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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


We build brands from the bottom up so you can attract new and retain existing customers. We are an international agency offering:
✔ Graphic design
✔ Logo design
✔ Business Cards
✔ Rebranding
✔ Marketing Collateral
✔ Brochure design

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20 April 2020

It is always a pleasure working with HOH, especially in our environment where everything can change on a minutes notice, the one certainty is that HOH team will be on top of their deliverables


Oh hello there, let us begin.....
We seek out the opportunity further with our expert clients
Collectively, we address the current issues and areas for realignment
By adjusting and shifting your business, we create room for growth together
We develop a brand identity and concepts based on research
We execute the visuals ie, logo, business cards, stationary
We provide brand guidelines, which includes the color wheel, aesthetic look and feel imagery, vision and mission statement, plus brand identity
The next phase is execution, we find the best platforms to take your brand to market
We carefully monitor and readjust based on digital reports
To date, hundreds of clients' have trusted our approach

First and foremost applauding our prospective clients
The existing idea
Why do they want to start or rebrand
Any inspiration they like and have seen
Are there any competitors
What does this brand mean to them

The feedback we receive from our clients is wonderful
We love the process of design and art and bringing this to life by creating branding which is reflective of the customers we collaborate with.
We love that we work internationally with varied projects and clientele

As the founder, I had a desire to create and invent from a very young age. It started with the bagless vacuum, unfortunately, that idea didn't quite make it for me. I continued to create curated dresses for an estranged doll which I adopted at home, shortly after my mother realized holes in yards of fabric, I discontinued immediately. My inspiration comes from within me and the need to create, design and curate. Our agency follows the same philosophy. The idea of inspiring and surprising never left me and in 2017 I opened my agency in Dubai. It was the best decision I ever made.

Customers should always select the agency and partner they resonate with most. We are not for everyone and this is ok, we believe that our brand consultancy has helped hundreds of clients because our vision and partnerships are collaborative.

If you are liking our aesthetic, here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

✔ We provide a turnkey service. We will ask the right questions allowing you to focus on what you do best.

✔ Professional communication from the start. We will define exactly what our deliverables are, so there is transparency from the very beginning

✔ Appreciate punctuality? us too! expect it from us always

Consultancy is always two-fold, it demands respect, understanding, solving problems and building long-term value (okay, four-fold). See you on the other side.