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Specialised program. Loose Weight Not Your Shape
Posture Correction Injury Prevention/Rehab/Flexibility
with Myofascial Relief.
Specialised program. Increase Bone Density (Diet and Supplement guide to support program)


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9 April 2019

Fantastic results with Lons help. He is very friendly, encouraging and motivational. Great service. Thanks

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I recognise that people are emotionally driven and we all have different needs at different times. All of my clients are treated as individuals , I do not subscribe to a one exercise size fits all approach to health and fitness. You will be encouraged to give regular feedback. Communication between yourself and I is considered key to us maximising each session and you achieving great results in the shortest time possible. My clients achieve goals because I believe I show them a way of having fun while doing something that is challenging.

get enough sleep!! This is probably the most over looked aspect of looking good, health and longevity especially amongst people who live busy lives. My experience tells me that its fair to say for the most part that people know at least what they should NOT do. So with that being said there are not many secrets. Practical steps, one good thing plus one right thing leading to another, doing this over time is how what seems like impossible is possible. Like Nike says "Just Do It" and i'll like to add "Just Don't Do it"

Helping people to achieve that which they doubted they could achieve on their own.

Being able to have control over the way I work, freeing myself from the politics which seem to serve ulterior motives outside of the task at hand in the work place.

Well naturally I'd say because I am the best at being me! I actually don't think that's really for me to say, but I happily invite you to read my client testimonials which you can find on my official website www.Lontechpt.com