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How much does dog training cost in 2024?

The average price of dog training is
$30 - $80 per session

in the US, depending on the type of training and the specialism of the trainer.

What can you expect to pay for a dog trainer? Read our handy dog training price guide to find out how much you can expect to pay.

Whether they’re a week old pup or a lifelong family member, our dogs might not always be as obedient as we’d like. Hiring a professional dog trainer can be a great way to improve your dog’s behavior, set positive habits, and build an amazing relationship with them. Trainers don’t just teach your dog a set of tricks. They work on a range of different behavioral issues that can crop up in a dog’s lifetime.

In the vast landscape of pet services, dog training costs can vary as much as the behavioral issues they aim to address. But just how much does it cost to teach your dog agility or to come when called? In this in-depth guide, we collar the hard numbers to outline the costs of dog training across the United States in 2024. (And when you're ready, we can connect you to brilliant local dog trainers for free.)

Average Price of Dog Training in the US

Dog training

Understanding the baseline investment for dog training is an essential starting point for budgeting. The cost typically hovers between $30 to $80 per class, with the national average clocking in at approximately $45 to $120 per hour-long session.

Average cost (per session) $55
Minimum cost (per session)$30
Maximum cost (per session) $80

Hourly Rates for Dog Trainers

Dog training services offer both group and private lessons, with group classes generally more affordable due to the shared learning environment. The average hourly rate for a group session can range from $30 to $60.

Group Training

For socially inclined dogs, group classes are an effective and economical way to receive basic obedience and socialization training. Typically, group sessions accommodate a handful of dogs, providing a more interactive experience for pets and owners alike.

Average cost (per session) $50
Minimum cost (per session) $20
Maximum cost (per session) $80

Private Training

Private sessions cater to the specific needs and learning pace of each individual dog. These one-on-one classes are often preferred for dogs with serious behavioral concerns or owners aiming for an exclusive, tailored training program.

Average cost (per session) $65
Minimum cost (per session) $30
Maximum cost (per session) $100

Daily Rates for Dog Training

Some training programs offer day boarding with intensive training sessions throughout the day. This immersion-style training can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per day, and while pricier, it can deliver rapid and concentrated results.

Package Costs of Dog Training

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Many training facilities bundle their services into package deals, offering a discount for purchasing multiple sessions upfront. Package costs can range from $500 for a 6-week course to $2,000 for a more comprehensive training regimen.

Group or Private Package Prices

A 4 to 8-week package of group classes might see a reduction of 10-20% from the total cost if paid as individual sessions. Private training packages can offer greater discounts, averaging around 25-35% off when committing to 5 or more lessons.

Board-and-Train Services

For those with time constraints or specific life events that need to be addressed, board-and-train options can be a convenient but costly alternative. These programs, where the dog stays for a certain period at the facility, can range from $1,000 for a week to upwards of $5,000 for more extended stays.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Dog Training

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The final cost of training is influenced by an array of factors. Trainer experience, the dog’s breed and age, the training location, and the type of training are primary cost drivers.

Trainer Experience

Naturally, more experienced trainers can command higher fees. Their expertise often translates to faster, more effective training, which can balance out the initial investment with long-term behavioral success.

Geographic Location

Living in a bustling metropolitan area like New York City or a sleepy rural town can have a noticeable impact on training prices. With higher living costs often come increased training fees.

Type of Training

Specialized training, such as service dog training or agility classes, may cost more due to the trainer’s advanced skill set and the focused nature of the training.

Dog's Age and Breed

Puppies and certain breeds may require more patience and specific approaches, thus incurring additional costs compared to training older dogs or more adaptable breeds.

Behavioral Issues

Addressing aggressive behaviors or intense phobias typically involves more time and risk for the trainer, thus paying a professional for their skill and safety is reflected in the cost.

Specific Types of Dog Training and Their Prices

Agility dog training

Dog training is not a one-size-fits-all cost, with specialized training programs catering to very specific needs. Here are some ballpark prices for popular training types:

Type of trainingMaximum cost (per session)Minimum cost (per session)Average cost (per session)
Aggressive behavior$125$55$90
Puppy training$30$60$45
Adult training$70$30$45

Aggression Training

Dog aggression is a complex and challenging issue that often demands specialized training. Prices for aggression training sessions typically start at an average of $90 per hour.

Puppy Training

Early training is crucial for puppies, with socialization and basic commands forming the foundation for future learning. A bundle of 6 puppy classes, on average, costs around $45 per session.

General Adult Dog Training

For adult dogs without severe behavioral issues, standard training packages, including 6 to 10 sessions, can cost anywhere from $40 to $70 per class, depending on the format and location.

Agility Training

Agility training is tailored to enhance a dog's physical prowess and obedience through obstacle courses and focused activities. This training is beneficial for dogs with high energy levels as it provides mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Due to the specialized equipment and expertise required, agility training classes can be priced on the higher end – often around $65 per session. Participants can opt for group sessions or individual lessons, with package deals available for those committed to regular training.

Behavioral Training

Dealing with unique behavioral challenges requires a specialized approach. Behavioral training targets a range of issues from excessive barking to separation anxiety. Certified behaviorists or trainers experienced in behavior modification may charge upwards of $100 per hour due to the complexities involved. This type of training may be conducted in various settings, including at-home visits or at a training facility, and often involves a series of sessions to ensure lasting change and provide ongoing support for both you and your dog.

How to Save Money on Dog Training

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Investing in your dog's training need not break the bank. Here are several savvy ways to mitigate costs without sacrificing quality:

Distance & Travel

Consider the distance and ease of travel when selecting a training program. Opting for a local, walkable session might save on gas and time.

Group Classes & Referrals

Group classes provide an excellent value for social dogs. Referral discounts can also trim costs — ask your friends or vet for recommendations.

DIY Resources

Explore do-it-yourself training resources, like books and online courses. While they require more of your time and effort, they are a cost-effective option.

Volunteer for Demonstrations

Some trainers offer discounts or even free classes in exchange for volunteer dogs to demonstrate training techniques on.

Choosing a Trainer Based on Your Budget

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Ultimately, your budget will play a significant role in selecting the type and duration of training for your pet. Be honest with yourself about what you can afford, but also consider the long-term benefits that properly trained dogs bring to your life.

Conduct Research and Ask Questions

Spend time researching different trainers, reading testimonials, and understanding their methodologies. Ask questions about the costs involved and what they include.

Be Transparent About Your Budget

When consulting with potential trainers, be clear about your financial limits. A good trainer will work with you to find a solution that suits both your needs and your budget.

Be Realistic with Your Expectations

Remember, cheaper is not always better. Look for value in the services provided, and don’t compromise the quality of training to save a few dollars.

Dog Training is a Long-Term Investment

Consider dog training as a long-term investment. Well-trained dogs can actually save you money by avoiding damages and costly medical bills incurred due to lack of training and behavioral issues.

Ready to Start Training?

All in all, dog training costs can vary dramatically, and it’s up to you to balance the investment with the outcomes you're looking for. The financial commitment can be significant, but the rewards of a well-trained dog are priceless. Whether you choose a boot camp-style program, personalized private lessons, or weekly group sessions, the key is finding a training strategy that harmonizes with your budget and aligns with your pup’s potential.

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