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Award winning social media specialists - Leeds and Bradford, Yorkshire.
Welcome to Shoo Social Media!

Innovation and our community work sit at the heart of our core values. We help enhance businesses brand awareness, building powerful connections and empowering individuals to get results for the serious businesses of Yorkshire.

We specialise in social media strategy, social media marketing, social media advertising, social selling, social media policy and social media training. We can help with various aspects of your business plan or sales and marketing depending on what your overall goal is. Goals include achieving results centred around:
* Lead generation and new business
* Brand awareness
* Thought leadership and positioning your brand as the go-to business
* Customer relationship
* Brand credibility

We do this through delivering the right solutions and support to businesses in order to enhance their brand awareness and build powerful connections online. Cutting edge tools and techniques are used to ensure what we do works, in the real world, while saving you time to concentrate on what you are best at.
In order to support, guide and help, we first need to understand your business. Therefore, trust, loyalty and honesty are important to us so we can really get to the heart of helping out.
The value we truly create for a business is always results; campaigns and projects are typically based around brand awareness, generating new business opportunities and time saving. We deliver the right social media solution in these areas:

What we offer:
* Social media marketing
* Social media strategy
* Social media training
* Social selling
* Social advertising
* eLearning
* Social media policy
* Events and conferences with social media

  • 21 minutes average response time
Shoo Social Media Ltd Reviews

Shoo Social Media Ltd Reviews

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Chris Mason
5 03/11/2017 Chris Mason

An excellent course on e-mail marketing. I'll be using much of the information we were given in our future e-mail campaigns.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Wendy Parkin
5 13/06/2017 Wendy Parkin

Chris is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable with regards to all areas of social media. If you're looking for help to really get your social media up and running or increase your presence, you certainly need Shoo Social Media on your team.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by susan mitchell
5 25/05/2017 susan mitchell

Chris did a fantastic job....we had a fair idea about what we were doing but had hit some practical snags which Chris was able to iron out for us simply by sitting next to us at the computer...this was invaluable and the practical solution I had been looking for. Will be back for another session.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Natasha Caseley
5 11/05/2017 Natasha Caseley

Shoo Media have done a brilliant job of auditing our social Media presence. Chris has offered us coherent advise and practical solutions for us to implement. Highly recommend.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by assumpta kershaw
5 06/03/2017 assumpta kershaw

I attended an 'Introduction to Social Media' Course run by Shoo Social Media at York College. The course was well presented, easy to understand and very informative. It gave me a good overview of the different social media platforms available to small businesses. Chris, the trainer, was very helpful, pleasant and made everyone feel at ease so there were lots of questions and discussion during the training session. Thanks for great course, very useful.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Elite Edge Training
5 21/02/2017 Elite Edge Training

Rachel and Chris are fantastic to work with and certainly know their stuff. If you want help with your social media I would recommend you contact them

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Chloe Gunning
5 27/01/2017 Chloe Gunning

I attended a Social Media Masterclass hosted by Chris at Airedale Enterprise Services in January 2017. The course was great and I learnt a lot. Shoo Social Media are a great company , with friendly staff and deliver fab courses. Would definitely recommend!

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Gavin Milligan
5 24/10/2016 Gavin Milligan

I would highly recommend Chris at Shoo Social Media for any Social Media support or training whether you are a beginner or advanced. I've attended Chris's training sessions at Airedale Enterprise Services as a beginner which have been brilliant and informative. I've also had ongoing 1 to 1 support from Chris where he has created a Social Media strategy and has helped me grow and develop getting the best out of Social Media for my business. He's a great listener, understands your needs very quickly and adapts to your style of learning very quickly.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Ali Gordon
5 Ali Gordon

Thank you for an amazing event today. The speakers were great and friendly hosts with Shoo Rachel & Chris as always.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Gavin Milligan
5 Gavin Milligan

I would highly recommend Chris for any Social Media support or training whether you are a beginner or advanced. I've attended Chris's training sessions at Airedale Enterprise Services as a beginner which have been brilliant and informative. I've also had ongoing 1 to 1 support from Chris where he has created a Social Media strategy and has helped me grow and develop getting the best out of Social Media for my business. He's a great listener, understands your needs very quickly and adapts to your style of learning very quickly.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Alan Carmichael
5 Alan Carmichael

I have worked closely with Rachel and Chris at Shoo Social Media on a few projects and can say they very professional and have a knowledge that spans the length and breadth of social media, content creation, brand recognition, lead generation, social selling and more. I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Review of Shoo Social Media Ltd by Matthew Beattie
5 Matthew Beattie

I have worked with Shoo Social Media on numerous social marketing and content projects. I am always impressed by their professionalism and knowledge about getting the best results from social media campaigns. They develop highly effective social media strategies, while never losing sight of your overall communications or business objectives. I recommend Shoo Social Media to my clients and I would not hesitate in recommending them to you.

Shoo Social Media Ltd

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Shoo Social Media Ltd Q&A

Shoo Social Media Ltd Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

We are very passionate about helping and giving back to the local community here at Shoo. We have worked with various community organisations to help them either get started in their business by offering them offer space in our shop window yes, that’s correct we have a shop window here in Ben Rhydding, Ilkley.
We are on the high street quite unusual for a social media agency! As our work involves us being online instead branding it all up in Shoo imagery we have given this space back to our local community. How amazing is that and it is all free for them to visually merchandise their products from local artists, photographers, to local pre-school groups in Ilkley and Ben Rhydding this is a great opportunity for everyone with commuters travelling to Leeds and Bradford on the train we have great footfall passed our window or should I say our window of opportunity. If you’re interested in taking the window please get in touch with team Shoo and we would like it for you to have an opportunity in our window.
We have worked on various projects around the town of Ilkley such as volunteering for the Ilkley Business Forum, helping Ilkley Arts with their social media marketing and running various projects to support shop local campaigns in the town.

What inspired you to start your own business?

We set up Shoo Social Media Ltd because we recognised that there was a gap in the market in understanding how to get the best out of social media. Setting up the business not only allowed us to enjoy what we are doing but to really make a difference and help those aspiring and serious SME businesses.
Rachel Hatfield – Director
Having an extensive career in the meetings and events industry for the last 15 years including a BA (hons) in International Hospitality Business Management from Leeds Beckett University and MSc International Conference Management from Sheffield Hallam University and career with various corporate companies: Marriott International, Accor Hotels (Sydney Olympic Park), InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), The Eton Collection and the most prestigious Edinburgh Castle.
Along with experience working on the Brand Yorkshire conference and BiY (Business in Yorkshire) I understand the importance of delivering great customer service during your meetings and events. With my experience in international and national venues, I fully recognize the importance of large groups of people being moved around, which is a challenge in itself! Destination management can be a challenge wherever you are, having worked in key locations e.g. Edinburgh, London and Sydney then back home to Ilkley I have seen it all!
Chris Morris – Director
Having retired from teaching at the grand ‘old age’ 33 I decided to found Shoo with Rachel in 2014 whilst still teaching. Entrepreneurship has always been an interesting concept to me, the challenge, the glory, being in charge of my own destiny. My teaching experience has been invaluable to delivering high quality training to the needs of all those I am helping. Supporting and leading others has always come natural to me – from the football pitch, to teaching and now to the world of social media.
I have helped the company grow substantially and manage a client base with core values that mirror my own. Throughout this growth period I have had opportunity to continue to coach, train and mentor as well as teach through a variety of ways, training, workshops, public speaking and 1:1 sessions, all of which thoroughly energize me.

Why should our clients choose you?

We Believe In Making The World A Better Place
Ilkley Business Awards 2017 (Winners) Feedback:
“Shoo Social Media have shown great innovation.”
“Great ambition and growth in their customer base.”
“They give lots of support for community and charity causes.”
Our purpose is to surround your business with the right people, to help you grow and achieve more. We believe it is important to be social both online and offline to develop long lasting relationships; helping others and giving back are key to our business model with 10 to 20% of our time dedicated to the community and charity work.
As social media specialists understand your challenges around social media and help you refine your brand’s message that will attract and keep your customers/clients. No matter what platform you are looking to focus on from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Youtube we will help you get your message out there, amplified and with consistency to the right people.
We make sure that your company social media presence is a reflection of your vision and brand so we ensure that the tone of voice reflects the social media platform and your target audience.
Shoo Social Media Ltd gives companies the confidence with their online communications by giving them the tools to work with. There are five key areas to the company: social media management, strategy, training, social selling and social media during conferences/events.
We help businesses with their social media management so companies wanting to outsource a social media/online marketing manager have the opportunity to do so, we act as a consultant by offering strategy advice by helping them develop a campaign, then fitting this in to their marketing plan and delivering the campaign. We also offer training this can be done internally to a company of employees or in partnership with other marketing consultants or organisations and by running our own workshops. Our fourth element is helping the promotion of your event/conference and communicating live throughout its durations.
Social selling is becoming more and more sought after when using social media; How do I gain new leads and clients? We have developed specific strategies that work.
Businesses can develop their online personal and business brand by opening communication channels and creating interest about their company and also developing a customer service element to their brand which is instant. This can help develop new interests put you ahead of your competitors and generate leads to their website and this also helps with a businesses communication to existing clients, again part of the sales process of building up the pipeline and account management. The idea is to create, publish, amplify - helping to build up a content plan to engage businesses audiences.
Shoo Social Media Ltd is a specialist, online marketing communications company offering a personal bespoke service to hotels, restaurants and bars. Understanding each client and their business is important to us and we know that each client is a name not just a number.
"Chris and Rachel’s combined knowledge of social media and the hotel industry made them the perfect choice to manage our hotels social media.
They have been honest, committed and forward thinking since we started working with them 12 months ago in 2015.
They understood our ethos here at the hotel and delivered above our expectations.
Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Chris & Rachel from Shoo Social Media to anyone out there looking for advice, training or management." M. Dakin, Mercure Hotels.

Services provided by Shoo Social Media Ltd

Shoo Social Media Ltd Services

Social Media Marketing

Spending too much time on social media within your business? How much is your time worth in your business? Want results? What to expect from us? Do you have so you have so much content you don’t know what to do with it? Don’t worry we will handle and distribute this on your social media channels. With dedicated account management services and great customer service we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We run a social media strategy session with you when you start we need to agree your business goals, KPIs and and make sure you get a strong return on your investment (ROI) from each and every social media marketing campaign or project. If it lead generation that you’re looking for then social media management is not the way forward; don’t confuse social media marketing with social selling and please take a look at our social selling package. We can make sure we’re managing your consumers of content; whether they are potential new clients or existing ones it is important that your exceptional customer service also exists on social media as we know how quickly negativity can quickly spread! Depending on your package we make sure that you can see your analytics for your social media investment. Social media management can vary from each individual to large corporate organisation. So, each package for social media marketing can also be bespoke. At Shoo Social Media we really need to get to know you and your business and we always recommend an initial social media strategy session with you. This enables us to fully understand your brand, your business goals, your vision and tone of voice. This means we become an integral part of your team. This package is ideal for those businesses who don’t have the time, expertise or willingness to use social media to support their business objectives. You simply want to outsource to an expert so you can focus on what you enjoy or excel at. We will really get to know your business and ensure the tone of voice on social media is just right for your brand and target audience. Maintain regular social media strategy sessions and points of contact to inform social media activity. Implementation of strategy that links in with your overall marketing strategy with KPI’s identified. Provide weekly insights and monthly reports showing key metrics that helps quantify your return on investment. We will professionally and confidentially manage your social media accounts by distributing your content. Over 100 tailored posts per month will be crafted for your business. Key supporting, bespoke visuals can also be provided. Monthly reporting.

Social Media Strategy

What do you want your social media to achieve for your business? How will you measure success? How much time are you spending per month on social media? We can help you understand the difference between social media platforms and how to utilize them for your business. Develop the right strategy for your business that links to overall business goals, which are measurable and achievable. Help you understand and identify who your target audience is and how to reach them effectively, at the right time. Investigate and really get to grips with the relevant social media platforms and develop ways to make them work for your business. Learn how to manage time and content efficiently through the use of cutting-edge tools, plans, tricks and top tips.

Social Media Training

Are you interested in managing your social media activity yourself? Need to upskill your team? Why is social media important for business? Social media training is a great option if you’re looking to manage your own profiles. So if it is just you or if you have hired an apprentice or you have a team working on your social media accounts we can train them. This ensures your team is effective and delivering results in line with your business objectives. We deliver bespoke sessions to meet the business needs of our clients; ranging from 1:1 sessions, small group, workshops, seminar and public speaking. These are just some of the key questions that regularly come up that we explore and answer: How do I raise my brand awareness using social media? What should I post on social media and who should post it? How do I identify which social media platforms to focus on? What will a social media strategy do for my business How do I create one? How do I get sales from social media? What is the point of social media and how do I quantify my return on investment?

Social Selling

Can social media really get me new leads and new business? How can I invest my time and money effectively? We will develop a social selling strategy that delivers results, that link to business goals and marketing objectives. Use cutting edge tools to effectively prospect and build up new connections Create and delivery nurture messages to develop and enhance new and existing relationships. Build up credibility as an industry expert, building up your business and personal brand to stay front of mind when a prospect enters a buying window. Monitor and measure ROI to ensure you are getting the best out of your investment.


What is the E-Learning package? Social media should be fun. We understand that it can be overwhelming with a plethora of social media platforms out there, we stopped counting at 52. Some people simply like to learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their own space, at home or in the office. Elearning is perfect for this and supporting continuing professional development (CPD) but in their own time. Our Elearning packages work really well in terms of creating the wealth of knowledge you need, with resources and video to get you started on your own social media journey. It is also a great if you’re a start up or if you are looking to develop upskill you or your team. We don’t need to tell you that your target audience is using Social Media on a regular basis. If you’re struggling with your social media marketing and not sure how you should engaging your audience to generate leads to then turn into sales, then this eLearning. You can learn from your desk or office and have a 12 month program to take you through a range of training modules that have been specifically designed to help you at all levels to develop your own online marketing strategy. Each module is broken down into 3 levels of learning: Planning – you can further develop your business & communications but with a focus on social media. Engagement – Help you develop and engage with your online community, showing you how to improve engagement and network online. Sales Lead generation – Once you have completed levels 1 & 2 you are ready for that next level social selling. Helping you generate sales leads, sales conversion and be confident to demonstrate your expertise. This will help make sure that your personal and business brand is in the forefront of everyone’s mind at all times, ensuring that you are ‘out there’. As a client, you will have your very own dashboard with badges once each level has been completed. You can see your own progress and are able to see exactly where you are in terms of your learning and you can pick up where you left off via video!

Social Media Policy

With social media all around us, how do we control it? What do I do if my employee says or does something inappropriate on social media? Should all my employees be using social media? We support businesses looking to educate and empower employees so they can maximise their personal brand to further promote the business brand. We can’t help you control what employees and customers say by through social media monitoring we can take proactive steps should an issue arise. It is increasingly important to empower your teams with social after all how you going to communicate with the different generations and the next managers/entrepreneurs/company directors. As human resources managers you have don’t only have to look after recruitment but make sure company guidelines are adhered to. You have to ensure it protects the employee and the employer. You need to protect your company reputation and lower your risk of legal issues by looking at the potential risks then you can reduce account hacks or the wrong message/tone of voice. Having a social media policy in place sets high standards for employees use and therefore help you as a company to empower your teams to use social media communication effectively and make sure of your brand maintains an excellent tone of voice; after all, who are your best brand ambassadors? It is important to create consistency across all your social media channels. By having a policy in place it helps you maintain brand consistency and ensures that the tone of voice matches your company values. It is important to encourage employees to engage with the public and get them to use social media platforms that reflect your brand. Images need to be consistent with the brand and make sure they are not offensive or too pixelated! Keeping It Legal At Shoo, we work with a professional employment lawyer that will pull together a legally drawn up social media policy bespoke to your organisation. This provides clarity of rules and regulations and how employees should use their own personal social media with your company brand. Setting clear expectations about how they should behave on each social media platform and making sure that you have the correct tone of voice. If you are a large organisation with various brand guidelines, a social media policy is a must, ensuring that the behaviour and engagement reflect each various social media platform in a way that is brand positive and consistent. Keeping It Going Social media policies can only be successful if someone is taking ownership of implementing it. So, if this is your human resources manager or a talent acquisition manager handling recruitment in to your organisation then this all needs to be addressed. We can certainly help and work alongside you by delivering training and educational workshops to understand the importance of making sure social media isn’t abused. We will ensure that you’re not going to run into any legal issues and also it is important to look at safety and security guidelines. Keeping Secure We have a team of experts that also help with various issues around cyber security, which is increasingly becoming more important as we live in a digital world. We can certainly run educational and training workshop for your teams to keep employees and business owners safe. Discussing and preventing attacks such as malware, phishing scams, account hacking, and human error can be avoided. So if you are managing policies within your organisation and thinking that digital world is becoming more uncertain then get in touch before it is too late 01943 430245

Social Advertising

How can I drive more people to my website? What can I do to get more inbound leads? We can work within a budget to get your brand out there, people to your website and generate leads through Facebook ads, Google Adwords and Twitter broadcasting.

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  • 21 minutes average response time

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