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Our sessions are completely personalised to you and the things you would like to achieve.

I treat every person in my life with the same level of honesty and transparency. Within this, I bring my own experiences I have gained from my life and through my personal and professional development journey.

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24 September 2021

Life Coaching

Paulina is Such a helpful, kind hearted person x

29 July 2021

Life Coaching

What a journey! I picked Paulina because I thought she was the opposite to me. The reason for that was that my way was obviously not working! As someone that never wanted a life coach, I don’t know what I would do without her. From the start I felt comfortable and reassured. I can honestly say 2020/21 has been rubbish and one of the best decisions I have made is talking to someone. Make that leap, make that positive change. More...

17 March 2021

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

I’ve only had one session and I’m already feeling better in myself and inspired to want to make a change. She has a profound ability in guiding you with your concern, helping you to see perspective, as well as building resilience, I can’t wait for my following sessions!

15 March 2021

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Paulina is a wonderful coach, she has helped me in ways I could have never imagined! I’m half way through my initial course of sessions with Paulina, and I will never be able to thank her enough for how much she has helped me. I still class myself as a work in progress but the change I’ve felt in myself already will be something that I’m always grateful to Paulina for! X More...

20 December 2020

I can gladly recommend this experience.
It is difficult to put to words how Paulina helped me. She helped me before I even realised I needed it.
My time with her was uplifting, emotional,and sometimes difficult, but as she applied her unique gifts I realised she was saving me from myself, and showed me the tools to face and overcome the demons of human nature.
She saved my life in that respect.
If everyone knew someone like Paulina the world would indeed be a beautiful place to be.
I cannot thank her enough.

12 October 2020

I have been in very dark place within myself, and as a person who is passionate about everything in my life i was draining myself by putting too much of work towards my targets that i imagined could exist. It obviously caused me many issues that i didn't know about. I was on the edge of destroying everything i loved by burning myself. Paulina helped me to distance myself and find peace in daily life by putting healthy habits and looking after myself. After short time the results were unimaginable. I couldn’t be more thankful for such a life-changing experience. As person who was drowning in my own thoughts i did learn how to swim on surface and she helped me to do so. I would highly recommend to get in touch with her , if you need help with Yourself as her people-skills and personality can help You change Your life for the one that You are born to have!. She is a bless and there is no words i could use to thank her! More...

9 October 2020

Paulina is a wonderful human. She is honest and direct. These traits are what make her so capable as an emotional and mental guide. Paulina asks me direct questions without judgement or emotion which in turn allows me to be more honest with myself. Paulina follows good intuition too; she regularly checks in during our conversations to ensure the topic hasn't become too heavy for me to deal with. When discussing persinal goals and future plans she provides a grounding base. She encourages a realistic approach rather than an idealistic approach, but maintains an optimistic attitude.Paulina continually reminds me to be kind to myself and sets a nurturing example.

I highly reccomend Paulina as a lifestyle coach and an emotional coach/couincillor.

6 October 2020

Paulina is a great listener who has guided me through my goal setting process and also supported me to make sure I stay on track. Her mindfulness activities have been very helpful during this process. More...

1 October 2020

Our meetings have changed my life.I hadn’t realised how much I needed it. Paulina is lovely, kind, compassionate and incredibly knowledgeable.
I would highly highly recommend her.

1 October 2020

Paulina has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and helped me realise things I may never have without her insight. She truly loves to help people in any way that she can, such a kind and genuine soul! Xxx More...

30 September 2020

I’ve been extremely anxious and had problems with getting around the people at university and in other situations - lacking of energy, motivation and confidence to do things. Coaching with Paulina was a life changer for me and I finally faced all those problems and dealt with it with her advice and assistance. Highly recommended for everyone who willing to make their life better and happy! More...

29 September 2020

I always had problems with expressing my emotions and finding my ground amongst other people. Being assertive didn’t come easy to me as I always thought I needed to do things for others.

With Paulina’s help I worked through this mindset and finally managed to speak up for myself. I no longer looked for validation in others and begun to appreciate myself more. Also this meant I felt more free to express my emotions. Now, because of that I am more balanced and calm.
Thanks to Paulina and the way she directed me to find my own solutions I’ve become a better version of myself.

I’ve never met a person who could completely put herself in my situation as Paulina did. The best thing about her approach is that she directed me to find my way and answers rather then telling me what I should do. Speaking to her is like having a conversation with yourself but with a clarity of any situation.

29 September 2020

Paulina is always available to give any advice you need about anything at any time, she never fails to greet you with a huge smile and is always ready to help you whenever you need it!

29 September 2020

Paulina is someone who is truly devoted to find new ways of improving people’s lives. Since I first met her few years ago, she always inspired me to work on my bad habits and create healthier routines.

Paulina helped me understand how my quick temper limits my ability to express emotions in a healthy way and how this affected my relationship with others and mostly with myself. With her unconditional support and non-judgemental approach, Paulina helped me find ways to come out of my unhealthy thought patterns so that I can be more present in the here and now. She introduced me to some useful techniques to manage my anger and overall helped me to be kinder to myself.

With a great deal of patience, Paulina showed me how to approach difficult situations in a way that brings positive outcome and always leaves the doors open for me. With Paulina’s help my life is now much easier, happier and healthier.