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Gwyn Evans Building Consultants

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Get a free quote from this professional


Family business that's prides itself in always doing the best for its clients. We offer a quick and reliable service across a wide geographical area and an extensive knowledge of the planning and building industry to help you from the start of your project all the way through to completion.

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It's a job where nearly every project you deal with is unique. Each person will have their own ideas on how they want their development to look and this can be a very interesting part of the job. You also get the opportunity to help and advise people in what can be a major part of their lives.

My Father began this business when he was made redundant around 40 years ago. He is in his eighties now and is still contacted to do works. He is very well respected in the area and has helped countless clients over the years. Many local contractors still come to him for advice and help. I want to carry on his work and offer the same standard of help and advice to my clients that he has managed to do for all these years.

My aim is to help and advise my clients to the best of my ability to get the most out of their development and if this means advising their ideas may not be the best approach then that is the advice I will offer. I can provide a wide range of services from the initial advice stage, planning style drawings and application for planning approval, drawings and specifications for building regulations approval, building over sewer agreement applications and liasing with structural engineers and designers.

Due to the nature of the business nearly all services offered will need an in person meeting at the property in question. However if you would like a discussion of the project first then this can be done by telephone, webchat or email.

When possible I carry out my visits externally only and only enter into the property when absolutely necessary. I try and carry out any discussions remotely or at as safe a distance as possible to keep my clients safe


We can guide you through the planning process in order to obtain planning permission for your proposed development

We can provide you with information and plans to get you building regulations approval

If you already have plans but you or your contractor require a building specification then we can provide these, together with additional drawings if required

As part of the building process you may be required to enter into a building over sewer agreement. We can handle these applications to the public sewer authority

We can provide plans to your requirements. They can be sufficient for planning approval, building regulations approval or simply to give to your contractor to be able to accurately price your project