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For 15 years I have travelled the globe working mainly as a photographer & videographer. Working for hire with multi-million pound e-commerce business and doing artist photo & video shoots with high profile individuals. Such as Dynamo and YouTube phenom, Peter Mckinnon.

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Being competitive. For years, especially within industry, I'd find myself frustrated with people and business' using sub par imagery.

The same goes for lifestyle photography. A friend of mine who was I was best man for at his wedding, hired an expensive but terrible photographer. It upset me that the tangible memories of his dream day were tarnished by a lazy photographer.

So, I've spent years making sure that I don't just take a photograph, I make sure my photos are better than you could hope for.

My number one question is; do you like my style of photography? First and foremost. A lot of people don't know what they want and often find it difficult to understand the true value of a good photo.

I work very hard to create special imagery. Not the standard'Pose, smile, cheese!' snaps. There is a place for that photography but not with me.

If you like my examples I promise I'll deliver on photos that you'll always be proud of.

Easiest question here; the reactions of my clients.

I've spent a lot of time abroad working with high profile clients and more often or not, I deliver the goods and receive no feedback other than being rebooked immediately.

Working on a local scale allows me to have more personal interactions with my clients and I've found it's one of the more rewarding experiences I can have.

Having a baby.

There's practically not one part of the earth my feet have not touched. But having a baby has shown me more than ever that home is where the heart is. So I decided to stop working with high profile clients and bring my skills to those around me.

My work has been viewed by over 150,000,000 million world wide and I've built a reputation globally for my skillset. What makes me unique is that I've had the opportunity to learn skills and techniques that you simply don't pick up photographing or filming in the same places with the same people for most of your life.


If you have a commercial business or new product that needs to be seen; i.e. on a website, in a brochure etc. then this is the service for you.

It's as simple as this. You have two stores selling the same product. Same price. One has photos taken by an amateur, one has professional shots that highlight the details of the product.

Which store are you buying from?

There's not much under the sun that I can't photograph.

If you're looking for head shots, family portraits, pet photography (my personal favourite!), photos of a birthday party. You name it, I can shoot it.

The project title seemed odd for me to type but simply put, that's what I can provide for you.

Product trailers and explanation videos have been my forte for the past 15 years but I can provide anything for you. If you have something in mind, chances are have an example of a video similar that I've produced.

There's no such thing as a silly idea, so just ask and I'll show you what I can do for you.