing everything you’re doing for your customers, the what, why and how. It means making value-based decisions and fessing up when you make a mistake. It is a long-term commitment, and every industry’s customers, activists and shareholders are looking for it. Transparency is an asset and it is a critical business practice. It’s not something a consultant can teach and it’s not a strategy. Admit when there is a problem, show your cards, then fix it. A company that follows the rules, no matter how boring that may sound; and tells it like it is, as hard as that may sometimes be, exhibits true transparency and that is our goal at Xcite. A transparent company fosters a culture of openness and inclusion, and is able to adapt to unexpected shifts in market conditions by simply doing the right thing. If you’re a transparent company, ignorance isn’t an excuse. You have to know your business, you have to be accountable for it and you have to build it with straight talk.

Offering customers exceptional service and developing employees who care about their customers is the outcome of transparency. If a company is open to customers’ suggestions and feedback from their employees, the result is great service.

We are definitely not perfect and continuing to strive for these values will be a company wide commitment. This is our philosophy. It’s who we are and how we strive to run our business every day. We look forward to having the opportunity to share our journey with you.

Why should our clients choose you?

The art and science of search are constantly evolving. Since we’re so focused on search marketing, we can stay on top of the latest search engine products, features, techniques, and algorithm changes to ensure your success. And we’re so confident in our excellence that we do it all out in the open. Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Development and Management, Web Development, Internet Strategies. We want you to be involved every step of the way.

We want you to feel comfortable with what we’re doing and empowered to make the right decisions for your business. Instead of withholding information and pretending that search marketing is black magic, we’ll share as many details as you want. You’ll experience full transparency with your accounts, your results, and the work being completed by the team.

Our team practices SEM at a level of expertise and success that few others have achieved. We haven’t achieved this level of success because our software is better than everyone else’s or because we’re smarter than other firms. Our success is based on three important principles.

Our employees are our number one asset. They make honest decisions and they strive to serve our customer’s needs and be as good at what they do as they can be.
100% Transparency. There is no wizard behind the curtain. We empower you to see and know everything we are doing. We want you to know the what, how and why of every part of your internet strategy. We will hide nothing from you. All reports, all billing down to the keyword level, will be revealed to you. We don’t create spreadsheets of reports using only “some” of the numbers…you will see it all.
100% Trackability. We have the man power and the technology to literally be able to track every interaction that is taken in your internet strategy and tie it to an outcome. We track all conversions, impressions, clicks, mentions, posts and deliver them to you in easy to read and comprehend reports so that together, we can make the right decisions for your business.
We are simply good at what we do and we have the results and reputation to back it up. Read our testimonials. Read our case studies. Read our reviews. Speak with our clients. Challenge us — take advantage of our free analysis offers for a no-risk preview of what we can do for you.

We realize that there are potential downsides to our transparency. People and organizations may try to take advantage of us since they know our strategy. We feel this downside is not insurmountable.

“Be transparent, and your life and business will reap great rewards”

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Social Media Marketing FAQs

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The cost of Social Media Marketing depends on several factors. For example, the frequency of posts you want to put out, as well as if the visual content needs to be designed in-house or is being supplied by you. The type of content you require, i.e simple text-based posts through to videos created by a motion graphics designer can also bump up the price.

Setting up and creating successful social media paid ads can also be included. Though the price of any advertising campaigns will incur an additional fee which is charged by the platform itself (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). This is known as an ads budget.

Many companies also opt for social media management too. This means all social media feeds are monitored during office hours and customer queries are dealt with promptly on your behalf.

Content Creation
Social media marketing agencies, or freelancers, plan and create content to go out across all your social media platforms, usually several weeks in advance. The content will factor in your business as a whole to highlight your products and services, as well as any promotions you may be running. There will also be an emphasis on engagement to boost customer interactions through carefully selected content, all of which will be approved by you before it is scheduled. Social media content includes the text and any links as well as images or video. All of which needs to be optimised correctly to suit each platform.

Paid Ads
Paid advertising is a way of reaching a large number of people on social media, and can be used to boost engagement, clicks to your website or followers on your page. Paid ads run across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Ads. A social media marketing agency will not only plan and launch your paid ad, but they will monitor the budget as well as the results to ensure success.

Feed Management
It is becoming more convenient than ever for customers to Tweet or message a company on Facebook rather than call their customer service line. As a result, your social media inboxes could be getting full without you realising it. An optional service provided by social media marketing agencies is feed management. This involves answering customer queries and resolving any issues or adding in bookings, depending on the nature of your business. If you own a large business then this can also include crisis management to minimise any disruption to your company or its reputation.

Social Media Marketing for small businesses
If you own a small business, then a standard social media marketing package will cover all the basics. This involves planning which days and times messages need to go out, and creating the written and visual aspects to best promote your products and services.

Social media marketing for small businesses can also include implementing SEO across all of your social media content. This will ensure your content is correctly optimised to be picked up by search engines and other social media users.

At least once a month the agency will feed back the statistics of how your posts have performed, and create a plan of action going forward.

With smaller budgets, a social media marketing agency will likely manage several client accounts at once, rather than having a dedicated team or staff member to curate each brand.

Social Media Marketing for larger businesses
If your business is a large corporation, then a comprehensive social media marketing package may be more suitable. A higher budget will allow for enhanced image and video content going out across your social media feeds, and more attention to detail will be given across all aspects.

As well as planning, designing and scheduling your social media content, the agency will set up paid ads to pull in high levels of traffic to your website. There will be greater room for keyword research, using a range of software and analytical tools to ensure your content gains significant engagement.

Feed management will ensure customers are promptly responded to, and chatbots can be implemented to answer customer queries outside of office hours.

An added benefit of comprehensive social media management is that the agency will dedicate more time and energy into getting to know your brand to best understand your audience.

  • Facebook - Over 2.6 billion people use Facebook every month, making it the most popular social media platform. Here you can create a dedicated page for your business or even a virtual storefront. Facebook management will involve creating and scheduling posts, interacting with customers and setting up paid campaigns through Facebook Ads.

  • Twitter - Twitter uses short and sharp messaging to deliver posts or paid campaigns. Social media marketing agencies focus on the use of hashtags that are appropriate to your business and any relevant trending topics to boost engagement. Twitter also benefits from having high profile accounts who may interact with your Tweet through likes and retweets which can skyrocket your brand’s awareness. Content can include text, polls, images, gifs and videos.

  • Instagram - Instagram is a visual based platform and is the perfect place to market your products or services. A social media marketing agency will take time to carefully curate your feed so it fits your brand aesthetic. Instagram is the best place to show before and after shots which can be a very powerful marketing tool across a large variety of industries. Regular posting of engaging content is needed to boost Instagram followers which will be one of the agency’s main responsibilities.

  • LinkedIn - Rather than solely focusing on followers and engagements, LinkedIn is a platform for networking and industry insights. Posting content on LinkedIn relating to your business requires a professional touch. As well as writing company updates, a marketing agency may write blog posts or business reports to share with your clients. The tone of your content will be adapted to fit a more corporate audience rather than sales as your other marketing would typically be. As a professional company themselves, a social media marketing agency will ensure the content is adapted to fit your LinkedIn audience.

Absolutely! One of the advantages of a social media marketing agency is that they are able to provide services to their clients regardless of their location. However, if you own a local business that is a niche to your area, then that might be a reason to look nearby rather than further afield so that they best understand your brand vision.

Social media marketing does not belong to trade associations like other industries in the UK. However, things to look out for are any marketing accreditations as well as being GDPR compliant. If the agency lists their clients on their website, then having a look at the kind of work they produce can be a huge indication of the quality and traction they are likely to bring to your business.



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