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I offer a professional, confidential service that supports people with change and self-discovery. With experience in working with anger, anxiety, depression, PTSD and various other issues that can get in the way of living well, I can help you resolve these.


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15 October 2020

I am really glad I found Catherine, she has really helped me through a difficult time.

6 October 2020

Excellent 'bedside manner' - very knowledgeable & also very well qualified. She's made a difference already even though I'm 4 sessions in

6 October 2020

Catherine is very welcoming, and I found it very easy to speak to her. She goes about her counselling in a very conscientious way. Highly recommended!

Thank you

20 September 2020

Catherine is so welcoming and friendly and made me feel so comfortable when I had my first session. I am still seeing Catherine and I look forward to my sessions with her!

12 September 2020

I had sessions with Catherine for around 10 months and it was an absolute pleasure. When I started I felt consumed with anxiety to the point where it was taking over my life somewhat. But over time with Catherine's help I became much more in control of this. I came away
from the sessions feeling so much more at ease with everything. Thank you Catherine.

7 September 2020

4th session in and so glad I reached out!

21 August 2020

My wife and I have learned so much about ourselves and each other through couples therapy with Catherine. It has been an invaluable experience which has helped a great deal. Therapy isn't a magic wand, and it takes both of you to want to the sake thing for it to be successful. No one wants to be at a point where they are considering it, but if you are I cannot speak highly enough of Catherine. The sessions were reassuring, supportive, insightful, constructive and meaningful. We definitely wouldnt be where we are now without them. More...

11 August 2020

Having been struggling for quite some time with various issues, I finally took the step to seek therapy and found Catherine. I was a little sceptical at first but I am so glad that I took that step and I can't recommend Catherine highly enough. I am in a much better place now thanks to our sessions. If I feel like I need more help/support in future then I wont hesitate to contact Catherine again. More...

28 July 2020

I was apprehensive at first about seeking help but after my initial phone conversation with Catherine I felt more at ease about it. After my first session I felt like a weight had been lifted. Catherine made me feel so comfortable and at ease and has honestly helped me become a better person. She listened to my problems and then talked them through with me to better understand how to deal with them. I’m so happy I made the decision to get help and am glad it was with Catherine. More...

14 July 2020

Catherine is an excellent therapist. Easy to talk to, professional, empathetic, knowledgeable and caring.

She is happy to go that extra mile and has supported me beyond expectation. I would highly recommend Catherine's services and wish her well for the future. More...

8 July 2020

Catherine is a wonderful therapist. She is very kind, understanding and patient and has been a huge help. I highly recommend her to anyone struggling and in need of help.

6 July 2020

I immediately felt very comfortable talking about myself. I openly shared and recieved a great amount of support and understanding, yet a constructively objective point of view. Throughout the time with Catherine I managed to open up more to questions I've had about myself and she helped me figure out ways to feel more confident about solving them. She also provided me with scientific explanations to some behaviour patterns that really helped in understanding how to change the things I do not like about my behavior.
Definatley someone I could trust and go to for advice, and also someone who'd sincerely listen to me.

5 June 2020

My wife and I are very grateful for the way in which Catherine has helped us with our problems. She has most certainly given us a lot of excellent therapy ,and we know that that the continuance of these sessions will most certainly help us us achieve exactly what we have set out to do. Thank you so much Catherine, we look forward to our next session More...

22 May 2020

Catherine has been brilliant for me. Totally comfortable from the first second. Would 100% recommend her

21 May 2020

came to Catherine absolutely broken following a marriage break down, also wanting to work in some other person things. She made me so comfortable from the minute I got there. She's got a way of making you see the rational side of things even when its hard to see. She was a massive part of my mental recovery and ill always be grateful for that. Can't recommend her enough. Thank you Catherine More...

30 April 2020

I can’t give Catherine enough praise. The work she has done with me and how she has helped me develop as a person is incredible. I was initially terrified to go to counselling but from the minute I arrived, Catherine made me feel comfortable, relaxed and most importantly heard. I can’t begin to describe how much my life and relationships have improved since my sessions, Catherine is simply fantastic in every way and I doubt there’s a better counsellor anywhere close. Thank you for everything. More...

23 April 2020

Amazing therapist , easy to talk to , very comfortable around her , I talk about things I never have before , will be seeing her again after lockdown

23 April 2020

As soon as i met Catherine i felt at ease, She helped me get my mental health back on track and actually starting to see the good in situations and not just the bad, I never thought that i would feel happy in my own skin/ life and after a few months i started to feel more confident and my outlook on life massively changed. My life is so much different to how it was the main thing is i actually feel happy with who i am as a person. More...

2 April 2020

Catherine gave me some really great techniques to help me overcome some anxiety I had. My mental health improved greatly from my sessions with her.

Thank you very much for this review.

17 February 2020

Felt completely at home and safe with Catherine from the first minute there. Highly recommend to anyone

4 February 2020

My husband and I recently had some couples therapy sessions with Catherine. It wasn't that we were at the point of wanting to get a divorce; more that we felt that we wanted a bit of support before things got out of hand. We were arguing a lot and getting really frustrated. There was also a lot of pain following our ectopic pregnancy and whilst we had received support separately, we felt that it would help us to look for some more help together.

Catherine helped us to feel relaxed in the sessions and we didn't feel judged. We've had a lot going on and having the space to just take some time to reflect and speak to each other about how things have affected us has made a massive difference.

Catherine also provided us with some really good strategies that we then talked about a lot after each session too. This approach was quite different from the therapy we'd tried before (talking) and we found it really useful.

I wish I could say that she waved a magic wand over our relationship and that we never ever row! Sadly, I can't - but what I can say is that we have been using some of the strategies and taking more time to respond to each other a bit more sensitively as well as talking about why we might have argued. I feel like we would be better placed to face challenges as they come up in the future and knowing that we can get some help from Catherine again if we do need it is a big reassurance.

So if you are reading this and are considering getting some support, I can honestly say that I would totally recommend getting in touch with Catherine - we're really grateful for her help.

30 January 2020

My partner and I were having some relationship issues we walked into our first session unsure on what to expect, but we were put at ease straight away. We both haven't looked back since. Catherine is really genuine, very knowledgeable and she listens without judgement! Highly recommend Catherine! More...

26 November 2019

When I first started meeting with Cath, I was suffering quite bad with anxiety, had no clue how to control my anger and at times would get quite down. Whilst working with Cath we managed to come up with tactics on how to ease my anxiety and anger, we found ways that works for me and I still find them easy to use now by myself. When working with Cath she made me feel at ease, she was easy to speak about my issues and I never felt judged. Would highly recommend, feel like she has helped equip me for if I ever do feel myself sliding back in to old ways. More...

22 November 2019

Catherine has helped me enormously with issues of depression and anxiety. I was at a low point in my life when I started having counselling with her. She listened without judgement and helped me get to a place of renewed confidence and self esteem. I would highly recommend her. More...

6 October 2019

Walked into my first session very unsure on what to expect (first time ever using therapy), was put at ease straight away and i havent looked back since, genuinely one of the nicest people i have ever met in my life! ! If you are even contemplating trying therapy, i would reccomend Catherine over anyone else. More...

26 July 2019

Well worth going - really good advice. We were put to ease as soon as we arrived.

17 June 2019

Really good I would definitely recommend Catherine.

10 June 2019

'Catherine put me at ease straightaway and was really engaging throughout. She is very knowledgable and really helped me during a difficult time. Each session helped me to understand my thought processes and ultimately lead to me being able to manage my negative thoughts. I would highly recommend them’. 


30 May 2019

Catherine is really easy to talk to, she is understanding, and really structured in her approach.
After seeing Catherine my confidence has grown but most of all I am happy every day.

Thank you. It was a pleasure working with you

5 March 2018

Catherine was the perfect support when I needed it most.

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I enjoy supporting people to be the best they can be. It is a pleasure to be a light in times of darkness and difficulty.

I am a very independent individual and wanted the flexibility of running my own therapeutic practice.

People should choose the person they feel they can connect with. The therapeutic journey can be tough, the therapist and the client will embark upon the journey together.