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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


LIFTU is a complementary health treatment and teaching organisation run by Paul Fischer, which is based in Horncastle, Lincolnshire with a clinic in Whaplode, Spalding.

Currently providing treatments in Indian Head Massage, Reiki and Breath4Life Breath Work.

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16 July 2020

Paul is highly experienced in energy work - a great Reiki channel; Breath4Lifetm practitioner and Life Coach. He is warm, grounded and always gives you an honest appraisal of what's going on, which I really like. He is a details man, who doesn't let things go unnoticed which inspires confidence. I always enjoy working with Paul and highly recommend him. More...


Reply from LIFTU

Much appreciated, thank you Jill.

15 July 2020

I received several Reiki treatments and Breath Work sessions from Paul and it has always been an uplifting powerful experience. He is also an excellent life coach, guides me with wisdom, patience and passion. I highly recommend Paul's therapy practices and life coaching. More...


Reply from LIFTU

Thank you.

12 May 2017

Paul has given me numerous reiki treatments and also worked with me in a number of breathwork sessions... he gives himself selflessly, pours his heart and soul into his treatments and your left with a bubble of warm, pink, unconditional love. Professional, intuitive, gentle and knows exactly what to say or do to lift your heart and guide you back to authenticity. I look forward to receiving more from you in the future x More...

27 April 2017

Always good working with Paul, a very good practitioner light hearted and fun. You always get what you need from Paul I have enjoyed many reiki/breathwork sessions always great.

27 April 2017

Paul is an exceptionally skilled practitioner. He is professional, empathetic and generous. I would highly recommend him.


Being able to make a difference in people's lives on both emotional and physical health fronts, by providing treatments which have made a significant impact in my own wellbeing.
Just looking at clients faces after a treatment and seeing the sparkle and joy of life come back in to their eyes, where they can see the light at the end of their own tunnels with new options ahead of them.
I have also, loved working at some of the larger MBS shows, providing taster treatments, where I have had "regulars" turn up to the show year after year, just to receive a treatment from myself.
Also I like the diversity, having worked with some large multinational organisations, providing treatments on their wellness days, the highlight being able to work "airside" at Heathrow Terminal 5 providing treatments to baggage handlers, engineers and security staff.

Having had aspects of my health completey change, I gained a desire to provide the treatments which had helped me. I had worked within the NHS as an IT Manager for a regional specialty department, and knowing some of the limitations that conventional medicine has with chronic illnesses, I decided it was time for me to provide something in addition to those treatments the NHS currently provides.

I started my career in IT with a mental health charity, which required training in counselling, assiting and working alongside those with mental health problems. From there I spent over seventeen years in the NHS, where I helped develope opportunities for patients with chronic life-limiting illnesses take a more hands on approach to their own care. This led me to discovering and then developing my interests in complementary medicine, which also assisted with my own health problems. I started my journey by training in Reiki, back in 2007, before expanding in to other holistic and energy-based medicines. I therefore, have gained a variety of skills and techniques over the years to provide a bespoke solution to the requirements of each individual client.
For the last few years, I have been part of the training team within Acorn to Oak - The International School of Energy Medicine, passing on my expertise, so that more people can learn to provide the benefits of my skills, in their own practices and personal search for fantastic health and wellbeing.


This is not a traditional form of "Emotional Management", but a way of safely feeling and expressing the anger in a way which does not harm yourself or others and thereby emptying the anger cavern to provide the freedom from the buzzing wasps.
We do this via a number of individualised therapies and techniques, such as Breath4Life(TM) Breathing sessions, therapeutic Rants, fun "Rage Mountain" exercises (does not require any level of fitness, physical ability, running shoes or climbing gear) and guided meditation.

Feeling stuck and require a guide to find out where you would like to get to and how to get there?

Many people think they know where they would like to be, but often feel unfulfilled once they get there.

We start from the beginning. Get to explore the real you, in doing so, you'll find out where you would really like to be - not where you or others think you should be. It will also show the best way for you to learn how to navigate your own path to your peak you.

I can help guide and encourage you on your journey, or if you prefer, be the Sergeant Major to give you the motivational kick you require.

Using Breath4Life(TM) Breathing sessions to untangle the associated emotional trauma of an event or more usually series of events, without having to re-live the event(s) or put in to words those events.
Emotional trauma is often an unconscious reaction which may not be easy for the conscious mind to make sense of or rationalise the causes of - you don't need to, nor do you need to make yourself feel wrong for having those reactions or feelings.
Breath4Life(TM) Breathing sessions allow you to safely feel the emotions and release them, so you break the pattern of re-reading the same paragraph on a page in your book, allowing you to finally turn the page and start a new chapter.
This is not a process to numb or manage the emotions around an event(s), but to truly let the emotions around the event(s) go free and thereby no longer hold you in their tight grasp.

From CBT-based distraction training, to NLP-based physical relaxation techniques;
And from therapeutic Breathing sessions, to Indian Head Massage & Reiki treats.

Indulgent Indian Head Massages; Relaxing Reiki; and Take Your Breath Away Breath4Life(TM) Breathing.
Treat yourself, you deserve it!
The added benefit, is that they are all calorie free but still delicious.