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Exeter Road, Newton Abbot, Devon

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I offer coaching for you that is a blend of approaches. My focus is to help you to get there, wherever that is. Don't worry if you don't know - just feeling OK is enough.

Be that more success, happiness, less worry, positive life attitude, overcoming difficulties, getting past problems, changing negative habits, reducing stress, or goal setting.

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I have always enjoyed coaching and mentoring. I have enjoyed a range of careers and levels of seniority, in all my roles it has been the training, enabling and helping people to develop their potential.
Sometimes we become stuck or feeling like there is something missing. I have been there. I have had periods of deep anxiety and stress but came through it. I believe that the journey gives us gifts that when shared helps others on their own journeys.
I am passionate and compassionate about helping my clients to feel better and to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

There are many personal change and coaching businesses out here. They will quote qualifications, acronyms and certifications at their clients. I will happily share mine with you, however I am passionate that its not qualifications that helps my clients, it is skill and compassion.

I strive to provide an accessible, effective, compassionate coaching practice which is focused upon my clients needs.

I have over 20 years experience in professional careers, raising a family, enjoying a long term loving relationship. My style is kind and highly effective.
I won't solve your life problems or re-write your life story but working together we will enliven the skills you have to create an amazing blueprint for your future.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based approach - providing alternative thinking patterns and beliefs to help change outcomes. Recognised as an effective intervention to anxiety and stress.

By entering a profound relaxed state where the mind becomes quiet, suggestions can be made to influence the subconscious mind to alter behaviour reduce negative thought patterns.

Through laughter, reducing anxiety and stress and finding more effective strategies to dealing with everyday life 'challenges'

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) uses language to explore belief patterns and help provide insights into powerful personal change. It can be effective at achieving goals, reducing stress and overcoming limiting beliefs and phobias.