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How much does a Magician cost?

Average Price
$200 - $1,200

What is the price of a Magician?

In search of some magic for your event? Read our handy guide to find out how much your magician will charge for their services.

What is a Magician?

Magicians perform magic tricks for the entertainment of others, which often take years of practice to perfect. The idea is that the audience will be left in amazement, wondering how they managed to complete the trick. Of course, the enigma of magic is that such secrets are never revealed! Hence, magicians make for incredibly popular forms of entertainment across all ages and event types. 

There is also a real theatre to magic, in that it’s not about the trick itself but how it’s performed. The magician may use drama, suspense, or humor to connect with their audience. The performance may be carried out on a stage, or in small groups by working their way around the room at an event. This makes magic an interactive experience that is set to truly wow your guests. After all, it is magic! 

How much does a Magician cost? 

If you’re looking to conjure up a magician for your event, the average cost is $200-$500. Though the true figure ranges between $200 and $1,200 depending on how notable the magician is, and the type of event you hire them for. 

Average cost $500
Minimum cost$200
Maximum cost$1,200

Typically, magicians work on a fixed fee basis rather than hourly. Though the benefit of this pricing system is it will help you budget better for your event. Magicians may work one event per day or evening, so their fee will cover all of their expenses as unlike other industries, they won’t be seeing several clients a day. 

During peak season (i.e wedding season or Christmas party season) magicians may command a higher rate due to demand. So it’s worth enquiring whether there will be any price fluctuations before you book. 

What changes the price of Magicians? 

The cost of hiring a magician varies depending on several factors, including: 

  • Type of magician

  • Event type

  • Event size

  • The time of year

  • Duration

  • Experience

  • Location

Type of Magician 

Magicians vary in style, as some will cater more towards a young audience and others to adults. Some use card tricks and others use props. With such variety also comes a price difference, depending on the type of magician you wish to hire. 

Typically, children’s magicians charge the least, starting at just $170 a show. Performances for children will typically focus more on comedy and basic magic tricks (with plenty of cool effects, of course!). Therefore, such magicians tend to be cheaper to hire across the board.

As you move into the more complex magicians who perform pickpocket tricks, mentalist routines, and death defying stunts, expect prices to ramp up. Such magicians will be hired for weddings and corporate events, where even the most skeptical audience members will be wowed. 

Prices for most magicians range between $240 to $800, heading more towards $1,200 and above for the most in-demand magicians. 

Type of MagicianHighest average price Lowest average price
Sleight of hand$385$240
Comedy magician$615$340
Children’s magician$265$170

Event type

Each event type requires different skills from the magician. Some events are more high pressure which will cost more than simplistic magic routines for small functions. 

Event size

Is your event a small birthday party, or a large corporate event with thousands of guests? Magicians are used to working in a variety of event sizes, though you should expect the price to increase the more people they have to entertain. This is especially the case if you want the magician to go around the room, as this will involve more work for the professional.

The time of year

Magicians will be busier at some times of the year versus others, so this can affect the cost of hiring one. 


The length of time you need to hire the magician for. The professional may give you time block options such as 30, 60 or 90 minutes of performance. Or, they may be available to hire for an entire day or evening. 


Magicians vary hugely in experience and talent, depending on how long they have been practicing magic for. Experienced, professional magicians can’t be snapped up for bottom dollar rates, so as the saying goes ‘you get what you pay for’. This is certainly true with magic, which isn’t anywhere near as easy to perfect as a good magician makes it look! 


The average cost to hire a magician ranges between $350 in Wisconsin and $500 in California. It very much depends on where you are in the US, as performers will have varying operational costs. Though, the type of magician you wish to hire in each location will affect the cost too. 

Some magicians are willing to travel long distances and even to other countries, though this will significantly bump up the cost. 

LocationAverage magician cost
New York$450

Is it worth getting a Magician for my event?

Magicians are seasoned performers that will make any event you hire them for memorable. Magic can also be interactive, which you won’t always find with other forms of entertainment. It also appeals to all ages and can be family-friendly or suited more to an adult audience, therefore is something that can be continued to be enjoyed. Ultimately, if you want your guests to have a great time and be left in amazement, then a magician is certainly worth the price. 

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