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Personal Training studio based in the heart of Kings Cross.
Every age and ability will be welcomed.
We are a male and female experienced Personal Trainers here to help you acheiving your goals and change your lifestyle.
Northlondonpt, training that gets RESULTS.

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18 July 2019

Vincenzo has been my Personal Trainer for the last 3 months and I am already seeing fantastic results! I have lost a lot of weight and I am working towards toning up my body. I am a lady in my 50s and sought Vincenzo’s help for reshaping my body going through the menopause. After many diets and failed do-it-yourself exercises I decided to spend some money for myself and get re-shaped with a professional person. I couldn’t have chosen a better Personal Trainer! Vincenzo is a really professional person, attentive to your need and a great motivator. Such a friendly person too and a great listener! I would recommend him highly. Ladies, you will not be disappointed. More...



22 October 2015

Very clean, tidy studio.
All the equipment is new and up to date.
The Personal Trainers are highly qualified, friendly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.
P.S The Ann's testimonial may be a fake one as I saw the same exact review on other pages and my trainer (Vincenzo) said that they don't have a client called Ann.


David Rimmer

22 October 2015

I have been working out with NorthLondonPT for two years now and I am very impressedd with my results. Originally I planned to work with them for about 6 months but I am so pleased with the work outs that I decided to continue. What they give me is a personalised workout, which changes every 6 weeks to help me meet my personal goals, and help and advice on my diet. The trainers are professional, friendly and understanding whilst being being tough and pushing me when I want to give up. Perfect for me because I was training a lot by myself but never got results because I have no willpower or stamina by myself. More...



18 October 2015

Very experienced PT, he made significant changes on me with his training techniques and food advices.

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Having a balanced diet is a crucial element to have a healthy lifestyle as well as to acheive great physical results.

I help my clients in many ways, by supporting them, motivating them, continually challenging them with new workouts and various strategies to make sure they are getting fantastic results as well as enjoying their Personal Training workouts.

There isn't such a secret.
If we all follow the health pyramid where at the bottom there is the training element and on each side of the pyramid there are the sleeping and eating elements, results will be guaranteed.
Of course to reach the top of the pyramid we need to know how to have a specific balanced diet as well as specific target fitness programme which a great Persoanl Trainer needs to deliver.
Adding to them it's essential to sleep 8 hours a day to enable our body to function efficienyly.

I love my job in many ways, I've always been a fit guy and always loved to play sports and be competitive.
Since I became a Persosnal Fitness Trainer my main objective is to be an example for my clients and give them results which I believe is the main reason why someone should choose to have an experienced Personal Trainer.

I have always believed in myself and my potentials knowing that there's always room for improvement.
Based on those concepts and the fact that I love sports my experience has grown as well as my clientele.

They should be able to recognise that a Personal Trainer it's not someone that you just go to exercise with but someone to construct a professional relationship with which in the long term will lead to outstanding results due to the trust and cooperation between the client and the Trainer.



Relief from back pain with specific corrective exercises.

Nutrition & weight managment, tailor made diets to suit each individual needs and maximise results, made by a qualified nutritionist.

Functional movements using body weight or TRX, Kettle Bells and all the latest functional equipments to acheive a stable body as well as having a fit/defined look.

Kick boxing, self defence friendly techniques to build more confidence, burn calories and get a lean body, instructed by a black belt instructor.

Intensive dynamic cardiovascular as well as using residence exercises circuits to get fit, lean and have great fun. Group training sessions upon request.

Working with clients with medical conditions to release stress, decrease the use of medicines and feel better.

Resistance training exercises tailor mad e for each individual that aim ps to strengthen their muscles, bones and look good.

We are specialist in core training, we build your core from basic core stabilisation exercises to advanced core strength and core power movements. You will never have back pain anymore, your abdominals will be flatter and you will fell great.

Balance is key to all functional movements and helps the maintenance of postural equilibrium during static and dynamic actions. We will start from basic balance training exercises and progress to exercises that will be performed on unstable platforms that will be more demanding for your muscles and create a perfect body/mind feeling.

Flexibility training and optimum range of motion are essential in our life to be able to perform our daily living activities without risking to get injured. We will guide you trough the different types of flexibility systems and explain why each of those are important/different (static flexibility, dynamic flexibility, active flexibility, SMR) You well feel loose, relieved and you will be able to perform each exercise/movement with a correct form and posture.

Integrated firm of training your body which uses a combination of resistance and aerobic exercises to get a full body workout get lean and burn a lot of calories. Did you know that 1 hour of kettle bells equals the amount of 3 hour on the treadmill.

Mobility exercises are crucial to make your joints looser either before or after a workout to enable you to train effectively with a full range of movement. They can be used also to address some tightness in some specific areas of our body that requires to be mobilised to be able to function properly.

Explosive dynamic movements which produces a fast action in a very short period of time. Great movements for individuals that seek speed, power and/or are preparing for something in particular.

Private Zumba classes on a 1-2-1 or max 1-2-4 people. Zumba classes are instructed by Selma (qualified Zumba instructor) from Brazil. Espect to sweat, dance and have fun.