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U Got This, Mental Health & Wellbeing clinic

Blackburn/Preston/Lancashire/ Skype, Lancashire

3 hires on Bark.com
U Got This, Mental Health & Wellbeing  clinic  logo

U Got This, Mental Health & Wellbeing clinic

Blackburn/Preston/Lancashire/ Skype, Lancashire

3 hires on Bark.com


Want to GET BETTER and not just MANAGE your mental health? Tried GP led talk therapies and still need more? Fast, effective results for unresolved anxiety, depression, fear, trauma, negative thought patterns & behaviours, chronic stress... and more.


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16 May 2019

Been to see Taz 3 times now was a little undecided after first visit but she has in a short time helped me with my issues and changed my outlook on life to the point where others have noticed a change . And its got to where i look forwad to the session . Thanks Taz .................... ..Andy More...


Mel Joseph

3 April 2019

I had 2 sessions with Taz after I was asked to do a keynote speech to a very large group of professionals and was really nervous and considering cancelling. Having suffered from anxiety for many years I was a bit sceptical but having got to know Taz professionally I decided I had nothing to lose.
The sessions were about 5 hours in total and she also gave me exercises to do at home. I have always been interested in alternative treatments but had never experienced EFT and have to admit I am amazed at the difference. Not only was I able to present but I found it made me more confident and more assertive than previously. I honestly can not recommend Taz enough. As I work in mental health solution services and had referred clients to her I am glad I did it too. In fact, the only regret is not doing it sooner! Lovely lady puts you at ease and treats the cause not the symptom. Totally worth reaching out to her.



6 December 2018

I went for a therapy coz I had a high anxiety and some unresolved childhood traumas!after sessions with Taz I feel so much better and acctually believe and value myself more:)Taz methods are very profound and helped me to dig deeper in my subconscious mind so I can access deep seated issues and deal with them! Everything is in us but Taz reminded me about how to feel good again.Thanks so much.So I recommend if you suffer from unpleasant feelings or stuck emotions why wait???you will definitely only gain :) More...



29 November 2018

Taz is amazing. Her approach really gets to the heart of your problems. After just 4 sessions I have learned so much about myself and come to terms with lots of deep seated beliefs which were holding me back. I can't rate Taz highly enough.



11 October 2018

I have struggled with anxiety, stress and worry for as long as I can remember. After 3 sessions learning how to breathe and 'tap' with Taz I am now able to think more clearly. I am calmer and more relaxed and hope that my anxieties are resolved - at least I know now where they stem from but obviously only time will tell. Taz showed me the techniques to be able to deal with my issues and my thoughts have now become more positive. I have tried other forms of therapy /counselling but feel Taz 'tailored' the techniques to my personal needs and not just follow something much more generalized. At this moment in time I am feeling much better about myself and the future - which for me is a very positive attitude. Money well spent. LC-K Blackburn More...



24 September 2018


As far back as I can remember I have suffered from mental health problems,
Firstly from being assaulted from my deranged father,
Also watching my siblings and my mum being assaulted as well,
I got placed in care aged 14 for many offences,
Whilst in care I was beaten up by members of staff,
I then went on to ,2 approved school,
Where I had to endour many assaults n persistent racial abuse,
Later on I life I became a notorious football hooligan,
Had two failed marriages, and had several children out of wedlock.
Over a decade ago I made 2 suicide attempts,
The later being one that I actually wanted to see through,
Over the last decade I have been under the Nhs mental health team, crisis team ,
And if I'm honest I feel I've been seriously let down by them,
Recently after waiting over 2 1/2 years i got assessed by a psychiatrist,
My diagnosis was Recurring Depressive Disorder ,(RDD)
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
And personality disorder problems.

Knowing that to get any sort of help would almost years ,
Going by how the Nhs has dealt with my issues,
I did some research and came across Bark.com,
I registered with them and within hours ,
I received a email from Taz,
I completely ignored it as my mental state wasn't good,
Several days later I received an unexpected phone call from her,
She talked me through what she did and offered to help me,
Within seconds of speaking to Taz ,
I genuinely felt a connection, and I knew instantly that I would book
a course with her (3 sessions)
Days later I had my first session,
Which actually changed my way of thinking her technique of getting into my mindset was literally amazing,
And put to bed all the guilt I had been carrying for 30 years regards the sudden death of my sister,
The next two occasions Taz helped me deal with several otter issues I had , with anger management,
Which had got me into lots of trouble in the past,
And she also me to restore confidence in myself,

Over the years I've had many many counselling sessions which had slightly helped,
But non of it got down to the route cause of my illness,
I do know that it is early days from receiving the therapy from Taz,
But I'm very optimistic that my mental health will actually be very healthy thanks to Taz,

I totally RECOMMEND that people give Taz a try ,
As it was definitely worth for me after having a lifetime of pain n suffering,


Thank you for your comments. I set this up because I feel it’s unfair to just Expect people to manage and not have the opportunity to really clear out trauma from where it stemmed from. And give them the opportunity to be free so they can enjoy life again. Everyone is worth it and deserves to get better. Really rewarding taking people from a place of pain to peace.



15 September 2018

WOW!!!!! Taz is incredibly TALENTED!
Got to try it to know!
Anxiety.. levels from 10... down to a ....0 in no time at all!
Been to lots of other therapists in past,
TAZ is the one that came with the RESULTS!!



14 September 2018

WOW!!!!! Taz is incredibly TALENTED!
Got to try it to know!
Anxiety.. levels from 10... down to a ....0 in no time at all!
Been to lots of other therapists in past,
TAZ is the one that came with the RESULTS!!


Miss Maryam

6 June 2018

Loved the sessions. Helped me to resolve some longstanding issues quickly.


Dilshad Dahegamia

22 May 2018

Never tried EFT before so had no idea what to expect. Taz is so on the ball. Tapped right into my emotions and shockingly bought by anger levels down from 10 to 0 in the 1st session. You've got to see it to believe it. Fascinating to see what changes taz is helping people make to their lives. My advice give it ago, the results could be life changing. More...


Latifa Xx

19 May 2018

Absolutely wonderful results were achieved for me. Helped conquer my fear and feelings of anxiety in a very short while. I wholeheartedly recommend this. Thank you Tasneem. More...


belle benji

18 May 2018

The therapy is great. My panic attacks and anxiety cleared after few sessions with great results. I am a new and happy person now who looks forward to life. Thank you do much Taz.

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Changing the way people think and feel so they can be the best version of themselves.

Enabling clients to understand where their anxieties/ issues have stemmed from so they can
have a greater understanding of how their illness has been caused and how they can use their mind to get better.

Making a difference and giving people a choice to resolve trauma , get better rather than manage it.

I have a background in working with trauma for over 20 years and set this up after 22 years of working in social care with people who suffered from Mental health issues. I felt clients made limited progress with the talk based therapies used and was always wanting to improve practice. I then trained in alternative therapies, combined my background in Social care therapuetic models, Psychotherapy and Energy psychology therapies and did trials for a year with fantastic results on clients whom had tried years of talk therapies which had not resolved their issues previously.
I then decided to set up my private practice and am helping people more than I ever have done before.

I am fully qualified & registered HCPC approved.

Also work with teenagers

I have a enhanced DBS to work with children & young people.

Flexible hours/ works over Skype with anyone around the world/ or face to face.

Therapy is short term , getting to root of problem fast. (3-4) sessions.

Works with beliefs, behaviours, thought patterns, emotions, from childhood to current age rapidly clearing out the disruption of past issues that effect mind and body symptoms.

Current 5 star Google rating , video testimonials can be viewed on Facebook
Ugotthis Mind body wellness Blackburn. The service is highly recommend, and recently short listed for a Hive Award.

75% of clients have tried other therapies before trying this, and found this very beneficial.

The service offers alternative choice to previous treatment s that may have been tried. This is the next level of therapy if you have tried many other treatments and ready to do in-depth work.