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Santa Clara, CA

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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Hyper-Active Monkey Fitness is all about using natural movement patterns to program yourself into a Hyper-Monkey Ninja. Build proper strength, flexibility, and motor control while leaning out into a healthy hero. Our focus is on Personal and Small Group Training Sessions.

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24 customer reviews

1 September 2019

I started this fitness class after getting a deal on Groupon, and for sure it was the best fitness decision I made.John is very passionate about what he does and he is very creative with his workouts. He knows a lot about human biomechanics and therefore he customizes workouts for everyone. More...

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26 December 2018

Jon is an excellent and experienced trainer.  He is very knowledgeable about the body and how it works.  My goal with Jon was to be able to be able build strength, flexibility and do cardio without impacting my joints.  He taught me some very creative moves and pushed me just enough without going over the edge.  He is very generous with his time and has very reasonable rates.  Jon is very dedicated to his role as a trainer and always has your best interests at heart.  I highly recommend him! More...

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14 September 2018

I've known Jon for years. He is very innovative and I've learned a lot from him, he taught me things about martial arts and boxing that I had never seen before and I had been training many years at that point. I still use the things he taught me and I incorporate them into my own style of fighting and teaching. Jon makes training and learning from him fun and informative,  he is direct in his instruction without being condescending like some coaches can be. I cannot recommend Jon enough. Everyone should train with him to see what they can learn from him. I guarantee you will come away in better shape and with more knowledge. More...

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7 May 2018

Personal Trainers

Highly motivated personal trainer with an intuitive understanding of how to sculpt and improve the human body!

15 March 2018

Jon is the best! He asked me what I wanted to work on over the phone before we met, and he really catered our sessions to focus on my goals. He's patient and easy to talk to and so knowledgeable about the mechanics of the body. He always brought so much positive energy to each session and was so encouraging even when I thought I couldn't keep going. I never felt rushed during our sessions, and he really cares about his clients. Thank you so much, Coach Jon!! More...

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2 March 2018

I started working with Jon after getting a deal on Groupon. He taught me the correct way to run, which was helpful for my ankles. He really explains body mechanics and is very motivated. He helps not just physically but also helping me changing my mind set too! I got to try heavier weights and go on runs. He also assigns homework so that there is that continuity between sessions. He also likes to connect people and I have got to meet some great people. He also organized a cool 5k run! More...

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3 December 2017

I started training with Jon because I wanted to be able to do cool things like handstands and pull-ups and flips in the air. I wanted a coach that could work with me on tricking and parkour, and with Jon, I get so much more than that! It's been amazing training with him, since he just knows so much -- and that's perfect for someone like me, who has a lot of interests. So far, I've improved my handstands tremendously and learned some neat aerial kicks. He's also helped me with run form now that I've started training for races.I love how Jon focuses on alignment and quality movement. I find that this is important for maintaining mobility and preventing injury, so it's awesome that Jon really cares about great technique over showmanship!Overall, I've really enjoyed the process of training with Jon and recommend him highly. More...

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8 November 2017

Personal Trainers

He's a great problem solver when it comes to recovering from injuries. Very creative work outs.

19 October 2017

Personal Trainers

I haven't been active or exercising in years! I am out of shape, overweight and have poor eating habits. I could no longer stand my present state. I wasn't sure if I could really turn things around. I decided to take a chance with a personal trainer. I was very apprehensive as I did not
know what to expect.

At my first visit I almost immediately felt at ease with Jon. He has a genuine ability to connect with others. He was able to identify my goals and explained how we will go about achieving them. He brings an enthusiasm to the work out that is contagious.

I really appreciate his attention to detail. He is able to observe and correct small nuances in posture and form that might not otherwise be noticed. He is dedicated to helping achieve my physical goals and addresses the mental aspect of good health as well.

I look forward to what I will achieve with his help. I highly recommend his services.

17 August 2017

I've been training with Jon for only three weeks, but I'm super happy with his work.  He is incredibly enthusiastic to the point of being goofy, but this works very well to keep me pushing myself.  He's definitely helped me to realize the imbalances with my body, but in a way that supports me to want to correct and improve.  What I love most about his training is how dedicated he is to noticing my form and gently reminding me how to return to the proper position (over and over, because I'm just crooked overall all of the times).  I have a long way to go to develop the skills I'd like, but I feel pretty confident that with Jon I'll get there.  Certainly not with haste, but that's the beauty of his training - he doesn't push to just get you somewhere, he pushes to improve motor control and skill at the same time. More...

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16 July 2016

Five stars for Coach Jon--he's a true fitness geek and a detailed, conscientious professional. He's constantly refining his own fitness knowledge and makes training fun by incorporating a variety of workouts into his routines. Coach Jon is personable, gentle and encouraging with his clients, and naturally fosters a sense of community at the gym. He also leads outings and activities during off hours. It'll be hard not to become his friend. Come for a solid workout at the least. More...

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14 June 2016

I can't say enough wonderful things about Jon & Hyper Active Monkey The two qualities I appreciate the most is his enthusiasm for fitness and his attention to detail (with respects to form. )At my first class, Jon noted that I was doing my push ups incorrectly balanced. I was apparently using my right arm more then my left. He wanted me to focus less on reps and more on equally utilizing my arms. (This is likely why my right bicep is 1" bigger then my left, lol.) Anyway, I learned a lot about how many bad habits I have and (after some thought) realized how they've  contributed to unnecessary aches & pains I've experienced in the past. More...

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14 October 2015

Jon is a irrepressibly enthusiastic coach who knows how to hit just the right balance of serious intensity and silly fun. The whole class keeps up a banter through the workouts and the mood is light and supportive .The workouts are filled with movements that seem easy at first, but are designed to work and synchronize your whole body. Floor work, kettlebells, boxing drills, there's a great variety and the workouts constantly evolve to keep it fresh or match the specific group on that specific day. These aren't exercises for their own sake, these are exercises to help you be healthier and have more fun in the real world, not just in the gym.He has an excellent eye for muscle and movement imbalance and throws in individualized exercises to target each person's weaknesses. As a cyclist I have issues with my hips and back and some lateral instability in my knees. Every class includes time addressing these and it makes a real difference. More...

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9 September 2015

Jon is an awesome coach, tribe leader, alpha, and friend! I started working out here a few months ago and it has been a great experience. His workouts are creative and focus on so many aspects of fitness like: Boxing, natural movements, using own body weight, stretching, cardio, weights, parkour, running, and so much more. He definitely keeps me on my toes. I especially love the geeky-ness aspect to the gym as well (i.e. Thor's Hammer and other Marvel related things all over the gym). He just makes it fun to workout rather than it be a task or a burden. Since I have been there he has been able to work on my weaknesses personally (i.e. correcting my deadlift form).Aside from the fitness he also holds events at the gym such as self-massage for pre/post running, random games, and outings outside of the gym. He is has a great vision on making the gym a community of students that ultimately become great friends, which makes it a wonderful atmosphere to workout in.For the few short months I have been here I have improved physically and mentally. I would recommend this gym to anyone! More...

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31 August 2015

Is been 1 month since I start my training with Jon he is amazing trainer he cares about what u feel and how u feel he helps to reach your goals I lose some weight and I feel stronger  I highly recommend him he will help your reach your goals I even cancel all my 24 hr fitness membership he is much helpful the all the trainers in the gyms I been ..!!

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9 April 2015

Jon is a true professional and a hard worker.   I am a regular runner who does marathons and triathlons from time to time. needed a personal trainer to help me work on some muscle imbalances and get me stronger for the season.I liked jons creativity during our sessions and he got me motivated.  Highly recommend! More...

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23 February 2015

Excellent workout routine that will improve your overall fitness and mental outlook at any age.  Jon keeps you motivated and engaged each and every time.  He varies the workouts and is always ready to help you with any challenge you're having.  Highly recommended. More...

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21 February 2015

My exercise time with coach Jon of Hyper-Active Monkey Fitness has been the best in my life so far. We workout on so many different things (from running to weights, to general fitness, to martial arts and boxing, to archery and yoga! ), that it never gets old, or tiring. I'm looking forward for these workouts daily now, and consider that before that, I was a major couch potato for many years! More...

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19 February 2015

One of the key factors of being a successful coach/trainer, IMO, is the ability to connect with the clients/trainees and understand what they are looking for and goals that they want to achieve. Coach Jon is approachable and personable, and his willingness to help others allow him to connect very well with his clients. He is very friendly and encouraging but also stern and tough when the time calls for it. He is experienced and very knowledgable with personal training and boxing. Also, the way he conducts his group classes makes it fun and enjoyable while everyone is getting a kick-ass workout!I've met and worked with many many trainers in the past and Coach Jon is certainly one of the bests out there!!I also see him participating fun runs outside of gym with his clients AND he also designs exercises for a sport (badminton) publication that is distributed across the nation!Highly recommended!! More...

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3 January 2015

Amazing coach, who was able to not only make me take fitness seriously, but to also help me, with special exercises, get around my weak knees that I had in the very beginning of my journey. Coach Jon is knowledgeable on a variety of fitness and sports principles, and even martial arts. Best coach anyone could hope for! More...

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10 November 2014

Four months, two 5ks and counting. Personal corrective training for my ankle and knee. Great session. Working out muscles the way I'm supposed to.

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4 October 2014

Jon is one of the most caring and supportive trainers who will also kick ur butt! FANTASTIC "bed-side manor" i highly recommend him for my dancers and reg peeps too.

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10 September 2014

I've been working with Jonathan for almost a year now and I can't say enough good things. I've lost over 15 pounds and have gained tons of strength. The classes are challenging, but the great people get you through them and everyone has a good laugh. Jonathan does a wonderful job adjusting exercises to meet individual needs and he pushes people to do more than they think they can. Joining this group has been one of the best things I've ever done. More...

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21 August 2014

Honestly, the best workout program that I've ever done. The atmosphere is perfect for anyone who doesn't like being a big crowd of people who already seem to be professionals in everything being done. Coach Jon makes the classes fun, and even though they can be hard, he gets you to realize that you can do more than you thought. As you see your own progression you, not only, get to pride in yourself for going further than you thought possible, but you can take away something from the class that can translate in the real world. Not just confidence in yourself but the ability to DO things that you couldn't before. Great program, great people, AWESOME coach. More...

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