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How much does an Architect cost? 2023

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How much does an Architect cost?

Looking to transform your property with the help of an architect but confused about costs? Our handy price guide tells you how much you’ll pay for different projects, so you can start planning your dream home.

What does an Architect do?

No matter the size of your project, you’re going to need an architect if you’re planning on designing and building a new home or commercial property. An architect is there to manage every step in the design process, from surveying the property and sourcing materials, all the way to supervising the project build.  Find an Architect near me.

They’ll make sure that the design meets safety regulations and is realistic based on the size of the property, your requirements, and your budget.

How much does an Architect charge?

If trying to work out how much an architect will charge is stressing you out, then don’t worry - we’re here to help. There are three different ways architects calculate costs:

  • Lump-sum fee - A fixed amount, agreed on between the architect and the client. This is common for smaller projects and private customers, like home extensions. 

  • Cost per hour - Clients pay per hour of service, it’s as simple as that.

  • Percentage fee - The architect will charge a percentage of the total construction costs. This is common for larger projects. 

The total cost can change based on several factors, but as a general rule of thumb, hiring an architect should contribute to around 5-20% of your overall project cost. Here’s a rough guide of average architect costs based on local US professionals: 

Average cost (in total) $2,000
Minimum cost (in total) $600
Maximum cost (in total) $8,500

You should agree to the final price at the start of the project to ensure that you and your architect are on the same page.

What influences the cost of an Architect? 

The cost of an architect can vary depending on a range of factors: 

  • Project complexity

  • Architect’s experience

  • Project stage

  • Location

Project complexity 

The more complex your project, the more time it will take to complete, and time is money. Additional floors are particularly pricey - a double story will cost nearly double the price of a single story extension! 

Architect’s experience 

An architect with over 20 years of experience in the field is going to charge more than a professional fresh out of college! 

Project stage 

An architect is qualified to manage every step of your project, from designing to building. Whether you want to hire an architect for a full service or just part of the project is up to you. There are lots of different stages of the process when it comes to architectural design, and each comes with an additional cost.

  1. Initial design 

  2. Planning submission 

  3. Design development

  4. On-site management 

Always have an initial consultation with your architect to understand exactly what is required from them. 


The cost of hiring an architect is generally higher in big cities such as New York and Los Angeles. This is reflective of the higher cost of living. 

How to save money on Architectural Services

As architects go through years of education and training, their services can be expensive. If you’re on a budget, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways you can keep costs down: 

  • Reduce the number of corners - If you’re looking to keep costs to a minimum, try to reduce the number of corners for exterior walls, as these are notoriously pricey. 

  • Decide if you need a full service - In many cases, people don’t need to hire an architect for every step of the process. Try to determine if you only need someone for the initial sketches and planning permissions, as this could save you a lot of money.

  • Ask for multiple quotes - When choosing an architect, don’t just go for the first offer you’re given. Make sure you shop around to find the most competitive price and remember to always check reviews to ensure that your professional is reliable and reputable. 

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