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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We do things a little differently at AMD. We know most of our competitors want to sell what they have and tell you how great it is. I have talked to many of our clients who have paid literally thousands of dollars for very little in return.

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23 July 2018

Advanced Marketing Dynamics goes above and beyond. Trustworthy as well. What else could you ask for?!

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You have 7 seconds to answer these questions
Where am I?
What can i do here?
Why should I do it?
You MUST have dynamic Calls to Action and Retargeting enabled to capture those that don't respond to your Call To Action.

First: I would teach them what a vision is and then find out what their true vision is. Usually not what you think.
Second: What do you want to accomplish with this project.
Third: What is the quantitative results you expect me to provide. Then we will discuss if that is possible and if I can deliver that.
This process is critical. An exact strategy is critical for business growth and everything needs to be measured against that strategy. We start with a number of FREE services to prove our worth.
I will tell you if we are not a good fit, but I guarantee you will walk away from me having a clearer vision of your business and a strategy for accomplishing that vision whether you do business with us or not.

The beginning of the creative process has to begin with the vision and strategy outlined above. Then we use our vast experience of display ads (we have researched over $10 million in display ads and have identified the top 100 converting ads, social media marketing strategies that work, websites that convert to action, Quality Facebook Lead Generation. We have proven creative processes to create for you exactly what you need.

Vision and Strategy as a framework to determine everything else we will do.

Helping business owners realize their vision and help them grow their business exponentially.

After having struggled myself to build and run several successful businesses and seeing others struggle, I want to help as many people as possible to see their vision become reality.

I am here to help those that want results. I will tell you if I can help you or not. I am not here to sell you anything. If it makes sense then we can work together. We will provide a number of FREE services to start this relationship and go form there. I am here to make you far more than you pay me - If it doesn't make dollars it doesn't make sense.