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Szymon Szymanski Photography

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I offer the best quality frames of you, your family or your products and the flexibility of choice over package.

  • 3 hours average response time
Szymon Szymanski Photography Reviews


Review of Szymon Szymanski Photography by Conor
5 15/02/2019 Conor

Amazing photography and incredibly professional, all round great service, highly recommended

Szymon Szymanski Photography replied:
Thank you ever so much Conor!
Review of Szymon Szymanski Photography by Jasmine Sims
5 15/02/2019 Jasmine Sims

Szymon was amazing to have at our baby gender reveal, as a close friend and outstanding photographer. The shots were beautiful, and surprisingly captured even moments I didn’t see myself. Defiantly can recommend to anyone wanting any type of photography done, whether it’s weddings, gender reveals, birthdays, motorsport etc!!

Szymon Szymanski Photography replied:
Thank you ever so much Jasmine!! I can't wait to photograph the birth of your child!
Review of Szymon Szymanski Photography by Callum Chappell
5 15/02/2019 Callum Chappell

Had syzmon take some photos of are gender reveal. Turned out so much better then I thought possible, would recommend him to anyone. The skills this man has behind a camera is unreal!

Szymon Szymanski Photography replied:
Thank you, Callum, can't wait for your wedding!
Review of Szymon Szymanski Photography by Rita
5 15/02/2019 Rita

The best photographer I have ever known 😉 well done Szymon

Szymon Szymanski Photography replied:
Thank you Rita!!

Szymon Szymanski Photography

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Company Q&A

What makes a great website?

Simplicity and straight to the point call to action. If your website is not bringing you what you want it to be bringing, you are executing it incorrectly!

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

I will need to know, what sort of idea has he got in mind, what are his expectations, and how could i help him in the best way possible!

What’s the secret to taking a great photograph?

Storytelling, A picture is more than a thousand words, meaning that it takes a lot of typing if you don't take good ones! Fortunately I defend myself with that point, I love taking photos and that also helps to improve my photography

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

When and Where!? I love taking photographs of everything, in easy and hard conditions. I always want to get pushed out of my comfort zone to learn and discover new boundaries that i haven't yet discovered

What do you love most about your job?

Capturing the feeling which is worth more than a thousand words.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I always wanted to share my skills, passion, and personality which came from a hobby with other people who might need these.

Why should our clients choose you?

I have been assisting the best photographers in modeling and wedding photography in the area.

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I offer a wide range of Photography services, which also includes editing and retouching afterward! I have taken photos everywhere I have been to, It is a bit of a habit now. I don't walk out of the house without my camera whether it is the digital or film. I love to capture the story which is being told and show the behind the scenes. The effort that goes into these special moments that come and go but there is only a split second to click the shutter!


I am a cinema fanatic, every time I watch a movie or series which nowadays is not so often, I find inspiration that creates uniqueness in my style. I always try to experiment and go after something new, creative and epic! I do different types of videos. Short promo videos about products or businesses and also Longer videos that showcase more of the story.

Web Design

I am a minimalistic web designer, I believe the simpler the website and the use of it. The more straight to the point and clean it will be. The easier the user can use it, the more actions and possible sales will occur!

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