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As a personal trainer I offer a wide range of different training methods to get you stronger and fitter. I also help with the nutrition side of it. I will be by your side every single step of the way until you have reach your goal. I like to keep the training fun but intense and I promise you will never get bored with me!!


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My giving my clients a structured programme too suit there goal helps them much more to get to were they need to be. I make sure the sessions are always fun and never the same thing over and over again! I like to always mix things up so you don’t get bored and plantue.

Weights weight and more weight. Also eatting a balanced diet!

Seeing my clients come to me with no confidence, hate working out and hates there body, then turns it around and becomes a confident fitness fanatic who is happy within themselves. Can’t beat it !!! I also love seeing my clients get stronger and stronger.

I’ve also been a sporty person ever since I can remember. I knew I wanted to do something which kept me active and sociable and helping other people fall in love with the gym. From competing in judo for Great Britain I got a lot of experience within the gym so this has gave me a lot of knowledge to go away and pass it along to people you want to get fitter and strong.

Clients should choose me as I like to keep the sessions fun but intense and you will also go away with a big smile on your face and the feeling of self accomplishment! I have had many years of experience within the industry and being a full time athlete in judo for years has given me top knowledge on all the different training methods and the best exercises to use for maximum results. I promise you won’t regret choosing me.