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Larne Business Marketing Advertising

Larne, Antrim

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Larne Business Marketing Advertising logo

Larne Business Marketing Advertising

Larne, Antrim

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


LarneBMA.com is a marketing advertising agency. We pride ourselves in providing premium marketing content to our valued clients. Together we work on a marketing and advertising structure to 'Brand & OutRank' their business.

Marketing Services include:


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John McIlwaine

9 August 2015

The work and profesionalism is first class - a site I am proud of and that peopel can find. Always available at the end of the phone and to call in and resolve any issues. Are continuing to cover different aspects of my digital marketing for which I really appreciate. Can wholeheartly recommend Larne Business Marketing for any online work. More...


Jim Penney

9 August 2015

We found Larne Business Marketing Advertising very professional and very helpful advising us about our web site. Always available for help with any queries.We can recommend this business for all web design. More...

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First and foremost it has to be appealing, both visually and intuitively. The viewer has to remain and be satisfied with the message your website is offering on their search.

There are a list of factors for a good website:
- Visually appealing and current design.
- With good quality and fresh content.
- Easy to navigate through pages and links.
- Locally branded and easily mapped out.
- Have enticing 'Call to Action' buttons.
- Mobile responsive.
- Fast page load.
- Socially connected.
- Customer feedback. Testimonials of how great your business is.
- Have a brand marketing system setup and monitored. Some ideas: email newsletter, social networking, promotion advertising or direct mail marketing.
- Short video, video, and more video.

No matter how big or small the business is...

- Do you want me to do research and create a 'marketing growth plan' for you? To give you ideas on how to brand and grow your business?

- What is the ideal goal you want from a marketing project?

- How long have you been in business?

- Are you the decision maker?

- What type of services or products does your service offer?

- What's the annual budget for online marketing?

- Who are your (3) competitors?

'Brand & OutRank' is our motto. Our focus.

To see our clients elated is the ultimate satisfaction!
They 'Brand & OutRank' and willingly give me that sweet *5-star testimonial... I 'Brand & OutRank' too.

By nature, I always enjoy helping out whenever possible, and sharing my expertise is the least I can do. I opted to leave the financial corporate sector, and take my creative energy to build my marketing advertising little business. 'Word of mouth' did the job! Small and medium business owners have been my starting point of success... Thank you!

I offer premium quality service to my clients. My biggest satisfaction is to see happy clients. I make sure you get there! Nothing is 'half-done', instead it's 'over-delivered'. You brand and I brand. We both 'Brand & OutRank'.



Impress your customers with fast, SEO-ready websites at a competitive price. Launched in as little as 3-4 weeks. Our professional website designs are based on premium Wordpress themes. User-friendly dashboard, 100% customization, and SEO friendly with full W3C compliance. Other Positives: Data safety, website security, no limit to page creation, multi-user friendly, universal platform, mobile friendly, blog ready. Packages vary from Local, Starter and Advanced... Much is resolved once we go through your goals and ideas. We then send you 'mockups' to view how different styles could possibly affect the website's look and feel. We then continue with the project in hand. ============================================== Want to use Google to look after your website(s)? - Google Domain and Google Cloud server setup? - Secure SSL license setup on Bitnami? ============================================== Contact us for more...

Various social media packages for various small business interests. - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram/Pinterest Contact us to discuss...

If you are a local business needing a boost to foot traffic, the **Local Starter Package or... our **Local Marketing Bundle service. Ideal for establishing a business identity and voicing your business brand socially! E-commerce competitive SEO, advanced SEO marketing service, link cleanup, Organic SEO services. Request for our white paper...

PPC Google Adwords Campaigns - We are committed to drive relevant traffic to your website and ultimately convert that traffic into leads. Google Adwords Certified staff is just the entry requirement. All of our skilled account managers have been rigorously tested, follow our own practice methodology and performance evaluation. The Team of Google Adwords Campaign Managers - Dedicated customer service committed to working with you on your objectives - Over 25 years of Adwords experience - Almost 2 million ad clicks of test data to benchmark and optimize - Over 1,900 hours of software development to perfect our approach and management efforts - Every month we are trusted by clients worldwide to invest over £500k of their money and maximize the return on their Google Ad spend. Why – because we get results. WizAdClick Pay-Per-Click Adwords Agency UK