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What do you need?

Tell us about your pets and what sort of grooming services you’re looking for. Perhaps you need a mobile groomer to come to your home, or you can take your pet to a salon. Specify your requirements, and we’ll put you in touch with the best pet and dog groomers in the Bristol area.


Bespoke quotes sent direct

The more specific you are about the type of groomer you need, the more refined your quotes will be. We’ll gather quotes for the grooming services which meet your criteria, and send them direct to you.


Choose a pet grooming service

With Bark, you don’t have to scour the internet for grooming services. Simply compare quotes and reviews, or contact groomers directly to find out more about the quality of the services available in Bristol.

Keeping your pets clean and healthy

The benefits of grooming

Regular visits to the groomers are good for you and your pet for lots of reasons. Brushing aerates an animal’s coat, and promotes healthy growth and good blood circulation. Grooming also prevents a build-up of grease in a dog's coat, which can otherwise block pores and cause sebaceous cysts. Maintaining a good level of cleanliness reduces the likelihood of infestation by parasites, and keeps your pet smelling fresh.

Qualified groomers are also experienced when it comes to monitoring animals’ health. They’ll check for weight issues, lameness, cuts, and any heat swellings. Whereas you might check these every day, a groomer is better placed to monitor any changes when they don’t see your pet in between grooming sessions. Finally, ensuring all nails are trimmed helps to avoid discomfort and injuries caused by overgrown nails. This also prevents scratches on your floors, furniture, or your own legs!

Mobile pet grooming

Mobile pet grooming is a fast-growing sector. When pet parents are busy or elderly, they can benefit from mobile groomers if they are no longer able to get their pets to a static groomer. Not only is this service convenient for us humans, but animals are also usually more relaxed being treated in the comfort of their own homes.

Pampering isn’t just for dogs

Some rabbits and their owners may benefit from having their nails clipped by a professional, as they can get very long. While some bunnies and long-haired guinea pigs may also need a trim to help them to see, and keep their rear ends clean.

Although most cats are meticulous about grooming, they still benefit from regular brushing, nail trimming and, in some cases, bathing. What’s more, as they get older, their cleaning routines may change. There's only so much our felines can do to keep their coat and nails in pristine condition by themselves. Particularly those breeds with longer, thicker coats. Cat grooming removes any unwanted hair, prevents hairballs, and improves blood circulation, which all help to keep our cats in a good and healthy condition.
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Polly’s Pet Spa

Quality pet grooming by a team of three, qualified, friendly, and experienced members of staff. We cater for dogs, cats, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

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What’s included in a standard grooming service?

We offer a range of basic services, including a brush and bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and feather trimming for longer-haired breeds. Unlike other groomers, we also provide some specialist care. For example, we can offer tortoise shell cleaning, nail clipping for lizards, and dental treatment for a variety of species.

Do you have any professional qualifications related to pet grooming?

Although there aren’t strict education requirements for becoming a dog groomer, all of our team have either a diploma or equivalent qualification. Our newest member of the team holds a City & Guilds Level 2 Certificate for Dog Grooming Assistants, while our more experienced groomers hold a Level 3 Certificate for Dog Grooming Stylists. This qualification means that our staff have developed more specialist skills, and are able to take on management roles within our pet salon.

What’s special about your pet grooming salon?

We’re a small, family-run business and all of our groomers are friendly, qualified, and animal-loving professionals. We provide an environment that puts our animal customers at ease. This includes quality grooming care, as well as a treat, play, or cuddle at the end of a treatment. Not all pets are keen on the cleaning process, but we’re proud that our furry customers enjoy coming to see us in spite of this.

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