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At Abacus 59 Accountants our aim is to help business owners and directors grow their business, maximise their profits and minimise their tax bills while making sure they are complying with all tax regulations. Unlike many other accountants, we don't just do the books.

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21 September 2018

Abacus 59 Accountants are really different from any other accountants I have had. They are friendly, personable, and have given our business lots of useful advice regarding moving forward and dealing with challenges. In particular, when we had the difficult process of downsizing after a hard financial year, Bode kept our spirits up and gave a positive spin on everything. He is down to earth, professional, and enthusiastic. I would not hesitate to recommend this firm. More...

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9 August 2018

Abacus 59 's MD - Bode Olaniyan was contacted to assist with rental income and tax returns, from the first point of contact, Mr Olaniyan not only provided clear and unambiguous advice, but paid attention to detail and ensured no stone was left unturned.

He facilitated and ensured returns were reported and submitted promptly.

He demonstrates depth in his field as well as uncommon impeccable client service. He is a thorough professional.

"Thank you Mr Olaniyan and keep it up!"

23 July 2018

I have known Bode for quite a long time now and very impressed with the attention to detail and prompt and effective implementation of agreed solutions when I commission any work with him. This has in no small measure given me the re-assurance that he always gets the 'job done'. Bode thank you. More...

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19 May 2018

FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANCY SERVICEReport reviewI have been with abacus 59 accountants for a number of years now. All through the years, they have always provided a friendly and professional service. More...

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19 May 2018

They Are Full of Intergrity
Sounds too good to be true, but if you are looking for an accountant that you can rely on and goes the extra mile, talk to abacus 59 accountants. It is very important to have an accountant you can trust, and not only are they trustworthy, they are reliable, very helpful and possess impressive communication skills. They are also interested in helping you grow your business, income and portfolio. I have used them for years and cannot find a single bad word to say about them. Their service, speed of responding to queries and professionalism is second to none. And for all this, they are refreshingly affordable. I am a very satisfied recipient of their services. I give them 5 stars as I highly recommend them More...

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19 May 2018

Bode Olaniyan and the team at abacus 59 accountants provide us with GREAT services.They handle our accountancy and tax work and they take the time to keep us informed on all the issues that affect our business and they answer all our questions in plain English. They are great at presenting us with all the different options and helping us decide what is best for our business.We always feel that they care about us and our business.I am happy to recommend abacus 59 accountants to anyone looking for a new accountancy firm. More...

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19 May 2016

Excellent and affordable accountancy services.

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19 May 2016

I have used the services of Abacus 59 since the inception of my company, in 2010. The distinction is that they provide efficient tax management services and strategic growth reviews that help business planning. Highly recommend. MD, Business Exports Consult Ltd More...

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19 May 2016

My experience with Abacus 59 over the past three years has been nothing but delightsome - helpful and professional. After moving to the UK, I tried to navigate the difficult business and commercial web in the UK in order to understand all the legal and statutory requirements that my business needed to fulfil. This would have been a real uphill task but for the assistance of Abacus 59 MD/CEO, who spent hours on the phone with me to guide and advise.This is the edge with Abacus 59 Accountants - they go the extra mile to give you value-add that you would have to pay for elsewhere, and they do it with pleasure. Most of all they are professional to the core with sound business, accounting and tax planning advise. More...

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5 May 2016

I have found Abacus 95 to be very reliable and dependable. In addition to the accounting jobs, I have now in the last couple of years rely on them to provide accounting advice that I have found very valuable e. g the recent financial publications from the company summarises the key facts that has helped in shaping our financial strategies and decisions. More...

5 May 2016

I have been using Abacus 59 over the last 10 years and I have had no course to complain. Prompt efficient services provided and very proactive. In fact, through their professional services they have saved my a fortune. I recommend them highly. More...

13 February 2012

Abacus 59 Ltd is a highly professional service and great value for money. Clients are treated with respect and are generally cared about. It is wonderful to have such a professional service with a bit of warmth and human understanding. I have no hesitation in recommending this service highly. More...

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7 February 2012

Since I appointed abacus to take care of my business accounting and tax affairs I have found them to be proactive, highly knowledgeable and experienced in a wide range of areas. I now have more time to focus on growing my businesses and taking care of my customers. To be honest, I wish I had met them earlier<br /> More...

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23 January 2012

I believe the quality of people in any organisation make the calibre of excellence. Mr Bode Olaniyan has been my Abacus 59 Ltd accountant. I find him very professional and knowledgeable about taxing issues. I wish I had met Abacus earlier than now and my previous tax issues would have been no problem.<br />Victor Morris More...

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22 January 2012

When I started my business my tax and accounting affairs were all over the place.A friend of mine reffered me to Abacus Accountants and they quickly put all my tax and accounting affairs in order and they saved me a large amount of tax.

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9 August 2010

I employed the services of Abacus 59 to register a company for me.<br />I happy with the result and the ease of engagement with the consultant. <br />I get ready update on products and services as well<br />Thanls More...

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We are a full service tax and accounting firm. This means we have the skills and resources to provide all the usual company accounts, corporation Tax returns, personal tax returns, Vat returns, CIS returns , book keeping and payroll services. However what differentiates us from most other accountants is the way we focus on helping clients in three ways:
We help you stay compliant with all the tax and accounting rules so you dont pay any penalties or fines.
We help you minimise tour tax bills so you don't pay any more than you need to.
We help you improve your sales and your profits by providing useful tools and resources

If you’re starting a new business and want to hit the ground running, or have an existing one and are looking for a fresh and very successful approach to accountancy....you should talk to us.

A great accountant is one that isn't just happy to do your books and accounts once a year. A great accountant helps you by enabling you to run your business in the knowledge that all the complex tax , accounting and compliance issues are in good hands. I great accountant helps you look forward and make the right business decisions so you make more profit and keep most of it for you and your family.

What I love most about my job is the opportunity it gives me to help so many people achieve their financial goals. I gain the most pleasure when I see the results of our agreed plans and actions starting to deliver the desired benefits for my clients. Most of all I enjoy hearing my clients brag about what a great accountant they have.

I had spent over 20 years working for large companies in three different continents. During this time I helped the companies grow their sales and profits and minimise their tax bills. My inspiration to start my business was when I realised how so many smaller companies (SME's) and their directors did not have access to the tax planning and business growth skills and resources that larger companies routinely deploy. I am glad to say that I now help many SME's make the right business growth and tax planning decisions that have a positive impact on their business and personal lives.

It’s quite simple really. We are SME accounting , tax & business Expert and we use our skills, experience and values to create a relationship whereby the client sees us as a valuable asset that helps them grow their business, make more profits and save tax’.

When you become our client:
We will take the time to understand your specific needs and craft a solution that meets those needs.
We provide fixed fee quotations so that there are no nasty surprises
We will provide a Free bench-marking report to show you how your business is doing in your industry.
We will give you free access to our business growth system which normally costs £500.0 per month
If in the unlikely event we miss any deadline due to our own fault, we will pay the penalty and donate £50 to charity

So… if you’re looking for an accountant who does things differently…
…puts you at the centre of their business…
…and really cares about building a long-term relationship, then we know you’re going to love taking 60 minutes out of your day to meet with us.
Because even our FREE no-obligation meetings are full of surprises.


We know you’re busy and have better things to do so we actively handle every stage to minimise the hassle for you. We manage the deadlines throughout the year so you don’t have to.

These services include:
Personal Tax Returns
Income Statements
Business Accounts
Company Accounts
Company Tax Returns
Companies House Returns
Statutory Audits

There is a popular saying that “time is money”. If your time is valuable and you agree that time is money….then all you have to do is ask us about our time saving services. some of the time saving services are listed below.

RTI Payroll
VAT Returns
Bookkeeping Services
Expenses management
Credit control
References and certificates

Our value added services are focussed on making sure you earn more money and keep more of that money for you, your family and your lifestyle… whatever the size of your business or wallet.
They are designed to suit every client, in every circumstance.
We currently provide the following Value-Added services…
Business Performance Review
Decision Support
Business Funding Review
Wealth Protection
Future Value enhancement