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The different types of Magicians to hire for your event

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Mika, Staff Writer

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Magicians are the perfect entertainment to hire for any event such as weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or corporate functions. They appeal across the generations since the magic they perform can be tailored to practically any age group. 

But as with the catering and venue options for your event, the choice of magician may suit one kind of event more than another. Here is an overview of just some of the magicians you can hire for your event.

Sleight of hand Magician

Now you see it, now you don’t. If you’ve ever watched a classic Penn & Teller routine, then you’ll know all about sleight of hand. This style of magic often uses props including cards, coins or handkerchiefs, which may disappear or reappear with no probable explanation of how they did so. Sleight of hand magic can either be performed on stage, or the magician can work around the room dazzling your guests with their mind-blowing tricks. This kind of magic can also be provided as a virtual event, through video-conferencing technology.

Children’s Magician

A children’s magician will keep little ones entertained and engaged. The tone tends to be more comedic, with the tricks involving colourful props and often a classic rabbit and a hat. Children’s magicians are fun and eccentric and can work in smaller groups or on a stage. The magic may also be interactive which kids love, especially as they will be fascinated by what they see. Typically, the magician will state the age range they specialise in so you can choose the right professional for your child’s age group. 


Ready for some heart-stopping magic? Escapologists will defy the laws of physics to untangle themselves from the most jaw-dropping of situations. Such magic is usually performed on a stage and can be the real highlight of the evening. It’s mostly suited to adult-only events since escapology can involve water, chains, straight jackets, locks and more. Atmospheric music will transfix you as you wonder if they’ll make it out alive (spoiler alert: they usually do). 

Comedy Magician

If you’re wanting to get a good laugh out of your audience and wow them with magic, then a comedy magician will give you the best of both worlds. The comedy can range from family-friendly fun to adult humour, making it very versatile for a range of different events. Comedy magicians are quite theatrical in their style, and will often use props or costumes to enhance their act. Tommy Cooper is a great example, as he famously concentrated on the comedy and not the magic, which made his act even funnier. 


Mentalists will leave you trying to work out how they performed their trick for days on end. A great example is Darren Brown, who would captivate audiences with his extraordinary tricks. Think mind reading, telekinesis (moving objects with the mind) and divination. Tricks can also be science-based but disguised as magic. Arguably, mentalist magic is the most difficult to perfect since there is little room for error. Some of the best mentalist magicians will have appeared on TV, making them incredibly confident in front of a large audience. 

To sum up

Whichever type of magician you choose, you can be sure that as seasoned performers they will give your guests a memorable experience at your event. Magic can either be tailored for children, comedy, or thrill and amaze people. Therefore, it’s suitable for all events, especially since most people find the magician to be the highlight of their night. 

Updated March 2022

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