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We are a full-service digital agency based in London, turning big and small ambitions into reality. Over the last 10 years we have been helping businesses form a strong brand identity, generate leads and dominate web presence. We want to reach the dizzy heights of your brand’s potential.

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10 February 2020

Working with serendipity on our online presence and marketing has been the best decision we made. Our clinic is busy and our students come from all over the world. The ranking have been great and always on top. Amazing SEO knowledge and energetic team. More...

7 February 2020

We needed our site in a rush as we were launching our go green movement that had to be in time for the conference. Serendipity worked through the weekend and nights and got it launched for us. We are ever so gratefull to the team and wish the team the best. More...

7 February 2020

We hired serendipity to look at our web site and our online performance, the audit was in depth and very informative. We have implemented most of the actions and have seen a big difference in conversions.

6 February 2020

We are in the middle of completing our App and so far all the feedback we have had has been great. Cant wait to launch the App.

6 February 2020

We are based in Malta but the distance has not mattered. Were did our site and it is beautiful, clean and we love it.

5 February 2020

We asked serendipity to look at freshening up the site but ended up looking at a full revamp. The site looks great and the conversions are up 20%. Customers love it and love doing business with them. More...

31 January 2020

over the last year we have been working with serendipity on our App which has been launched on ios and android and it was a breath of fresh air to have developers who can actually take time to understand you and know that everyone is not technical. Georgie is amazing and project managed it beautifully. Lots more to do and enjoyng working with the team. More...

30 January 2020

The team are experts in the travel and leisure market. My travel site has made it to the top within a short time and we have now grown from a 2 man business to a 6 full time staff office.

29 January 2020

Two years on a row we have been awarded the Gold award for the best E commerce store, Its all thanks to serendipity. Www.essentials .lk is simply the market leader in our country. Call serendipity if you need your shopify store built. More...

28 January 2020

Serendipity have the best magento developers and the prices are very affordable. As a small business we were always hesitant in goong in for Magento simply because of the cost but it has been refreshing dealing with Serendipity. Highly recommend the team.

24 January 2020

We have had our Ecommerce store for over 3 years and it was a nightmare, We were always loaded with technical jargon and ended up being very frustrated. Muditha was a god send and he built us the perfect Magento site and managers it for us. Very glad to work with the team and we are now enjoying every bit of it. More...

23 January 2020

Being in Ireland and having all of the conversations online and over the phone were not a issue, Within 3 months we had a great site and I have promissed the team a visit when I am next in London.

21 January 2020

As a small business budgets have been tight but its great to work with a agency who understands this and takes time to understand the client. I have spent many evenings at serendipity and the team is always very helpful and understanding. Glad I met them More...

20 January 2020

We have had a 35% growth on our online queries and we owe it all to to the Serendipity team. They worked hard to pick the keywords that will work for us based on our expertise and competetive advantage. Thank you Serendipity Int for a great service. More...

16 January 2020

Serendipity int has worked on our organic rankings over the last year and all of the hard work has paid off. We are very happy with our monthly spend and the returns have been great.

16 January 2020

Serendipity has managed our campaigns creatively and our budget spend has been down but with much more return. The team always goes out of their way and all the very best.

16 January 2020

For a London based agency serendipity int understands overseas markets and cultures. We have been working with Serendipity for over 2 years now and it has been a pleasure dealing with the team.

14 January 2020

Tharanga simply went out of his way to understand us and the web site is is just as we wanted it. Continue to use serendipity for our SEO.

14 January 2020

Needed some attractive digital posters designed for a launch and they did a very professional job. Don't hesitate in choosing Serendipity. Very happy and more than satisfied with their work. More...

13 January 2020

Rukshan and his team of designers did a great job at turning my advertising campaign from more text to more images.. appreciate your effort..

13 January 2020

These guys are so skilled - they can figure out what we want within a few minutes of talktime and somehow come up with innovative website solutions. Love the team!

13 January 2020

due to amazing teamwork, they were able to categorize my website content in a more organized manner and made navigation for visitors much easier. Would recommend their services to everyone.. More...

12 January 2020

Sirin created a clever platform on my company website to enable us to do business online… and this solution boosted overall sales.

12 January 2020

The friendly team at Serendipity understood just what my company needed for a sales push. They helped create a social media presence for my products to reach a wider audience.

11 January 2020

The SEO team at serendipity conducted an exclusive workshop for our IT and marketing department, teaching us how to write SEO related content and increase our rankings.

9 January 2020

An attractive look was given to my website by Victoria and her team. My mates were thrilled and we saw significantly more traffic coming in within a period of just one month.

9 January 2020

I loved the strategies used for keyword optimization in articles and blogs. As a result, we had much better search engine rankings and our CEO was extremely satisfied.

8 January 2020

Our marketing struggle was eliminated after your team helped us with digital marketing solutions to create brand awareness online.

10 December 2019

Serendipity int have simply gone out of the way from day one to understand us and the business and we simply love the web site. All the best and we highly recommend serendipity and we continue to use them for our PPC and SEO. More...


We remain agile in the ever-changing world of digital, always thinking about next creative game-changers in evolving markets. We use next-generation thinking to create successful business transformations for start-ups and established brands across a range of industries, maximising client revenue by optimising online presence.

Our focus is on making digital experience more engaging, innovative and insightful. And we aren’t satisfied until we’ve realised your ultimate digital vision for your brand, with cost-effectiveness at the forefront.


Your website is the face of your brand and the foundation for its success.
We build websites that are reliable, stable and durable, using the latest coding practices and newest technologies. We know it’s not enough for a website to be beautiful (although we certainly know how to build beautiful, high-quality, memorable websites). It also needs to enhance your user journey, and be intuitive, with optimised content. When we create your website, your target audience, website goals and individual business requirements are the foundations on which we build.

And like your business, our websites can grow, change and develop too. Our websites are SEO-optimised so that we can drive leads. Their messaging is crystal clear, so that together with supportive calls to action, we can convert visitors into loyal customers.

We can help with your eCommerce too. We develop smart, intuitive eCommerce sites for superior user-experience, and provide expert advice on the right platform for your business.

All of our custom web-design is built with mobile in mind; that is, designed to be mobile-friendly, and to be a core element in your user journey — not merely to be able to function on a mobile device.

Let us help you build a sustainable future for your brand.
We get results. Results that are meaningful and measurable. We’ll bring your products and services to new customers and earn you more conversions. How will we do it? With a handmade, dedicated, bespoke campaign based on strategy that aims to realise your SEO objectives. We generate high-quality traffic through focused keyword targeting and winning content strategies, increasing visibility to your site within the natural search results.

Whether you’d like us to guide and support an in-house marketing team on aspects of SEO, or act as your full SEO team, we can help.

We provide:

Comprehensive site audits
Superior on-page optimisation
Content optimisation
Quality white hat link building
Social search strategy
Search opportunity analysis
Detailed transparent reporting & analysis
SEO consulting services

Competition can be cutthroat. Let our experienced team ensure you stand out from the crowd.
Naturally data is at the heart of everything we do, but our expert team are more valuable than tools. Through research, testing and refinement, and with digital expertise and in-depth marketing insight and innovation, our professional management will use your USP to keep you in front of your competitors. It’s all about driving the right traffic, attracting relevant visitors and securing their conversion, generating you more leads and more sales, and more return on investment.

By tracking every aspect of your campaign, we refine the messaging and optimise key elements to improve ROI. In addition to reporting and analysis, we also offer:

Comprehensive keyword research & targeting
Campaign organisation
Effective Ad creation
Landing page conversion optimisation
Remarketing campaign
Testing & refinement
Detailed reporting

Be unique. Be shareable. Be influential.
The opportunity for your business on social media is monumental. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and more provide platforms for accessing a bigger audience than ever. But we all know it’s about more than just ‘Tweeting’.

Our social media team can help you capitalise on your use of social media through pointed, intelligent strategy to communicate with the most valuable audience, conveying a consistently-focused and true projection of your brand, and drive commercial results.

Because social moves quickly, it’s critical the management of your platforms is efficient. Monitoring posted content and replying to comments in a timely way, with on-brand consistency, can be demanding.

At Serendipity, we manage on-going engagement for you. And we know how vital it is to keep ideas fresh, so we monitor and measure engagement and popularity of posts so we always know how we can improve.

Find your Voice.
The content on your website is absolute to your audience’s perception of your brand. The importance of engaging on-brand content and consistent, relevant language and tone of voice is tantamount to how you’re received.

Getting it right requires research, artful authorship and a lot of experience that can work across multiple channels. We provide copywriting that delivers, from product descriptions and PR articles to long-form landing page content and blog management, from writers with years of experience working with national press and big brands.

Where content is currency, you need prized content writing.

We find the sweet spot.
At Serendipity, we find the opportunity to develop your brand. The consumer insight that will drive you. We help you understand your audience even better than you already do. And then we optimise its digital activity and strategy through that insight, so that your campaigns work as hard as they can. We look at the big picture to make sure each piece of your brand comms fits in a perfect puzzle.

Our professional consultants drive value and efficiencies across each digital channel, and measure the success of every piece of activity to optimise campaign performance and make clear the true ROI. We can develop your audience reach, increase conversions, and grow revenue.

Our talented team of designers can also develop your brand’s visual identity. We can enhance the impact of your logo or your entire look+feel. And we can keep it consistent and protected through detailed brand guidelines. Our photography service ensures your assets are of exceptional quality and are completely unique to you.

We provide:

Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing
International Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Data Modelling