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Swindon, Wiltshire


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Advertising is all about trying to stick out and stick around. Otherwise, why bother? We’re the creative agency who'll make your brand and message so attractive that they stand out in a crowded marketplace... then lodge themselves deep in the hearts and minds of your customers.

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8 June 2018

I has been a pleasure to collaborate with the team at Make it Sticky delivering a fantastic project Maurice and the team are fantastic to deal with friendly and professional.

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25 September 2017

I has been a pleasure to collaborate with the team at Make it Sticky delivering a fantastic project Maurice and the team are fantastic to deal with friendly and professional.

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We create ideas that stick with your customers:
Something insightful, relevant, simple and memorable. A nugget of pure sticky gold that's instantly recognisable, immediately persuasive and always seems to have been there, in the back of your mind or deep in your heart. A single thought which, in experienced agency hands, can make your audience laugh, cry, shout, sing or dance.

We show no mercy on the execution:
Okay, so how do we bring the idea to life? What's going to make it unmissable? Words, pictures, channels and placement all come into play here. As do insight and research and downright gut feel - with a little bit of experienced trial and error too. Doing whatever we need to do to make this message really, really STICKY.

Perfected and produced in-house:
Here it is and it's the least your brand and your message deserve: a full digital surround cinema definition hi-fi attack on the senses. Print runs to radio campaigns to websites to videos for online and TV. Produced to the highest quality, clocked, distributed and ready to move people. We're as excited as you are...

We want to know the ins and outs of your business.
We want to learn every single detail there is to learn about your demographic.
We need an honest conversation about what you want to achieve from a campaign.
Tell us why customers should come to see you rather than the competitor down the road.
If you're not sure what makes your company unique, we'll help you find it.

The variety.
One day the Make It Sticky team could be writing, directing and filming a nationwide TV commercial for one of the UK's largest car retailers.
The next day we could be working on the branding for a new independent about to launch into the local marketplace for the very first time.

When you create an idea from scratch and watch it grow into a successful campaign for your client, it's a great feeling.
This is no different from creating a business from scratch.
You get the opportunity to take the business in the direction you want it to go. The chance to put together a team that shares the same values as yourself.
And a responsibility to offer an outstanding service to all clients at a fair, reasonable rate.

Make It Sticky is made up of a small, yet highly experienced team.
This means that all our clients get one of three creative/art directors with over 20 years experience heading up their project.
Smaller in size than the average agency, Make It Sticky also has less overheads than larger agencies meaning that you, the customer, pay less.


We’ve got a post-it note on the office wall saying, ‘Branding is what they say about you when you’re not in the room.’ Now, I’m sure great marketing thinkers would say it’s more complicated and cerebral (and other big words beginning with c) than that. But we like it. How do people remember you? How do they describe you to their friends? What parts of your message do they relate to, warm to and feel comfortable climbing into bed with. You get the idea. And since you won’t always be there to explain yourself, you need to invest in the look and feel – and strength – of your brand. It’s importance cannot be overstated. But, and it’s a big but, it must be YOU. And it should be lived by the organisation in everything it does. That’s what we think anyway. And we’d love a chance to discuss it further with you.

Ideas are something our team has never been short of. Which is handy in this business. Some have been moments of pure genius, if we say so ourselves. Others have been described as ‘another hair-brained scheme’. But when you start with a great brief and some real-life insight, and give those initial thoughts and brainwaves time to soak, develop and mature, there’s nothing better than coming up with a new idea for a client. So, if you’re looking for one – for a specific campaign, for a start-up project, for a new product or for an approach to getting your message out there, here’s a great idea for you – come and talk to us!

Remember the famous ABC of Glengarry Glenn Ross? Always Be Closing? Well, our view on advertising, marketing, and brand communication of any form is ABS, Always Be Selling. Yes, you can do a ‘drip feed’ radio campaign or above the line branding pieces, but if you’re advertising, you should be selling. Turning your target market on to your product or service. Making sure they’re captivated, compelled and convinced. Whether by provoking-thought, touching a nerve, forcing a reaction… or simply screaming-in-their-face-from-six-inches (which does work in certain circumstances, believe us). Go on, get in touch, and let us help shape the right advertising approach for the most effective selling of YOU!

Copywriting is one of those things that everyone thinks they can do. You might be thinking the same. If so, we’d like to respectfully remind you of the old saying: if you think a professional is expensive, just wait till you see how much using an amateur will cost you! How your brand and your message is put into words is no easy task. It should jump off the page. It should move people. It’s not just proofreading for typos and bad grammar (although that’s also included, you’ll be pleased to know) – it’s the tone, structure and choice of language that will keep people reading all the way to the bottom. That will excite them, propping up the hairs on the back of their neck. That will inspire their next action. That will convince them without a doubt that you’re the brand to do business with. In short, it’s the job a craftsperson. And funnily enough, one of ours actually is short. So it must be meant.

Consistent, specific, tone of voice is a massively important part of any brand. After all, you’re not there to give every potential customer or market influencer a big hug, are you? While the product might speak for itself, the consumer’s perception of your brand needs to be managed very carefully, because it can be changed – for better or worse – every single time that person interacts with it. Which means every sticker, every tweet, every piece of POS and every giant billboard is an opportunity that you should grab with both hands! I mean, it’d be great to have a chat with every customer… but the reality is; the most common conversation will be through your content. Make it count. Every time. Let us help you shape your tone of voice, and let your audience get to know and trust you through the way you speak.

TV! The telly, the box, the tube! Like the rest of the human race, we can’t get enough of TV - whether watching it, discussing it, or creating ads for it. Maybe because it’s such a striking, engaging medium where the world is quite literally your oyster. That’s certainly why there’s such excitement when a new TV brief comes in with our creatives fighting over the scripting and storyboarding, and our production team animatedly discussing casting and locations. And that’s all before the shoot itself! ‘Course, there’s hard work too – logistics of schedules, call sheets, clearance and distribution all have to be dealt with. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of that too, with an equal amount of passion, we promise.

As Uncle Ben once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Well, there’s nothing quite like the power of radio when harnessed properly. As for the responsibility, leave that with us. Radio is our bread and butter with more than a few awards to show for our 30 years in the industry. Using the theatre of the mind to capture the imagination, paint a picture, persuade, convince and empower. How? By writing scripts and casting voices. Selecting a soundtrack or designing a sonic trigger. Creating an audio experience with the highest levels of studio sound production. And don’t worry, we’ll also do the boring bit – booking airtime, pitching promotions and clearing it all with the Copy Centre (who’re like a grumpy Goblin to our ad-slingin’ Peter Parker)!

From a business card to a 48-sheet outdoor installation and everything in between. Our designers and artworkers (not forgetting the copywriters, of course) can take your print brief from scribbles on the back of a napkin right through to artwork that folds, reads, stands out at exhibitions, drops through letterboxes, or catches the attention by the side of the road! Ask us about our corporate identity starter packs or let us take your existing campaign into the press or outdoor space. At either end of the scale, we’ll make sure your print budget works hard for you.

There’s so much you can do with video, and so many places you can use it, that sometimes it’s nice to have some experienced film folk to partner up with. We do corporate videos for companies who need to showcase their product or service, we do instructional videos to explain complicated processes, we do promotional videos that tell a moving story, and we do specialist YouTube videos – designed to engage, entertain and elicit clicks, all within 15 seconds! Live action, animation or presenter-led, let’s talk about the options and see where it takes us.

Like a hot dating site, online might be where most of your customers meet you for the first time. And just like a dating profile, those first impressions can determine the future – a long and loving relationship, or sideswiped for someone else. So don’t take any chances when it comes to your online presence. Is your website attractive? Does it deliver on what it promises? Does your social content tease or turn off? Do your digital ads smell of roses or reek of Lynx Africa? Hmmm, have we taken the dating analogy too far? Okay, we’ll stop there, sure you’ve get the picture by now… but just in case you’re in any doubt, give us a call. We’re fit, local, with a GSOH and most importantly, we’re up for it!