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I'm Mayowa and I help people get out of their own heads to truly be happy and become the best version of themselves. I can work with you to get the direction, confidence, and support to transform your life.

Are you feeling stuck/unworthy?

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16 January 2022

Mayowa is an excellent Coach!
With her as my Coach, I’m now a better version of myself.

16 January 2022

Mayowa helped me get clarity with business when I needed to scale up and was unsure how. I love working with her.


I give you space to think, be and feel. To deeply recognize what you want; where you are in relation to what you want, and what to do to reach your goals. This will give you the opportunity to change a negative mindset into a positive, action-focused mindset.

Many of my clients have gotten more from coaching with me than they set out to do. For example, I have had many career-driven clients who have come to me with specific improvement goals. However, working with me allowed them to reach a promotion within six months of finishing their coaching journey.

Once you start to make positive changes, positive changes continue to happen.

Yes, all sessions will take place online via Zoom/Skype or on the phone.


Leadership and Entrepreneurship are not easy to learn and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Technical skills/knowledge are often less than 40% of what leads to success - for you and for your company. How do you learn the other 60%? How do you balance work and life? How do you lead with confidence when you are unsure of yourself? How do you know the best leadership style to use? The questions are endless

I provide a safe space to gain clarity, direction, and confidence in the best way to grow your team/businesses.

Whether you are a recent graduate, in your mid-career, or contemplating your next big move, I can help you gain clarity and direction on what the best next steps are for you.

Create the life you want! I will help you gain clarity on your goals and identify the obstacles holding you back

Some of the areas that can be covered include:
- feeling lost or stuck in a rut
- feeling unfulfilled in a relationship or career
- feeling like you aren't reaching your full potential
- feeling burnt out
- feelings of self-doubt, unworthiness and fear