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We Are Heroes is a community of professional experts in Lifestyle, Health, Sports, Leadership, Personal Development and Growth. Our mission is to guide all types of people in the pursuit of the best version of themselves. Among our services you will find Life Coaching, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Sex Coaching, Personal Training, Pilates Method, Muscle Activation Techniques, Nutritional Counseling, Mindfulness, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy.

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2 June 2021

Massage Therapy

Service was great. Will be booking again soon

16 May 2021

Massage Therapy

Loved the Thai oil massage. Very professional and experienced. Will definitely book it again. Highly recommended.
Thank you

24 September 2020

I have known Gleb for some years, as he is one of the consistently best rated teachers at the flagship Program of the Spanish Confederation of Leaders and Executives (CEDE) that I direct.
Her is reliable, creative, knowledgeable, versatile and an incredibly important piece of my team. I would not do the Program without him. The very exigent executives that attend the Program love the yoga, pilates and body consciousness classes that he teaches, and we start everyday of a one-week Program with him. He has insight and gifts that surpass his years, a caring nature and a determination that cannot be beat, and he has earned the respect of all of our participants.
For all of the above, it is my pleasure to recommend Gleb without hesitation. His high level of expertise, healthy self-confidence, commitment and excellent people skills combine to make him a great teacher.

24 September 2020

I hired We Are Heroes to get a massage, as my muscles get very sore and tight because of training and working. I can just say that I have had 3 massages since! Absolutely fantastic. My body just feels like new and pain free for weeks after the massages. Definitely worth the money. More...

22 September 2020

Super massage that stretched every muscle in my body. Amazing pressure point work. I feel relaxed an well. Fully recommended practitioner and a very nice man.

12 September 2020

Pilates Classes

Very good session. Gleb made the session run smoothly and to my level.

12 September 2020


I can't thank Gleb enough . He is very very good. I was not expecting that only one reflexology session will have such an effect on me. I felt like floating, so relax and most important I slept through the night!!!! That's a miracle for me. Will highly recommend Gleb to friends and family. A big thank you to you Gleb. More...

7 September 2020

I am a personal trainer, I train 5 days a week and work long hours. So my body is often under a lot of stress. I had never tried a Thai Massage before, I didn't actually know what it involved. But it turns out to be the deepest massage I've ever felt... After it I felt melted. Consequently its now the massage style I recommend to all my pt friends, I even gifted it to a friend for her birthday. More...

3 September 2020

I had an amazing Thai massage with Gleb. It was my first time experience this type of therapy and I couldn’t like it more! I do lot of sports so my body accumulates tension because of the training. The right pressure was applied to release my muscles enough but no too loose. I would say that next days I felt energy raising up, less stress and my workouts were better. Would definitely book him again, thanks! More...

2 September 2020

The experience with 'We are heroes' in our couple counseling was great. The approach and the techniques combines a perfect balance between spiritual and behavioral couples counseling. I feel that we are now equipped to relate to each other in a more positive and caring way. The therapist was really profesional but also showed plenty of empathy. Great experience that i totally recomend. More...

1 September 2020

Gleb is the perfect coach for me, he can understand your deep needs and struggles and helps to facing and solve it; his yoga teaching is a really guide to recognise your body consciousness . .. and his calm voice make the jurney perfect More...

1 September 2020

Gleb is a master of personal development, a pure force of nature. He understand human body and human mind in a unique and holistic way. Highly recommended.

28 August 2020

Highly recommended! I feel so energised and free of tensions in my body after the yoga classes. He gives the perfect rythm, tone of voice and instructions for you to go deeper in your body and mind.
Great experience!

25 August 2020

I wish I had discovered 'We are heroes' and their yoga sesiones a long time ago.
Gleb is very aware of your personal capabilities and helps to ease the tensions in your body. His experience, knowledge and techniques were amazing and I came away feeling relaxed but with a sense of holistic wellbeing and of having been through a beneficial and helpful treatment. Wonderful experience! Thank you! More...

25 August 2020

Gleb is a fantastic yoga coach! Very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend WAH, for sure. Thanks!

24 August 2020

If you are feeling kinda lost, stressed or depressed, you should get to know these guys. It was a really great experience these 10 sessions with Gleb! ! Thank you so much! I highly recommend!! ❤️ More...

24 August 2020

I have hired Gleb during the lockdown for some Executive Coaching sessions. During them I felt so supported and encouraged. By asking very specific questions I was able to go on a journey of self discovery that helped me to establish my career goals. After each session I felt more empowered on my professional objectives as well as personal well-being. I would recommend a journey like this for everyone that is looking for career change and leadership skills. More...

24 August 2020

Me and my husband were having so many arguments and we decided to look for some help or guidance, someone that wouldn’t be related to us and could give us another perspective basically. Looking across the internet we ended up at We Are Heroes website where we decided to have some coaching sessions with Gleb. It is impressive how quick we could deal with our problems establishing new agreements between us and a more natural communication according to our needs. Gleb was very respectful with both of us - but also very directive when needed, he goes directly to the point or topic we were working on that session. Thank you so much for your patiente and presence on the sessions. More...

24 August 2020

I had a package of 8 life coaching session with Gleb and he helped me a lot to feel empowered and build together all the steps I was needed to achieve my goals. He has a very kind approach, I felt comfortable since the first session and always supported by him. Gleb has an amazing hearing, he is a multitask coach with many different tools that show his overall vision of the human being. The fact that he is so well formed in areas like yoga, mind, body and word, makes you be with a professional that can provide or guide you through many different levels of your soul. In this case after the sessions I was clear on my new vision and I had began a new chapter in my life, with his guidance. Thanks Gleb you where some light 💡 when I most needed More...

24 August 2020

Yoga with Gleb was great! I’ve been practicing Hatha yoga for two years now and wanted to be introduced in Ashtanga yoga. I hired him for a period of 6 months once a week and during this time I was able to learn all the new asanas, improve my breathing techniques and get stronger both physically and mentally. I really enjoyed every single class with him. The most remarkable characteristics are that he is very friendly, professional, educated and respectful when making adjustments. More...


Being in contact with people that want to be the best version of themselves! There is nothing more grateful to me that see how people improve their personal skills, achieve goals and get strong and healthy both in their minds and bodies.

My aim was to connect people looking for personal development, therapy and training with the best professionals available in their area.

I am a passionate holistic therapist uniting very different disciplines through Yoga practice. Having acquired knowledge in Biomechanics, Nutrition, Life and Business Coaching, Personal Training, Pilates method and Massage Therapy among others, I found in Yoga the union of body, mind and spirit that I was looking for. I have a unique approach to this ancestral discipline in combination with my background on bodywork making my sessions a real opportunity to improve your wellbeing applying different perspectives and techniques.


A yoga class described as ‘Hatha' will typically involve a set of physical postures (asanas) and breathing techniques. It is practiced more slowly, gently, and with more static posture holds than in an Ashtanga class.

Hatha literally means ‘force’ and is more traditionally defined as ‘the yoga of force’, or ‘the means of attaining a state of yoga through force’.

This is a perfect opportunity for all student types, both beginners and advanced, to experience the benefits of Yoga.

Ashtanga is an ancient system of yoga comprising of eight distinct parts. Asana is just one of the components and is described in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

The first series of asana sequences, known as the Primary Series, work to heal and align the body. This series has a particular focus on realignment of the spine and detoxification. Dedicated practice of the first series builds foundational strength, flexibility, and endurance in preparation for the following sequences.

A full body massage is the practice of applying gliding, rubbing, and kneading strokes on the skin, body muscles, fascia, ligaments and various organs of the body to induce a soothing, refreshing feeling throughout the body.

A full body massage empties stress from any place where it is stored in the body, from the shoulders to lower back and legs.

This is one of the biggest advantages which it has over many other types of massages that focus on a specific part of the body.

A deep tissue massage is used to disentangle scar tissues and muscle “knots’ or adhesions (bundles of sore tissues).

These ailing tissue bundles can obstruct blood circulation, reduce flexibility, and cause inflammation.

A deep tissue massage usually begins with the use of lighter strokes to warm up and prime the muscles, and then pressure is gradually increased along with the application of various techniques.

Thai massage is about the application of rhythmic pressure that sends compression forces rippling through muscle tissues.

This is usually carried with both the client and masseuse out on a futon mat on the floor, and with the client on stretchy clothes like a yoga gear.

The therapist, while lying on the mat together with the client, stretches the client’s body through a wide range of motions, without any efforts on the client’s part.

This is a combination of different techniques applying Traditional Thai massage principles as well as Swedish massage or relaxation techniques.

If you have never experienced a Thai massage before it is a good way to introduce yourself to the wonders of these ancient healing therapy.