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Adam Taylor Coaching

Bournemouth, Dorset


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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


The services that my business offers are the following:
1-2-1 or group personal training sessions
1-2-1 or group strength & conditioning sessions
Online coaching (nutrition & training programmes)
Body transformations packages (8 & 12 week plans)

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10 customer reviews

23 July 2018

Ads is a great trainer. Very professional, very knowledgeable and motivational.

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

Adam is a great personal trainer with a lot of knowledge. He'll push you hard, and sometimes to your limits, but that's only because he really wants you to succeed. He really listens and creates programs just for you, your goals and your strengths and weaknesses. Highly recommend � More...

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

Adam was my PT for 3 years in the UK, he would train me 3 times a week and now gives me weekly catchups to see how my training and nutrition is going. He is incredibly passionate and is able to reinforce this with his extensive knowledge of fitness. He also has a great holistic approach to training when needed. I would recommend a session with Adam and would still be training with him if I was in the UK. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

I have known Adam Taylor for over a year and during that time I have been lucky enough to have had his support as a PT as a member of a local Gym Club.

He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his training, and he is always patient, helpful and supportive ensuring that his clients are fully aware of what is required of them.

He works with his client to design a programme that is specific to them and that makes an allowance for their personal abilities and aspirations, and his training is innovative and up to date.

I cannot recommend him more highly.

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

I have known Adam for around 5 years ever since joining Nuffield in Plymouth. He did my health Mot in my first week there, to assess my current health and level of fitness. He then went on to recommend what he thought I should do to improve things. I decided to have personal training with him, I quickly started to see the benefits and he really helped me achieve my goals.

I'd recommend Adam to anyone interested in improving their fitness and general lifestyle.

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

I’ve known Adam for years and asked for his advice in shedding some stubborn body fat. I’ve been training for years but never been quite able to get enough muscle definition and get my abs to show and with holidays to Ibiza and Greece looming I wanted to make sure I was in good shape.

Adam gave me gym workout plan and diet to follow and the results speak for themselves. Within a month I was in the best shape of my life at 8% body fat! It’s not just the physical appearance that changed, I felt better and more alive. I had more energy even though I was working out more, I think the stripped back clean eating really made the difference.

I can’t thank Adam enough.

Reviewed on Facebook

11 September 2017

Small local gym, emphasis on personal friendly service

Reviewed on Google Maps

1 June 2017

Friendly relaxed atmosphere

Reviewed on Google Maps

24 March 2016

I have never seen Dodgeball so not too sure what the other guy's review is all about. But if you want a gym that has everything you will need to get fit and stay fit and appreciate a non pretentious atmosphere and friendly and up for a laugh staff this is the place to go to in Parkstone / Ashley Cross.

Matt and Richard are great guys and if you sign up for a year will give you a training program tailored to your needs upon induction. They are happy to offer advice on doing exercises correctly and also offer personal training at good rates.

There aren't any TV screens but all the equipment is very good quality and all anyone needs to get fit and stay fit.

What I have realised is that joining a gym and losing weight or keeping fit is all down to you.

I really appreciate the non threatening atmosphere and lack of posers. In the daytime you will probably have the gym to yourself much of the time which is good if you are self conscious.

I think it is great value if you are after a friendly gym where you want to get fit without pressure. A year's membership is £285 which works out at under £5.50 a week and includes most classes.

If you want a gym that has a juice bar, to watch the TV when you are exercising, the latest equipment, people juiced up and look at going to a gym to pull - this probably isn't the place for you.

But if you want a non threatening / judgemental place where most people are there to just get fit then this is the ideal place.

Highly recommended!!

Reviewed on Google Maps

15 February 2012

Have you seen Dodge Ball? This is average Joe's Gym. You'll be greeted by name once you've been a few times. Compact and bijou.

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I get my clients to achieve their goals in a number of ways, firstly we will meet up or talk over the phone to discuss the following:
What your goals currently are and are they SMART
How many days a week you can train
What is your previous training history
A thorough discussion about your current diet habits
If you have or have ever had any medical issues that might impact on what training you can do
Conduct physical measurements (BMI, waist:hip ratio, body fat % etc)

After all the above has been discussed then this will allow me to design a personalised and tailored programme and nutrition plan to suit the individual client. My programmes will include the following:
Cardiovascular exercises inside and outside the gym
Functional training (Kettlebells, bosu ball, TRX, and body weight exercises)
Weight training exercises (Free weights & resistance machines)
Boxing (pad and bag workouts)

I will review clients progression every week or month depending on the individuals wants, needs, and goals. Also, I use my own personalised training app to help me keep track of clients nutrition and workouts that they are doing.

Everyone thinks there is a secret or wanting the fast track to getting that body of their dreams. But, I can tell you there is no fast track or quick way of getting the body shape you want. It is all about the long term commitment to training, developing healthy habits, and being organised & determined. I know first hand how much effort is required to get the so called 'body of your dreams', as I have competed at two male fitness model events in 2017.

I am very passionate about my job, and I love every aspect about my job. I got into the industry to help people improve their health and lifestyle so they can enjoy a healthier and longer lasting life. But, my main thing I love about my job is seeing the progression from when my clients first see me when they are at their worst and lowest point in their life, and then seeing how far they have progressed since training with me. Nothing makes me more happier than knowing that I have had a positive impact on someones life and helped them to achieve that goal they wanted at the very start.

Now I work as a Fitness Tutor delivering fitness courses around the South West to students who want to become Personal Trainers, I would say that the things I enjoy the most about that role is pasting on my knowledge and experience to students and seeing them progress from day one in the class room, to the end of the course.

I have always worked for gyms and as good as it was working for gyms I am a very ambitious person so I wanted to build my own business and promote my high standard brand that I set myself. Working for myself allows me the freedom to be flexible with my hours and it allows me to promote my brand the way I want to, and to the standard that I want.

I firmly believe that the service I offer is better than anyone else around. This is because I have 10+ years worth of industry experience, and I have worked with lots of different ability levels ranging for special populations (wheel chair users and other disabilities), I have worked for a professional football clubs youth academy (Plymouth Argyle), and my client base ranges from 13 year olds to 65 year olds. I believe that my personality caters for clients of all ages, and my approach I use and the service I provide is of a professional and very high standard. I care about my clients not just in the hour they have paid for me but also outside of the sessions.

I also have studied at degree level where I achieved a BSc (Hons) Sports Science & Coaching, and I am currently expending my knowledge by studying a MSc Strength & Conditioning degree in London. I am always looking at ways in which to improve my knowledge and to further develop myself so that I can improve the service I offer to my clients. I believe that I can offer you not only a professional high standard service, but I have the complete package as I can offer you years of professional experience, and expert knowledge in a number of different areas of fitness to cater for all individuals who want to make changes to their lives, and achieve their goals.