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We are a family run business, and together with our team we boast a highly skilled workforce.

We can create that new space you've been looking for, be it inside or outside, taking on your landscaping, building and plumbing needs.

We take pride in our work and will always deliver the highest standard finish.

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Contact local authorities /
Apply for planning

Garage should have suitable foundation and be structuraly intact.

Should not contain asbestos

Communication with local authorities
Assuming garage is sound
Create any drainage channels/ required
Install service/waste pipes
Test electrics
Waterproof wall
Lay damp membrane and raise internal floor
Install stud walls with insulation
On outside perimeter
Services/electric wires
Board walls
Insulate ceiling

Is there enough space
2.2m mimimum floor to ridge
Height of the roof
Is there enough space to install staircase

Assuming everything is in order we will clear the loft, then create any velux openings.

We will survey the electric system for functionality and adjust/install as necessary

Support ceiling from below then insulate ceiling lay floor and install stairs

Next is ceiling insulation, boarding, skimming etc

I started my business just over two years ago, having worked on site as a bricklayer for around 10 years.

I offer a one year installation gurantee on services installed

Being a working director it can be a hard life but i do love building things and transforming spaces.

Working as a bricklayer on site inspired me to start the business.

Some of the projects were very demanding one job in particular consisted of three high rise blocks consisting of only dense concrete blocks 100mm and 140mm

For three years my body was abused and my hands started resenting me ? i thought, i cant keep doing this!

And thats when i decided to take all my knowlege and take on different projects so im not doing the same work all the time.

And after these two years i will never look back.

I take pride in the work that comes out of the company and myself.

I am commited to site safety and ensure my team and i work safely

We do not walk away for any project unless everyone is smiling ?


We offer high quality installation on slabs, paving blocks and artificial grass.

We offer high quality building services including new builds, extensions, drainage, steel installation and foundations.

We offer high quality plumbing installations, bathrooms kitchens