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Durham, United Kingdom

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TalkingMatters offers therapy/counselling to help and support those experiencing:

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Panic attack, Phobias, Personality disorders, Psychosis
Difficulties finding meaning and purpose in life

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I am skilled, efficient therapist. I enjoy working independently and being my own boss. I am confident in designing and developing services that are up to date and effective. I enjoy a greater sense of happiness seeing clients benefiting from services I deliver.

To maximise benefits and outcome. Our therapy/counselling services are aimed at tailoring individual needs. Our therapist is 12+ yrs of experience in delivering counselling/therapy and are qualified/skilled in multimodal approach i.e., CBT and spirituality. Therapist has wealth of knowledge and experienced in working for National Health Services (NHS).

All services are offered remotely using a telephone, online video link (Zoom/MS Teams) by a therapist qualified in CBT.
20-30 minutes free telephone consultation available. Afterwards, £35/hourly session.

Offering therapy/counselling services remotely via telephone, Zoom/MS Teams.


The service is based on a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Spiritually integrated psychotherapy/CBT that is found to be clinically effective for mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Depending on the nature of presenting problems, it can take in the form of therapy or counselling for individuals, couples for issues, such as relationships, bereavements.

To improve and enhance ability, resilience in dealing with mental health issues the following psycho-spiritual well-being courses are offered both individually and in a group setting:

1. Introductory course: Existence, Source of existence, Transcendence, Spirituality & Religion, Well-being.

2. Intermediate course: Psychological well-being, Spiritual well-being, 'creatio ex nihilo' doctrine, Cognitive psychological process of well-being, Divine providence.

3. Advance course: Teleology and causation, Formation of the divine attachment figure, Divine struggles, transcendence and well-being, Measures of transcendence and well-being.

4. Follow up: after 3 months of course completion.

If your well-being is affected by challenging, difficult circumstances, such as COVID-19 pandemic, or you struggle in finding meaning and purpose in life, you might benefit from the above courses.