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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

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SDMC Consulting Limited is a specialist Design, Construction & Management Consultancy. It provides wide range of services from Acting as Employer Agent, Budgeting & Finance, Planning & Architectural Services
Structural Engineers, Building & Acoustic Design, Procurement and Contracting

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I like to accept challenges and would prefer to deal with complex design and innovative ideas. I would prefer to go for rejected planning applications or Architect's or Building Consultant have advised it can't be done as long as it fits parameters of policy and guidelines of local authorities.

I had been in Construction Industry for quite a long time, and have seen various complex design which could had been cost effective. I took up as Planning and Design Consultant role to develop the Conceptual Design from inception to completion.

I have got a proven track record of 100% success rate for Planning approval and Customer Satisfaction. I will provide an example of Residential and Commercial Planning
Residential: Planning Application was rejected on certain grounds for a Solicitor-House Owner. He went through painful process on Appeal which was rejected. He came to seek my advise to get it moving. I accepted the challenge and just re-submitted the Planning Application and got it approved.
Commercial: I dealt with a Planning Issue in Conservation Area. The Developer had planning approval for 4 x One Bedroom Flat and an office in Ground Floor for a 250 years old Building. Looking at whole life cost he would make a net profit of 12% profit on whole Development. I advised him if you can increase your spending by 30% more you will get much better returns. I re-applied for Planning with 3 x 2 Bedroom Flat and 2 X One Bed-Cum Study. The Planning was approved and customers GDV was doubled.
I would provide professional and honest advise to our customers.


We can provide Initial Survey to Planning feasibility, along with Planning Design, Building Detailed Design RIBA stage 0-6 under one umbrella.

We can offer Structural and Detailed Design for Building Control not limited to extensions but for alterations within the existing house to make it more liveable.