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I’ve driven successful technical based sales for more than 25 years. Now, it’s my job to transform your sales with the skills, tools, strategies and successes you need and deserve. What’s more, I’ll do that with good humour and passionate commitment – and as an invaluable member of your team.



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I love working with individuals and companies who may not be experts in sales and marketing, I feel a great sense of satisfaction in helping companies develop strategies and processes to generate better leads and improve the lead conversion rates. With a direct result of increased turnover and profitability.

I believe that with the right skills, tools and confidence, sales can be fun, exciting and very rewarding. I started the company 6 years ago to support and help companies and individuals to improve and grow.

I am a driven and passionate sales professional with more than 25 years’ success and and experience in the field, as a Sales Manager and a Sales Director. I have an outstanding track record and my hands-on, interactive and practical approach strengthens skills, confidence and results. I’ve helped companies improve sales by developing their sales strategies, sales processes and account management structure and through tailored sales team coaching, mentoring and training.