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Havant, Hampshire

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My company offers a wide range of trades i've been in the trade for many years working with different trades men everyday in the pub game refurbishing pub & restaurants and building accommodation blocks start to finish . I have a 5 Star reviews on a facebook page as I’m new to bark.com look up Ajay’s Carpentry & Construction .


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It has foundations suitable to carry the new conversion .

The sub base has to be insulated and damp Proof membrane take 500mm up the wall . All wall has to be insulated plus roof or ceiling quarters .

The size of the joist and rafters to the loft the timbers has got to be able to take the extra weight which is going to comes with the conversion.

See if the timbers are suitable
Cut the ceiling out to take stairway access to loft space
Run a binder the length of the loft under the purlin cut 4x2 timbers from binder to purlin to support the roof before cutting strut out timber should put in place from rafter to rafter at a high of 2.440 all electric need to be run now the floor can be insulated and boarded the rafters need to be insulated along with the stud wall from binder to purlin .

7 years in total but been in the trade since the age of 18 i've always loved the trade something i will always stick to .

My work comes with a guarantee don't leave the job till customer is happy with it .

Satisfaction making builds looking lovely and being proud of it .

Just want to better myself to give my family the best life i can give them so my own business is the only way forward i think so only time will tell

I will help the client to the best of my ability .