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Beckenham, Greater London, United Kingdom


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


I am a professionally qualified and experienced Executive Coach and I love my work.

Since 2003, I've helped over 6150 people to build greater clarity of purpose, confidence, motivation, relationships, creativity, focus, influencing and persuasion skills, problem-solving, collaboration, engagement, discipline, mindset, selling and negotiation skills, leadership skills, delegation, feedback and coaching skills, resilience, commitment and organisational/business/career/life success.

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12 February 2020

Negotiation Training

very helpful , passed onto our HR unit to consider as a trainer

Hilary Gee - Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Reply from Hilary Gee - Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Thanks John. Best wishes, Hilary Hilarygee@me.com/07966444383

6 December 2019

Here are some reviews from clients that are already available on my website and LinkedIn profiles:
- https://hilarygee.webs. com/client-testimonials-feedback
- www.linkedin.com/in/hilarygee

“Hilary is an extremely effective coach. He uses his great skill and experience to achieve real change and deep understanding. I can't recommend him highly enough.”
Penny Scott-Bayfield - Finance Director at Condé Nast Britain - December 10, 2012, Penny was a client of Hilary’s

“I've worked with Hilary on many occasions and had no hesitation in choosing him as the provider I needed this time too. I knew Hilary could deliver high quality, credible and, crucially, relevant training to my emerging and current leaders. He comes with a gravitas, confidence & sound experience strangely lacking in many management trainers and his knowledge is bar none. He also always surprises me, this time by showing he could train our German colleagues too - in German!! He manages to gain the trust and confidence of even the most sceptical trainee and I've never had a delegate come out of a session with him thinking it was a waste of their precious time. My managers have responded well to this training and acted, almost immediately, in a more confident and expert fashion. It's the course that keeps giving results!
Personally, I find Hilary a great support, he's happy to bat ideas around that I'm having and always takes time out to talk something through, even if he isn't immediately going to benefit himself.
My only hesitation in recommending him is that he will become even more popular than he already is and I'll never find any available dates with him!”
Lucy Davidson (n. Sexton)- HR Director- November 22, 2012, Lucy was a client of Hilary’s

“Reflecting over the weekend has confirmed in my mind what a valuable series of sessions you ran with us, and I note, again, the skill, grace and humour with which you managed, promoted and developed the group dynamic so effectively. Real value added! Thank you.”BK - Senior Leader - Public Sector
“I feel like a completely different person. I trust my professional judgement and proactively approached senior colleagues across the organisation to instigate opportunities and manage issues. I am much more comfortable tackling potentially difficult issues by planning what I’m going to say beforehand and making sure that I have solutions available. I am much more visible around the organisation, making the effort to leave my desk and speak to people face to face has also helped to improve relationships with colleagues and their confidence in me and my team. Overall, I believe that I am a better leader as a result of our work together.” Senior Public Relations Manager - Satisfied Coachee - a “better leader now!”

“Great experience - coach was flexible to focus on areas of highest importance as I was progressing...for example prepared me for some critical conversations with associates in my team.” Senior Finance Manager, Coachee

“Hilary’s help and advice throughout 2017 was invaluable to me. His style required me to be more proactive which, in itself, gave me a push to focus on my values and ambitions. I continue to work on his advice, read his book recommendations, and have now taken up mindfulness. I can’t thank him enough.”
David Satti, CFA ♤Economic Regulator ♧Value Investor ♡ Coach ♢ February 28, 2018, David was a client of Hilary’s

“Hilary worked as part of a team delivering a complex Management Development Programme for the Government’s Export Credit Agency. Hillary developed and delivered the most challenging aspect of this programme namely a series of Strategic Management workshops to a large group of senior staff. The success of the programme was down to the integrated nature of the modules, Hilary's module was well designed, integrated and well delivered to a challenging audience. His energy and enthusiasm was boundless and I would strongly recommend Hilary in the training setting. A high quality Consultant.”
Graeme Brookes - Director at ABC Human Resource Consultancy Ltd - February 21, 2013, Graeme was a client of Hilary’s

“After 6 months of coaching with Hilary: I believe that I am now seen as a key member of the Assistant Director team. My profile across the organisation has increased and I now often participate in cross directorate initiatives. Having a critical friend enables me to examine different perspectives to my own - this in turn will ensure my personal and
professional growth.” Assistant Director - Education & Quality

“Extremely valuable calls with tangible advice.” Senior Finance Manager, “A Very Satisfied Coachee”

“Hilary is simply the best coach I have met. He delivers a number of fantastic training programmes at Capital One, the one I went on was The Corner-stone of Coaching. He really stops to understand people and that is a rare quality. He is fantastic with people and I feel lucky to have met him and worked with him. Which I continue to do.”Tom Hemmings - Behaviour change trainer, coach and project manager - February 7, 2013, Tom worked with Hilary but at different companies

“Working with Hilary was a delight. He quickly grasped what we needed from him in helping us turn our team into a ‘World Class Operation’ and was skilful in guiding us and keeping us on track having already helped us to identify the key milestones and work need to achieve our ambitions. He has great insight to people’s personality traits and their motivational drivers and brought out the best from all involved.” Jerry Flaxman - Principal at FTL LLC - November 26, 2012, jerry was a client of Hilary’s

“Hilary is one of the best management trainers around, his personable nature coupled with his vast experience and knowledge makes him a great asset for any company/individual. He has a great way of coaxing potential out of people! Would I hire him again...OH YES!!” Steve Brunskill - Service Manager – a client of Hilary’s

“I attended a management training course whilst I was at FT Business run by Hilary. The course was first class including lots of "take-aways" and provoking real in-depth thinking about our careers as managers and how to get the best out of our direct reports. Hilary's energy and enthusiasm made the course not only enjoyable but incredibly effective.” Tim Baker - Sales Director at Asset TV - April 15, 2010

“I have worked with Hilary on developing our Management Development Programme for a number of years. We review the programme each time we run it and develop it in line with delegate and organisational needs. Hilary is a very knowledgeable and an engaging trainer - working with him is always informative and productive.”
Caroline Dyment - Learning and Development Manager and Coach - March 18, 2010, Caroline was a client of Hilary’s

“Hilary is an extremely engaging and effective trainer and facilitator, with a knack for getting you to really think about more effective ways of working. He has a great way of helping you arrive at conclusions about your work and your approach to it. I found Hilary to be an extremely good trainer when I was running a team of people and commend him to anyone looking for management training.” Matthew Craig - Pensions and investments journalist - March 24, 2010, Matthew was a client of Hilary’s

“As a manager, Hilary always made me feel as if I was working with him rather than for him, albeit that his expectations of me were very clear and I was fully aware of my accountabilities. Hilary fostered an inclusive, supportive and collaborative culture. He encouraged my development through providing me with opportunities and through offering advice and guidance when appropriate. As I have gone on to manage individuals and teams myself I can, looking back, recognise Hilary's early influence particularly in the way I interact with those I have responsibility for. I would not hesitate to work with Hilary again should the opportunity present itself.” Simon Cain – Director of HR - March 12, 2010, Simon reported directly to Hilary

“Hilary is a valued senior member of the Icendris consulting team. His experience coupled with his dynamic approach provide a powerful combination when it comes to developing managers and professionals. He has a great energy, driven by a passion to help people achieve excellence.” Alison Watts - Learning & Development Expert - March 11, 2010, Hilary worked with Alison in the same group

“I have worked with Hilary many times and he was always a pleasure to work with. Producing great results and often going above and beyond. He also managed to teach me many things along the way.” Dave Roycroft - Director at ?What If! Innovation - November 26, 2009, Dave was a client of Hilary’s

“Hilary is part of a large team of self-employed Executive Coaches that work for Executive Education at London Business School on a flexible basis. In this capacity I always find him very professional, with a positive attitude and a supportive manner. The feedback he gets demonstrates that the people he works with value his advice and input to the coaching process.” Lorraine Vaun-Davis - Leadership Development Specialist - October 28, 2009, Lorraine was a client of Hilary’s

“I have found the coaching skills training that Hilary delivered absolutely invaluable in my work. With an engaging style, encouraging participation from a group with a range of previous experience, I found his subject knowledge to be first class and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.” Anthony Wilkey - Customer Success - AVADO - June 8, 2009, Anthony was a client of Hilary’s

“Hilary is an extremely creative and competent trainer. He is able to make business concepts of coaching and mentoring accessible to an audience of volunteers. Hilary works closely with you as a client to ensure the resulting workshop and resources are in tune with corporate style and client group.” Laura Shalev Greene - Head of Volunteering at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - May 8, 2009, Laura was a client of Hilary’s

“Hilary showed himself to be a bright and articulate manager, who would to inspire and lead through example, persuasion and argument. He was able to digest complex data and scenarios and develop appropriate responses swiftly. His understanding of the operating and legal environment enabled him to ensure he deployed appropriate responses to changes in dynamic environments swiftly and expertly. He was well respected by his colleagues and always treated those around him with respect. He was a great asset that we sorely missed when he moved on.”
Yabu Lurie - Head of Business Systems at The Rug Company - February 14, 2008, Hilary was senior to Yabu but didn’t manage directly

“Hilary is a committed professional who's strength lies in developing people to ensure they fulfil their potential.”
Steve Dungworth - Director of Digital Transformation at Accent Group - December 10, 2007, Steve was senior to Hilary but didn’t manage directly

“I have taken part in Training for Trainers conducted by Hillary (and his colleague Robin Fenner) in May 2007. I have large experience in different training, but this was the best I've ever visited! Hilary is very open-minded, creative person whom all participants trust absolutely. He knows a lot and constantly ready to share all his knowledges and experience with participants of the training. The results of the provided training was great! Thanks to trainers!”
Irina Khlopunova - HR-consultant in freelance consulting - June 13, 2007, Irina was a client of Hilary’s


Helping others build confidence, skills, plans and success - whilst smiling more and enjoying life and relationships at work and outside more.

I had been in the corporate leadership world for a while and had experienced good and bad leaders and teams and I knew I could help people to become better at collaboration, teamwork and leadership. It was also always the collaboration, relationship-building, delegation, coaching, planning, innovating, persuading and influencing that interested me and that I was good at as a leader - my work now uses all of those, which I love.

Clients should choose me because:
1. they will have an initial free meeting or call to sense what they will get and decide if I'm right for them (and vice versa - as I will recommend people go to someone else if I do not think I can help or if the fit is not right)
2. I've worked in many sectors and have helped developed teams, leaders and businesses all over the UK, Europe and the world
3. I bring many years of coaching and mentoring experience - from which I can bring a wealth of experience from the thousands of people I have coached, mentored and trained, as well as the hundreds of teams I have worked with to improve teamwork success.
4. I am a warm, friendly, insightful, analytical, practical and inspiring coach who most people feel very comfortable and confident with...oh, and learn from for greater life and work success!


In order to lead effectively, you need to:
- develop a clear vision and plan
- develop great relationships with others
- understand your own and others' motivations (different strokes for different folks)
- learn how to adapt your approach situationally to help your people enough (but not too much)
- learn how to delegate effectively and motivationally
- learn how to develop a great learning culture
- build your ability to seek and share feedback that builds confidence, relationships, motivation, learning and commitment to action
- develop your understanding of how and when to coach, direct, consult, co-pilot, facilitate, tell, sell, advise and delegate
- build your knowledge, skills and mindset in how to build and lead teams to achieve high performance
I can help you with the above...as I have done already with over 6145 people.
Do call or email to book a free initial 15-30 minute consultation to see how I could help you learn, develop and achieve your aims and greater success as a leader.
07966-444-383 / hilarygee@me.com

As with the leadership coaching description above, I will work with a group of leaders who need to develop to lead more effectively.
Group sizes from 4 to 10 work best, but larger numbers can be accommodated if needed.
Do give me a call or email to discuss this.
07966-444-383 / hilarygee@me.com

Teams are meant to be able to achieve higher performance than individuals...but that depends on how well they work together.
I will work with your team either as a one-off or even better for performance development on two or three separate sessions to develop a high performance team culture.
That means developing:
- greater understanding of personal similarities and differences in thinking, feeling, communication and action behaviours and patterns
- building better relationships between all team members
- assessing the team against the PROACTIVE high performance team model to identify strengths to leverage more and areas to work on
I have worked with hundreds of teams on these things and will happily discuss how to help you and your teams.
07966-444-383 / hilarygee@me.com