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How much does Central Heating Installation cost?

Average Price
$2,600 to $20,500

What is the price of Central Heating Installation?

Want to install or replace your central heating not sure of the cost? Read our handy guide to find out how much your HVAC installers will charge for their services.

What is Central Heating?

A central heating system provides heat to a property or larger building. In most homes in the US, the heat will be created in a furnace and then distributed to the rest of the rooms in the building via ducts, steam or water flowing through pipes.

How much does Central Heating Installation Cost?

The cost of a full central heating installation ranges between $2,600 and $20,500 with an average cost of $8,200.

Average cost of Central Heating Installatio
Average cost$8,200
Minimum cost$2,600
Maximum cost$20,500

No two installations are the same. The true cost will depend on the type of system you opt for, plus whether you are upgrading an existing heating system or installing one from scratch. 

If you already have ductwork installed, this could reduce the cost of the project anywhere up to $4,000. That’s why it’s important to collect several quotes based on your specific property and installation requirements.

What changes the price of Central Heating Installation? 

The cost of central heating varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Type of heating system

  • Labor

  • Time

Type of heating system 

Ductwork is essential for the majority of heating systems to work, unless you’re installing a ductless system. It has the cheapest installation costs overall, starting at $500. Although ductwork alone will not provide you with a heating or cooling system, it does give you an idea of some of the base costs involved if you don’t already have it installed.

Average cost of Heating System Installation based on the type of system
Type of heating systemHighest average priceLowest average price
Heat pump$7,200$4,100

Furnaces are the cheapest to install starting at $2,600 on average. As the most popular heating system in America, furnaces are efficient and incredibly energy-efficient. They also have very fast start times, making them excellent for properties that are located in colder states. 

On the other end of the scale, boilers are the most expensive heating system to install, costing between $3,500 and $7,700 on average. Boilers can be gas or oil-fired, and you may need some adjustments to your home to accommodate one, such as a gas line hookup and lining to your chimney. All of which will bump up the price.


HVAC installers typically charge $75 to $150 per hour to install your heating system. The cost of labor is usually included as a fixed fee with your installation. However, if you require repair or maintenance, the cost may be charged per hour.


When pricing up the job, your HVAC contractor is going to factor in how long they estimate the job will take. For properties without ducting, or if the previous installation was done to a poor standard, the job will take longer to complete. Not only does the heating need to be installed, but everything must be safe too, especially when dealing with gas or electricity.

Is it worth getting Central Heating installed? 

A working, energy-efficient HVAC system makes all the difference to a property. Maintaining an optimum room temperature all year round will benefit all those who use the building. Most heating systems also help to purify the air, filtering out dust and toxins adding a health benefit too. Whether you’re dealing with the chill of New York in the winter, or the sweaty heat of Texas in the summer, a professionally installed home heating system is definitely worth the investment. 

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