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How much does Conservatory Installation cost?

Average Price
$3,000 - $80,000

How much does Conservatory Installation cost?

Looking to add a conservatory to your property? Read our handy guide to find out how much your conservatory installation contractor will charge for their services.

What is a Conservatory?

A conservatory is a construction that is added onto the side of your property and is mostly made from glass. The idea being it will give you extra living space, while allowing more natural light into the property. 

Conservatories are designed to capture the warmth of the sun so that you can enjoy the space even though you aren’t fully outside. Therefore, they work best when installed in south-facing positions, though can be installed in any direction. Conservatories can be used for any purpose including dining, lounging, and even a home office or gym. 

How much does Conservatory Installation cost? 

The cost of fitting a conservatory will vary depending on the project, but a breakdown of average costs is given below:

Average cost of Conservatory Installation -
Average cost$30,000
Minimum cost$3,000
Maximum cost $80,000

What changes the price of Conservatory Installation? 

The cost of conservatory installation varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Conservatory type

  • Conservatory size

  • Interiors

  • Labor

Conservatory type

The type of conservatory you choose will determine the price, as each has a different method of construction.

For example, lean-to conservatories have a more simple, straight forward design which makes them more affordable than other conservatories, costing around $10,000 - $40,000. 

Modern-style conservatories sit at the higher-end of the pricing scale, averaging at around $10,000 - $70,000. Although there is a big difference in price between the different types of conservatories, it means there is an option to suit all budgets! 

Conservatory size

Conservatories can be installed to practically any size. This makes them flexible additions to your property, as it doesn’t matter whether you have lots of outdoor space or just a small yard. Price-wise, the larger the conservatory, the more expensive it will be to install. 


Consider whether you want to install aspects such as electricity, lighting, or underfloor heating to your conservatory. Then there is the cost of decor, including flooring material, paint, furniture, and accessories. 


As well as the materials for your conservatory, you also need people to build it for you. The more complex the job, the more contractors will be required to build your conservatory, which will mean an increased expense.

Is it worth getting a Conservatory?

If you have plenty of yard space but not enough indoor living space, then a conservatory is a great way to fuse the two. Conservatories come in a variety of sizes and styles, meaning there’s something to suit every property, not to mention budget. Not only can conservatories add value to your home, but they can be enjoyed in so many different ways. Compared to an extension, conservatories are typically much cheaper to complete too. 

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