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Theartofus.studio is a rule-breaking, purpose driven female design-duo.

Our speciality?
We create influential Brand Identity Design & Brand Strategy for small, independent businesses and initiatives that are looking to turn some heads.
Our focus is on those who are prioritising their audience and trying to make a positive impact on the world.


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4 December 2020

Theartofus team were extremely helpful and supportive from start to finish when it came to developing my brand. Their communication was excellent and were always on hand to help and improve my brand from conception to completion. I have had so many compliments and positive feedback on my branding stationary. Thank you so much Theartofus Studio! A very talented and friendly company. More...


We work to achieve the ultimate creative outcome by following the 4 D's.
Discover - The research stage to help understand your goals, audience, competitors and market & define your brand's mission, personality and values.
Design - Using the discover outcome we begin to create design concepts for your overall branding.
Develop - We take on board your feedback to better perfect the outcome of our designs and
Deliver - Once the assets have been discussed and finalised, we then send them to you in organised files.

We require you to fill out our brand questionnaire, any of the following extra information will help us:
-Extensive competitor research
-Surveys and research forms
-Market Research

The ability to help those in need.
Our aim is to work with and design for brands and initiatives that are giving back to communities and the environment. We love forming long term relationships with our clients and help to educate them on the importance of game-changing design and how it can positively impact the world around us.

Freedom of expression.
We find that working for someone else is great for learning but has it's limitations.
With our own business we can fully engage with clients we love and work with projects we really feel benefit the environment.

We're a female design-duo that has no limits. We don't depend on professionalism to get a job done, we depend on our knowledge and open-minded approach.
We have 16 years combined experience in design and marketing, giving us a logical and creative outlook on life.

We can provide our services however the fuck we need to!
Whether you want us to visit, have a video call or use tin-can telephones, we'll make it work for you and for us.

We work from home and we're human too, so you don't have to worry.
We set up video calls with every person we work with so we can properly introduce ourselves.
We're also flexible, if you need to postpone a project or are having difficulties, we will do our best to help.


We will provide an extensive identity package for your new or small business.
Please see the Q&A's for our process.

If your project is focused on environmental change or helping a community, we want to work alongside you to achieve your goals with game-changing design.

Web Design Includes:
-Wireframe and UX Design
-Adobe XD Page Design
-Head-turning Design.
-Annotated PDF Guide of pages for Wordpress Dev.