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Ascot, Berkshire

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Through collaborations, we offer:

i. a holistic approach to 'scalable' Learning & Development for large corporations. Our solution stems from a Harvard/McKinsey story.
ii. Switzerlands leading lux medical clinics for Mental Health, Rehab, Neuro-rehab, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis and Strokes.

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Helping people find Hope & Happiness. Circa 20 years of working with start-ups, Private Equity and Venture Capital comes with many lessons.
In this global finance arena, we operate within the realms of people and frequently, I found that perspectives were out of sync with those who felt lost or unhappy. Despite my previous life in finance, my heart has always been with the people since I can remember.
However cliche, my heart sinks when people suffer.

I have been self-employed for the lion share of my career and lived in 7 countries.
Running ones own business comes with its ups and downs. For me, the pros outweigh the cons.
In my humble opinion, the flexibility and freedom to pursue ones interests and passions as a free spirit are compelling.

If the chemistry is right during our introductory conversation, exciting work can begin.
If the chemistry is not quite there, we simply enjoy the conversation over coffee/tea and say our good-byes.
I believe it is foolish to offer resolution or assistance without, at the very least, a sincere and heartfelt connection