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HEXAFORM is a London and Newcastle upon Tyne based multi-disciplinary design and build company that has the experience, work ethic, communication tools, and systems in place needed to bring any scale project from a virtual blueprint to reality.

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Ceiling height is major factor in loft conversion. If you have 2.1m or more from floor finish to underside of ridge , loft conversion becomes suitable.

Stage for loft or rear conversions,
Initial consultation
Planning/Permitted development drawings including costing
Building Regulation drawing including structural engineer's input
Pre-Construction and Construction stage

Worked with a design and build company for 5+ years before starting our own company last year.

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

Opportunity to improve spaces that people would enjoy and the potential of transforming the very way people live, conduct and experience spaces they live in.

Love what I do and my passion is a driving factor.

Buildability and construction costs are regularly monitored from the design phase to ensure our designs are informed by the most cost-effective construction methodology, current best practices and innovations. So everything we design is built on the foundation of feasibility, practicality and a realistic cost awareness.

We streamline our systems and procedures with our clients and supply chain to provide a seamless, fully integrated, and professional approach to projects.

Yes. Please call on 07366006666 or email at info@hexaform.co.uk

WE use virtual design session to define the scope of your home improvement project. With clear advice, you’ll be able to get to grips with scope of the design and costs to build it. We will provide with design and build checklist for you to fill in. This will give us a clear picture and would reflect exactly what you are looking for. You can explore this with your family.
If you are able to send us any information, idea, or videos of your home etc, we can interact over one of any free video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Facetime) , while utilizing screen sharing so you can easily participate as we sketch out ideas and discuss them.
Or if you are not comfortable with too much technology, a lot can be achieved simply over the phone and emails.


Our architectural team creates unique living spaces, exquisitely designed & carefully planned to maximize contemporary living requirements. We personalize each individual scheme to match your style and budget while emphasizing your own personality, taste and design flair. Our design is conceived in response to environment and landscape since we believe our surroundings directly influence the quality of our lives . We seek to explore the complex possibilities within the relationship between architecture and the landscape, and through creative thinking, try to increase the quality of light and space. Our designers are trained to think about design solutions that people may overlook.

Our design and build solutions provide complete integration of design, project management, and on-site execution. When choosing our contracting services, our clients receive the distinct benefits of a single point of accountability through the course of the project – from concept development to hand over. While taking responsibility for both designing and building processes, we don’t have the luxury of designing a product and leaving it up to the contractor to figure out how to cost and build it. We are the contractor. So, everything we design is built on the foundations of feasibility, practical and a realistic cost awareness.

With the changing lifestyles, every individual wishes for a space that matches their taste and personality. We are moving towards modern cultures and thus, there is a growing need of maintaining a certain lifestyle complemented by progressive design elements in the spaces we live.

We believe interior designs reflect the values and culture followed by an individual. The colors, designs, patterns, and almost every element of an interior's design gives a sneak peak of a person’s personality. We take pride in delivering unique and timeless residential interior designs whether you want a traditional decor or a modern masterpiece with uncompromising attention to detail, careful study and research, combined with technical knowledge and artistic judgment. Our aim is to create residential interiors that don’t just look good aesthetically, but which function brilliantly on a day to day living.

Our interior designers, joinery team, furnishing and procurement specialists, create personal tailored schemes that breathe life, colour and soul into interiors where each of the elements tells a unique story. ​